My Interpretation... very simple. | Reviewer: Kim | 3/9/14

Ok, so look: basically it's about following others and being a part of what others are doing (like the latest fashion or trend) and joining gangs and violence in general as a teenager in ones school years and focusing more on violence and getting respected by others, making sure people know you're the top dog and not to talk back to you (disrespect you). Joining gangs is a must in the area where these kids go to school and grown up. So they like violence and being tough, making a reputation for themselves any way they can. Like the lyrics say "you're under 18 you won't be doing any time" just shows the listeners it's about kids and certain lifestyles kids in our world have to live in order to feel like they're somebody. "One's wasted and the others a waste" simply saying one's fucked up on something and the others a fuck up, it's all a mess. And "when you hear the sirens it's too late" someone got killed" even more so to say this is about violence between kids and the stupid decisions they make just to bea follower and " in the latest fashion or trend". Very simple. Yeah, good song! Just not as deep as maybe some of you wish it were, but for real, the lyrics say it all, there's nothing to have to analyze really, IMHO.

12/13/2012 | Reviewer: Gotta Keep Em Separated | 12/13/12

I love this song. It came on on the radio while I was driving and I had to blast it and sing along :)
Anyways I think this song has a strong message so I wanna share what I think it means based on what I know is fact about this song...but if you think it means something else that's your opinion and I respect it...
This song is performed by the Offspring. (obviously) They grew up in a bad part of Southern California and there was a ton of gang violence and most of them were young and had their whole lives ahead of them and that area had a big impact on them. I know this song could possibly be connected to racism but in actuality they're referring to gang colors. I know this cause my uncle was the guy that sang "gotta keep em separated". The Offspring were all close friends of his so he performed with them a couple times. He hasn't told me much about his past but from what my mom told me, he grew up in an area of California that had a lot of gang activity so this song, to me, is about growing up there and knowing that people were dying bc of the gangs but the gang members were so young that they weren't punished very harshly. I don't know...that's just my take on it.

racism | Reviewer: Danilo Guidi | 9/27/12

(I'll get it, and this text was translated from Portuguese into English by a website then descupe errors) Dexter Holland was the best student in high school, majored in biology at the University of Southern California and a master's in biology molecular and a piece PhD, he had to stop because of his involvement with the band the Offspring.
The public schools of the United States when there was racial segregation were of excellent quality for both whites qunto for blacks, but soon after ending segregation, became the area, even with the increase in the education budget.
Already this same scientifically proven and history shows that blacks generally have higher index of testosterone (making them more violent and agitated, that is why anywhere in the world with high rates of blacks tends to have a high degree of violence, and misery is a africa and europe is a "paradise") and a smaller brain, which makes them less likely to study.
When he says that "we have to separate them," "no one is aprendedo the punctuation" studied a guy like him, must mean that racial mixing in public schools damaged both the black and the arms. Already when he says nobody is getting smarter, must refer to racial mixing, especially between blacks and whites, which several studies which show a decline of qi Americans because such.

meaning of song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

The song is about gangs in south california, its easy to get weapons, they take em everywhere,and kill people. All the people in the gangs were basically kids, so they didn't go to jail, just a slap on the wrist and back out there again.

heh.. | Reviewer: Just a guy | 10/21/10

Ive always thought that the song was about a dad who didnt want his daughter to have sex with a guy (You got to keep them separated, Your under eighteen you wont be doing any time) but the real lyrics are far better then my version.

Ive always thought that gangs and rap "belong" together and that rap is the complete opposite of rock. So i find this song hilarious :D

Random Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

well I understand the song talks about decissions at the teen-age like doing drugs or getting onto gangs and stuff using the example of the gangs and the violence influences theyve got around, but the message is the same...


To the person who rviewed on 6/27/07 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

"they're a greatest hits"? What the hell does that mean?

The song is about gang rivalry. When it says "color" it means the gangs color, like the gang in Pharohs' is red and black.

Btw thanks to whoever put this up. I understand the song way better now.

hello =] | Reviewer: Erica lynn =] | 10/11/09

um..i know people like to dissect the deeper meaning of a song to get the full impact of the artists emotions and i can understand why a person would want to do that its all good that people love things like that..but when you sit back and think every single person has their own opinions about everything nobody is exactly the same so instead of saying oh ur stoopid cuz u think this song is about racism or gang violence how bout you say something along the lines of oh okie i respect your opinion you make a valid point but here take a look at what i think... thats why i strongly dislike people who are arrogant and think the world revolves around them ..well anyway sorry i pretty much just wrote a book but i really wish people would understand to value every person n stuff love you all =] have a good life

to the guy who posted on the 13th | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

Its not about keeping races separated its talking about keeping the gangs separated. "If one guy's colors and the other's don't mix" is referencing the gang colors not race. And its not saying to do something before your eighteen its talking about the gangs committing murder when their under eighteen so their punishment wont be as harsh.

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

To the guy who posted on the 2nd:

Actually, the guy below you is correct. He didn't say the song was not about gang violence, which it is partially. But his lyrics deciphering is correct, aside from one part. When Dexter says "One guys wasted..." he's reffering to a guy being dead, or "wasted." Thank you sir.

people are ignorant | Reviewer: boudijan | 3/20/09

To the person below me. When you see a post on the internet and don't necessarily agree with it or believe it might be inaccurate or what have you, try acting like a big boy (or girl) and instead of simply demeaning and degrading the person and making yourself look like a complete arrogant, pompous fuckface, simply tell them what the deal actually is.
Again, you're a douche.
Love, Boudijan

Yeah, okay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

To the person below me,
you have no idea what your talking about. This song is about gang violence. Its pretty clear. Next time you analyze song lyrics, look at the whole picture and think a step further.

Best Song EVER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/09

To those people who dont understand what this song means, they made it pretty clear. When the song says "like the latest fashion, like a spreading disease", its saying that the prejudiced trends mentioned in the song were catching on rapidly. Its just like a latest fashion or spreading disease in that sense.

When the song says "By the time you here the siren, its already too late" Its saying that once the cops arrive the fight's already over / some1 died. Which leads to the next line "One goes to the morgue and the other to jail..." (A morgue is a place you go when you die for those who didnt know) Saying one person dies in the fight and the other goes to the slammer.

The next part of the line was "one guys wasted and the other's a waste"
this is saying one guy is high on watever and the other is worthless.

Id finish but i hav to go to sleep now. U other 2 guys who helped explain explained it pretty well. :)

Offspring = awesome | Reviewer: Dylan | 10/3/08

I love the awesome. I've listened to them since I was like 5 and I didn't get the meanings to their songs but I loved the sound of a guitar and their drummer is amazing. Now I look back at all of their music and almost all of it has a meaning reflecting society. This one being the gang affiliation of kids today and murders at school. And to the guy below me the song says "if you're under 18 you won't be doing any time" its supposed to be what children think when they commit a crime, like if someone under 18 commits a crime they won't go to jail. The Offspring thought this was no way to run things, so they wrote a song about it.

observations | Reviewer: musiclover | 11/23/07

LUV this song, it seems to be at one time a reenactment of the hyperactive, thoughtless rage that permeates the gang-subculture, and at the same time, it is preaching against it.

It is talking about how the most trivial things can provoke gang murder, and their is a callous rationale behind it that since you have not reached 18 yet, your punishment will not be too severe - so work the system.

It is also talking about how this culture is motivated by feelings of false power. "Man you disrespecting me? Take him out." In a way, it is like an anthem to the irony of a subculture that at one moment is raging against "the system and the man" and at the same time, operates with the same self-serving, inhuman agenda.