Reviews for (You've Got) A Heart Of A Star Lyrics

Performed by Oasis

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To Anonymous | Reviewer: Alex | 3/19/09

anonymous, what an absolutely brilliant review! it totally sums up what the song is about for me, and even made me appreciate it a little more. it is truly a masterpiece, and noel gallagher is an absolutely amazing songwriter.

Genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/08

This is one of those songs about how life never really ends up the way you hoped or gave you what you wanted most. We all want to be special or amazing or famous I guess, but in truth some of us end up beaten, worn and tired of fighting through life till you just give up. This song tells you it doesn't end up perfect for any of us. We all have something missing, the light doesn't hit us and we don't get kissed by life. But if we keep our heads high and belief not in god or church or government or any other form of authority but in our own hearts, just in ourselves maybe it's just enough to get us through this life without falling. Beautiful song by a true genius.

greatest song about factory life since thats entertainment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

brilliant song, I am famous and a rock n roller but I am the same as you, deep down we all got hearts of star.....init

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