Great Song | Reviewer: BabyVal | 2/22/13

Bring meback to my elementary- middle school days when I was into the offspring like you wouldn't imagine. They were the 1st concert I went to, but this song brings me sadness and joy at the same time. Its amazing what music can do to you but after all these years Offspring is one of the few bands I could never get out of my head. This song can relate to so many people and I love that but the fact that Dex can get these words into your head makes me AMAZED!

A chill down my spine | Reviewer: Dylan L | 3/16/11

Sometimes a band puts out a song that sends a chill down your spine and it just resonates with you. This song did that for me. Every time I hear it, it effects me. Perhaps its the dark sound or perhaps the emotion in the vocals and lyrics. What ever it is this song hits me like a truck every time I hear it. One of my all time favs

review Offspring - Amazed | Reviewer: TrU | 6/28/09

this song reminds me of my girlfriend who wanted me to change for her in a way that i just couldnt and she couldnt accept it and left me alone. it breaks my heart when he says "im so hollow" because without her i really feel hollow

Supreme | Reviewer: Krabb | 1/24/08

It breaks my heart this song, everytime that i hear this song comes to my mind all the bad things that i did in the past and it's good to know that i wasn't the only one who wants a change in their life. THE OFFSPRING RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazed | Reviewer: e. | 3/31/07

story of my fricken life

this song is amazing, you can really hear the emotion when he sings, "...your heart breaks"

Amazedmerized! | Reviewer: D-Mac | 2/24/06

I purchased the IXNAY album a few months after it's release. I was instantaneously attached to the entire album. Nearly every song was not only good, or great, but was something that I could really connect with.

Years and years later, it's still in my "All Time Favorite" album category. But forwhatever reason, AMAZED, in particular, give me goosebumps. Some songs fade with time. You can only hear it a first time once. You can only FEEL it a first time once... this song is by far the closest song I've ever heard that has the same powerful meaning behind it when I was an 11th grade high school student confused about life... some nine years ago...

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Gram | 6/9/05

This song rocks. That's all there is to it. I don't care what you say, because it is. So there. And the Offspring RULE!