Heart Ripped | Reviewer: Bill | 4/20/11

I've lost my wife to an unexpected blood clot that traveled to the heart and took her.When I first met my wife I fell in love with her at first look.I was 17 she was 19. Now 25 years later she has been taken away from me and all I do is cry.The love of my life, I will miss you always and forever.

Taken away too soon | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/27/11

on saturday I woke up to news that my bestfriend had been killed in a car accident, this song is perfectly suited to her, and is being used as the backing track to a photo montage for her funeral. She was only 16, and taken away well before her time. Now her boyfriend (also one of my bestfriends) and i can't sleep, knowing she's not coming back.

we miss you A, our baby girl

Gone but never forgotten | Reviewer: Bryant | 3/26/11

My sister was killed in a car accident leaving 2 kids behind and a lot of questions. We both had our issues in life and at the time of the accident we were not speaking. I have never had a chance to say to tell her I loved her and all the lessons she taught me growing up.

To anyone fighting with family or friends please swallow your pride and let them know how much you care. Rarely is a superficial issue worth a lifetime of regret. You might never have that chance again.

Miss you B.

tat2dqtpie@gmail.com | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/25/11

What brought me here to look at these lyrics is kind of crazy. Especially after reading them word or word. Stick with me for a moment.... My husband's best friend's daughter is living with us. Our stereo has gone up in volume freakishly loud twice to this same song. It makes sense now though. Todd, my husband's best friend died over 7 years ago. I think someone's trying to say hello.

And I know every emotion this song expresses. I have been there twice myself.

Great great song.

Grandma La La :D | Reviewer: Des | 3/15/11

This sounds was showed to me by my cousin after out grandmas death i wish she was still here, its been almost 6 years & still cant accept it, my grandma raised me & kept the whole family together i cry for her almost every time i shower i miss her sooooo much!!!!! & i love her :)

Your Never Forgotten | Reviewer: nicole | 2/8/11

I'm 18 years old and On january 27, 2011 my uncle took his own life..this song helps me so much its such an amazing song....I miss you so much uncle Randy and so does all your family! I love you R.I.P.

Station Night club fire!!! | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/21/11

I had a group of friends that wanted me to play hookey from work to go see Great White @ the Station! We are all fans of 80's metal and sounded like fun. I had just returned from the Daytona 500 on Monday and working third shift I did not want to take another night out of work. I was listening to the radio and started hearing sketchy reports on what was happening. The I remember the afternoon dj Jeff Charles broadcasting that they could not find their third shift dj and my friend Mike Gonsolves aka. Dr Metal. When I got out of work I rushed home to watch the news and it was then that I realized how horrible it was. In the days that followed I found out that besides Mike 5 other friends perished as well as at least a dozen people I just knew through passing! It was painful waiting for confirmation about my friends. Chris was the 89th person identified after about a week! I request this song every year when 94 whjy does their radiothon for the sattion fund and I cry every time!

The Every Day Life. | Reviewer: A.J. Slack | 12/13/10

It seems that people going away is an every day life for me.. Not always dying but everyone I love goes away. It started with my father Leaving me when I was younger.. My best friends moving across country, My grandfather dying, my great aunt dying. My grandfather was an amazing dad he was a father figure to me until my dad came back, and even after that. He was an amazing man and I have a tattoo in his memory on my arm. Im am AJ slack and Im 17 years old, When I listen to this song I think of my grandfather, and for every word said in this song comes not only from the hearts of the writer but from me. I would trade, I do scream his name, I do reach my hands to the sky, and I think when will I ever see him again, When will heaven come? R.I.P. PoP PoP Joseph Barbato 1933-2009

in my sisters memory; untill u open the gates of heaven 4 me | Reviewer: michael donjuan | 12/9/10

My sister committed suicide 2yrs ago.rite before than she had called me and wanted 4 me 2 go see her. Like always I put my job first, and we got into an argument. I didn't know what she was going thru, and a week later she killed her self. I've never felt so much pain in my life. She left, and I didn't try 2 help her or say a last goodbye. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable I think of running my car into a wall. But now God has sent me someone 2 live for.I reach 2 the sky and call out ur name!! God Bless!

micheal james harrell | Reviewer: lauren | 11/3/10

On the date of October 4, 2010. My fiance Micheal was arrested for a warrant and fraud. He was arrested around 3pm. at 8 pm he committed suicide in the holding cell of the town jail. No one told me until the next morning. He hung himself with the sheets from the bed and the bars on the ceiling. I laid in bed for days crying wishing it was just a dream. But, every day I awoke to no one next to me and no one waiting for me when I got home from school or work. "black roses and hail mary's can't bring back what was taken from me." those lyrics get me and pull at my heart. AFter it all happened I hoped I was pregnant I knew I wasn't but I just hoped I would just so I could have a piece of him with me. He left behind 2 children Eli who just turned 2 and Zoie who just turned 4. I miss him so much. His hand in mine, his lips against mine, his comforting hugs, the way he'd wrap his arms around me when we slept, but most of all the way he loved everything about me flawed or not. he's at peace now. I love you and I miss you.

if i could trade, i would... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/10

My best friend/ brother was killed in Iraq in 2003... he was 19 years old. He went straight to the Army after High School. We were supposed to go together, but I had a medical condition that kept me from getting in. His Humvee was hit by an RPG in a surprise attack. Everyday I think about how my life would have been different if he were still here. He was a great man. I miss him dearly.

Sad | Reviewer: Noah | 7/30/10

My sister was killed in a car accident 2 weeks ago, and when i listen to this song it tears me up she was 19, and i wish everyday that i could turn back time and stop her from leaving.

Miss ya big sis

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: kathy | 6/8/10

I lost my only child, Danielle, at the age of 25 in a tragic accident. Everytime I hear this song I cry for her. She was the light of my life and I miss her so terribly much. Today is the 9th anniversary of her death.

I reach to the sky And call out your name | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/10

Every time I hear this song I can't help but think back

I lost my twin brother to Lake Huron when we were 7 and like kids we were playing on the ice around a boat launch and the ice was a little thin and my twin brother fell through. I do wish I could see his face again he was my best friend and only friend it been almost 30 years and yet it seems like it happen yesterday it a pain that few will ever understand it also the same pain that is nearly impossible to get over

The Offsprings got this one right when they wrote so many people lost a love one some really close like a twin and others just who you work with every day but you miss their company

I will love you always and forever, Cindy | Reviewer: Tommy | 1/23/10

My wife of almost 23 years was killed in a car accident in May 2008...she loved this song and loved the Offspring. Every time I hear this song, I weep. I miss you Cindy...you were my best friend, my soul, and my raison d'etre. And I will never be the same without you.