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Holy Nostalgia. | Reviewer: Jono Bennett | 4/18/14

I'm actually from up in Alberta... Canada. I remember browsing the interweb in 2002 and came across a page that listed The Starting Line's EP (with the tricycle on the front), Fall Out Boy's "Take This To Your Grave" album, Rufio's "Perhaps, I suppose" album and Yellowcard's "One For The Kids" album as THE BEST of our time in the genre. I had never heard of Off By One, so I booted up Limewire (or was it Napster still?) and started searching. I lot of Off By One songs came up as done by Rufio. Haha, but either way, this album takes me back to the teen angst of high school TO THE MAX! I'm 28 now. I just watched Hands Like Houses new cover of "Torn" and reminded me of these guys. I always wondered why they never went anywhere and it really depressed me, because it means that we have to sacrifice something we love doing and jump through society's hoops of success to go somewhere in life.

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/13


Okay, now that I'm done with that, they are amazing and I have loved them since my sister's best friend from high school put them on my ipod in 9th grade. I've been looking for their cd ever since and just found it THIS WEEK. Now I'm obsessed again especially since I wonder if we had the same teachers... 2002, 2009, could be...

my favorite band! | Reviewer: Gabby V. | 12/21/06

it's me again-
Off By One is a great band with great music. I hope that their songs will air on the radio. I haven't heard them on the radio yet. they are fabulous musicians with lots of talent and their lyrics are great. everyone should own an Off By One CD!!!!!!!

off by one's AWSUM! | Reviewer: Meg | 10/7/06

Off by One's awsum!!! i hope they make it big time. The songs on the cd don't get old and all have catchy tunes- they rule!

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/06

this band is one of the best bands i have ever heard. Mr Universe is my all time ultimate favorite song. OMG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY LITEN TO THIS BAND!!

Off By One Is COOL! | Reviewer: Gabby Vecchio | 3/5/06

Off By One's music is very well written and established. thier fast-moving pace and energy in thier songs makes it fun to listen to.I think their music is really great. I like all of their songs. Their CD case booklet has all the lyrics in it along with pictures and very
well-planed-out pictures. I love the band's music and the musicians themselves. Off By One is cool!!!!!!!!

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