My Father | Reviewer: Hector | 6/26/12

Lost my father to pulmonary fibrosis I was there until he took his last breath. Song is so powerful and brings to tears every time I hear it. Just sitting next to him as the doctor told us to comfort him and let him know we where there for him. Just remember telling him to rest and that he didn't have to fight anymore.

how i feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/12

A long time friend of the family's. Passed away a few
Days ago he was 39 and he just like an uncleto me
He told his dad and 2 brothers that he did not feel
Good and the net morning he did not get up for
Work and when they tryed to wake him he was
Already gone

In Loving Memory <3 | Reviewer: Dulce | 4/20/12

My mother passed away on x-mas day 2011. so i dedicate gone away to her. thanx dex for the beautiful/meaningful song/lyrics. i love you and miss you mom. we shall see eachother in another lifetime. your little girl. (:

my son is gone away | Reviewer: jan | 3/24/12

I lost my 26 year old son on 5/29/10. He lost his life doing what he loved, riding his motorcycle. We used to listen to offspring together and everytime I hear any offspring song I smile remembering the good times. "Gone Away" touches my heart. I'm so sorry for all of your losses. My Joel lives on...

Why must there be evil? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/12

I feel everyone's pain.My Sister passed away in 1994, every time I heard gone away, I thought of her and of course cried. Feb 21, 2011 her Daughter, my Niece was killed tragically. Sitting at a stop light while some idiot decides to drive 110+ up a ramp and tells his passenger that he isn't afraid to die... He survived my Niece didn't..The evening of her visitation as we were entered the parking lot of the funeral home. Gone away came on I instantly cried. I was numb. but I knew that was a sign from my Sister and Niece to say we're okay... Now it's time to be her and her 2 babies Voice, and make sure this murderer is off the streets.. God bless you all and thank you all for sharing your stories.

Carl's sister | Reviewer: Carl's sister | 12/29/11

I feel the same as everyone on here...I knew of the song, but right after the murder of my brother at the age of 24, I heard the song & it hit me....I can relate...this song described exactly how I felt! I played it over & over...and now when I hear the song it takes me back to that particular time in my life...I miss him so much!!!!! So senseless the way he was you Brother...FOREVER!

My Love My Life My Soul- Freddie Garcha | Reviewer: Buddy | 12/13/11

I cry often to music that reminds me of my son Freddie 22 years old who was murdered in Medellin, Colombia 5th March 2011 6pm. He was such a bright light not only in my life but in everyone he touched. He was killed over a gold necklace as the robbers failed to get it and shot Freddie. These words describe a lot about how I feel.

to the faithful departed | Reviewer: Venom | 12/4/11

I've been familiar with the song since it was released, always liked it but never really knew the lyrics, until now. My mom died last year and my Dad 8 years ago. Still I grieve. Felt like a knife in the chest. Holland's anguish is felt throughout.

Dani's Mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

I always liked this song, but when my 25 year old daughter Danielle(my only child) died tragically on June 8, 2001, I could really relate. I'd play Gone Away over and over again and cry. A year ago I lost my husband to cancer at the young age of 52. Again, I can really relate. My two best friends were taken from me at such young ages. The first line "maybe in another life I could find you there" should read "In another life I WILL find you there". I firmly believe that I will.

you were my world | Reviewer: Randy | 8/30/11

This song came out shortly before Michelle died. I never really had listened to the words. Until after my wife died. I was listening to the radio, the song came on and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The Offspring captured the emotion and despair I was feeling, the futile attempt to bargain to trade places. My hope is nobody should have to endure this, especially at such a young age.

Painful R.I.P | Reviewer: Tshirex | 8/6/11

Eish this song drive me crayz on 24september 1998 i waz stil young bt i cn stil remmbr it waz early the mrning mah cuzns he waz bwt goin 2 work he wokeup early mrning tke bath nd he waz ova the hppines eish:(nd he prepar brkfst 4 me..thn he lft me alne at hme bwt afta 10mins ae got ah cal 4wn pryvt (H)DAT HE GOT ACCDNT ND HEZ GNE ND IT WAZ MAH BDAE IYO GUYS AE WAZ CRIEN LYK AH HELL BT EISH MAH BRA THABO I STIL MIC YA ND LV YA

My gf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/11

A few days ago my gf left. She didn't die but she was a great person and I miss her. She had to move because of her parents divorce. I have had other loses including my uncles and all my aunts. I miss u aunt D'lora and uncle Jim. Lauren see u some time in the future luv ya.

R.I.P Jaidyn Xhzavier Ashley | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/11

this song was brought to me because my 4 month old son passed away when he was with his dad visiting family members. i hadnt seen my lil guy for over a week and then all of the sudden on may 24th 2011 (my lil brothers 16th bday)i got the call at 5 am saying that his dad woke up next time him and my son was no longer breathing. 4 ppl tried to do cpr on him and could not revive him. so i say now, if you have anyone in your life that means something to you...treat them in a manner that they will not be there for the next day. and it sounds sick but it is nice to see that i am not the only person in the world going through this eventhough it seems like it sometimes.

In my heart foREVer | Reviewer: SynysterSix | 5/30/11

Most people probably find me immature or something for crying over someone I didn't even know, but on December 28, 2009, my beloved idol and inspiration, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan passed away. I felt that my world came crashing down, and I have this empty hole in my heart now. Two years later, I'm still crying over him. But I love him. This song makes me think of him.
R.I.P. <3 foREVer

5-25-09 | Reviewer: Kylee | 5/5/11

Nathan was like a big brother to me. He was my older sisters best friend. He was always a part of my life and on May 25 2009 I woke up to a text message forward saying R.I.P Nate. I was so confused on what was going on so I sent the message to my sister who was still in bed. About 20 minutes later my sister comes running outside bawling trying to get into her car. We found out that Nathan wrecked his motorcycle on his way to work. The wind was horrible that day. I remember sitting againt the wall just rocking back n forth pounding my head against the wall. I cried myself to sleep for a month after that. I use to listen to the song "So long, Goodbye" by 10 seemed perfect...but now so does this song. I miss Nathan so much. I do not go a day without thinking about him. I was 14 when this happened and the pain is still there...I honestly feel like he is still here just at college or something...but then I realize he is never coming back....I miss you and love you so much Nathan!