i can relate | Reviewer: jayde | 1/19/15

I used to cut my self and when heard about this song I knew I just had to listen to it. it is pretty deep. it makes me feel like those years I had been cutting myself could have been spent in a much better, less harmful way. thank you. :)

Holds its own, even after 20+ years | Reviewer: Toni Allen | 12/2/13

First, General Smiddy, your comment made me smile, lol. Bless your heart, as the Christians say, this song was released in 1992!

My husband and I are having a nineties evening and listened to Ignition all the way through. Totally forgot how great this whole album is, and this song in particular. So beautifully written.

Awesome Sauce | Reviewer: General Smiddy | 6/1/13

This is a brilliant song, amazing and beautiful. I've only known of The Offspring for about a year, but I have all but one of their albums, and I am a huge fan. This song, above all, is brilliant, and I do hope that they have more songs like this in the future.

Victor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/12

I loved The Offspring as a teen and one of my mates suggested this song as the best they wrote. 16yrs on, I am lying in a hotel room in Dakar, Senegal and rediscover The Offspring via this song. I now agree he was right all along.

Deep indeed | Reviewer: Slapshot | 3/31/10

I have been listening to Offspring since '87, and I just stumbled apon this beautiful song. I almost laughed when other people on this page said that they listened to this tune over and over, because I too did.
When I heared this song, I didn't think Offspring did grungish style, but hey I think it works for them. I am also a grunge fan, love Nirvana :)

Offspring rulez.

Great song | Reviewer: Dirty Magician | 5/1/09

this Song is amazing. i heard it now for about 6 hours without a break and i still dont feel bored. i understand more of the song with each time its repeated. not only the tune is great. the songtext feels so real and i can identify my own life with what happens in that "story".

cc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

I liked the tune, but it sound to me like the cure. but the lyrics are really real, as every song they make. I and im sure many feel their songs tell what have happened or what is happening now to us. So I feel like if its written specially for me...

best offspring song!!!!! | Reviewer: jimmyjam | 12/6/08

i have always loved this jam from their second album "ignition". it has very powerful lyrics that im sure we can all relate to. i just recently ran across the acoustic version. i love it. im not sure which i like better. prob the original version..not sure?? either way both versions are awesome. as is almost everything the offspring does. i love every album and every song up to their new album "rise and fall...". i love almost the whole thing but there are a few songs that i dont care for. anyway you look at it...dirty magic is a classic. i can relate to this song, even now more than ever. its a shame that they never really play this song live that i know of???????

dirty magic | Reviewer: Smoke Weed | 9/12/08

this is seriously the best offspring song i've ever heard. i've listened to the band forever and just found this song. it's really powerful and, as someone said before, i think everyone can relate to it in some way.

utter genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/08

this song amazes me. i discovered it on shuffle last night before going to bed and ended up staying up till four listening to it over and over and figuring it out on my guitar and listening to it some more. the words are deep and show the pain of discovering that something is not what you thought it to be and just "oversimplified" it also faces feeling more than one emotion at once, like hate and love.. hands down best offspring song, what an amazing riff, what a beautiful song..

The Offspring's "Dirty Magic" | Reviewer: Brandi | 8/31/07

This song is a must hear for all old school Offspring fans and those who are searching the depths to escape from the band's pop-punk, melodramatic and mainstream recent lyrics. Hands down, this song's lyrics are very emotional and depict a very realistic situation that we've all experienced.

"Dirty Magic", in my opinion, tells a story about a male and female in a relationship. He wants to comprehend her despondence, but she plans to dwell on her issues in a self mutalicious manner. Being unable to reach inside her, he feels that he should give up.

I think this song is an amazing addition to the rest of the album this song has been released on (I believe the album is titled Ignition).

acoustic greatness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

dirty magic is an acoustic bonus on the greatest hits cd/dvd combo with great acoustic licks, lyrics that all men who try to understand thier relationships to women can relate to, one can hear and feel the deep emotions that went into writing and performing this tune