THE SONG'S MUSIC VIDEO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/12

Ah, the "Cool to Hate" music video was just absolutely hilarious and also the hit single itself. It's even funnier than "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" & "Why Don't You Get a Job?". This has gotta be the funniest punk rock single from its album "IXNAY ON THE HOMBRE".

In my opinion, it sounds like Mark Kohr (Director for 9 Green Day music videos) directed the video. It was directed & released in November 1997. Actually it's the forth video from the album of "IXNAY ON THE HOMBRE" after the brilliant making of "The Meaning of Life" video back in July of 1997.

Here are the list of the aggresive, attention-seeking & stupid deeds th male protagonist does throughout the video. The Offspring decided to do a video for this single without the band members in the clip.

INTRO: The male protagonist and his girlfriend arrive to class and kiss each other but an alarm bell sound rung. It showed birds gathering but the bell rung.

01. The boy truants and kisses another woman, the protagonist gives the girl the finger and gets sent to the principal's office and gets told to leave. One last thing is his girlfriend gives him the "FUCK YOU" expression.

02. Another boy in front of the main boy farts and writes to a girl "DID YOU FART?". He gets sent out and laughed at by fellow students. Once again he's with the principal, making rude gestures and being disrespectful. He gives the kids the finger and drinks many soft drink cans to fuel his hate.

03. Oh, he pisses in the fire extinguisher and later on disrupts the class. He uses the fire extinguisher to spray his own piss on the five stylish guys described from the lyrics. Oh dear, everyone chases after the protagonist and his former girlfriend trips him over and humiliated.

ENDING: The angry kids take the protagonist into the toilets and flush his head down the toilet and screms for his life. A very funny ending. I believe this is a sort of MTV music video.

great to hate | Reviewer: justoffspring | 1/27/10

Great song. It can be sarcastic either great song for those who are simply pissed. Just try to join the vocalist and scream out all of your negative emotions. ;] The force is strong with "Cool to hate" xD

cool to hate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/09

The song is obviously making fun of people that don't do shit for themselves, and spend their time hating on everything and everyone. My fave parts are "I even hate me, too So fuck you" and "But I also hate the freaks, yeah" which is funny cause you would think the person IS a freak...

Hate the Haters | Reviewer: Paul | 9/7/09

The lyric "I like to hate stuff 'Cause then I don't have to try to make a change" establishes this song's SARCASTIC tone. It's basically calling out people who hate for the sake of hating as hypocrites.

coool to hateeeee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/09

its a song with a lyrics i can find myself in...;)
shit at everything and fuck the world...;)
and i think it explain that people dont have to worry about everything, its simple dont make a problem of everything... and its indeed a song where you can scream out if you feel shit:)

XD | Reviewer: candichan | 10/29/08

It may not have the most positive lyrics in the world, but it's just about the best song to scream out when you're in one of the "This shit sucks" mood. lol. Especially when you can just scream out "I even hate you too so FUCK YOU!" xD

I think it's my cheer-up song. xD