Love this song--- | Reviewer: Rob | 12/26/08

This song is so awesome. I bought it and listened to it yesterday and decided to look up lyrics. So sad! My mom lost her dad to cancer about a year and a half ago, and how she must have felt. Though, it's not like the doc.s really cared...they don't give a crap about the elderly, and gave up on him about two weeks before he died....

Anyway, really good song. Offspring, you're my favorite band fer sher!

deep | Reviewer: chris | 12/21/08

this song speaks to me, its everything im feeling. my best friend hung himself and i wish i could have helped him b4 he resorted to that,,he didnt deserve it,,i would trade

RIP---kevin,,,i love you man

Cool song! | Reviewer: ALEx bEERY | 8/22/08

Very cool song. Offspring is awesome. To the extreme. They are the best band on terra firma. I love their new album. It's pretty fly (for an album). HAHA get it? It's like their song pretty fly (for a white guy) except I switched it from 'white guy' to 'album.' Isn't that clever. Well peace out fellow offspringites and/or mourners. Giggity-giggity. Giggity-goo.

From the heart | Reviewer: Daniel Wilson | 7/21/08

I've known and loved this song for so long. Never realized how much it mean't till today. My dad just died. It's like the song's coming from inside my soul. This song has such deep feelings that it brings out. Love you always Dad!!

r.i.p my baby chad | Reviewer: ivas gregory | 7/12/08

thank's guys for that song .
its one of the best songings i ever heard
it helps me alot but i didnt hear it the year
it come out
it go's out to my son R.I.P dec,23/07 7 mounts old
i love u 4 ever from ur dad ...........

and it feels like im the only 1 | Reviewer: phil armstrong | 5/21/08

thank you offspring i have been through a lot in the last three years and i still have alot to go through but your song has and always will pull me through the other side and onto the right path im 18 and i kno 1day i will be a successful chef jus liekOffspring have been successful wit there gorgeous music
thank you offspring

This Song | Reviewer: Andrew | 2/9/08

This song really speaks to me. I have lost Three relatives in the past year and this song really means alot to me. Gone Away always jerks my heart out because it has so much meaning in the lyrics and i just love this song. Offspring you rock!!!!! Thank you.

mom and dad | Reviewer: Dustin | 12/7/07

my mother and father died when I was 19 and this song really means alot. even though I am 23 i cannot stop thinking about them every day.

I would trade just so I could not hurt anymore it makes sense.

my god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

I love this song very much and I have a love right now and it really makes me think about how much I can loose her. This song makes me feel more gratefull for my love and how lucky I am to have her. Thank you Offspring

friends forever | Reviewer: circuitface | 11/27/07

My best friend died 3 weeks ago. I woke up upset yesterday and was crying on the way to work when this came on the radio. I bought Ixnay the day it came out and this song was always my favorite. I never thought it's words could ring so true. Lord if i could trade, how i would.

THE best of all time | Reviewer: mark | 11/17/07

what can i say that has not already been said, this is in my eyes the greatest song ever written. It's a song for all those who have lost someoen dear to them who wish they could have or could have replaced them in death.

Being someone who has lost all of his elder family this song means a lot to me and i wish on my day someone would play it for me.

Lyrically THE best offspring song ever written.

RIP the loved who's love will not be forgotten.


Lost One Too | Reviewer: P.K. | 11/10/07

THis song describes exactly the way I feel about my first love. She died of cancer several years ago and this song yanks my heart out and stomps on it. Like 'ol E.J. said "and it feels so good to hurt so bad and suffer just enough to sing the blues."

RIP Don | Reviewer: SPC Smud | 11/8/07

I'm a U.S. Army soldier in Iraq. My team leader was killed recently and it's hard to move on, but this song helps. Thanx Offspring.

Life Always stay the same | Reviewer: Laurel | 10/5/07

I love listening to this song cause it helps me cope with the fact the my brother, my best friend is addicted to drugs.
"The world has grown cold
Now that you've gone away"
I Love you Bro.

so far away | Reviewer: raymond serrano | 9/27/07

i think this song is amazing. i too have recently lost a loved one and listening to this song helps ease the pain a bit.