Song | Reviewer: C Dawg | 4/5/14

This song is some great shit and I can't stop listening to it. Good stuff man Noel Gallagher is something else and I cant wait for the his new album gonna be great shit d'ya feel me?

a great song from a great composer | Reviewer: 1LUCKYWOLF | 11/1/07

well, i'm an oasis fan since 1996 when i was 13 and i still love it, i'm from peru, and their music dont sound here but i've downloaded a lot of songs so i have oasis in my cellphone and in my mp3 i love oasis specially the tracks noel sing. i hope sometime i can see them in a cncert i'm saving for that, because argentina or brazil, where they've performed many times is not so far from my country.

Who Put the Weight of the World On My Shoulders | Reviewer: Jatu | 9/22/07

I heard this song every single day for two weeks and i don't feel sick heard it. Good voice from noel gallagher.Mad Fer It

Wonderfull Songs and Lyrics with awesome music | Reviewer: afzal | 6/17/07

the song is great because the movie was perfect for young ones ..because it gives us the insipiration ... do u know coach what i m talking about cuz you can only judge me ?? its the movie dialogue ..anyways cheers for this song and btw i have this song .. any body need ?

intention for writing | Reviewer: Estée | 6/18/07

Hey, i was wondering if you guys know what the intention to write this song was for Noel. Did anything happen to him which made him write the song? i think it's beautiful..

Love it | Reviewer: ken | 5/29/07

I've just heard this song for the first time at the end of the film credits for the film Goal!
I love it so much im trying to find out how i can get my hands on a copy of this song now.
oasis lives on!!!!!

This songs a tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/06

Who put the weight of the world on my shoulder is a tune! very epic! love it.
A good band similar to oasis are Southpaw Grammar, theyre mint, you should all have a listen to them, they are only young but, gonna be big!

Amazing | Reviewer: Michael Jackson | 7/4/06

This song is excellent (one of the best songs i have heard ever), it helps me to calm down when im stressed of angry

WELL DONE to Noel Gallagher to write this song

stress | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/06

when u feel pressure and are angry and fed up, this song is the best...great song , great band

stress | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/06

when u feel pressure and are angry and fed up, this song is the best...great song , great band

Amazing | Reviewer: Rhea | 2/1/06

Oasis are undoubtely the best band of all time..This song is breathtaking so is noels voice in it, Their songs are all amazing especially the ones Noel writes...Their gonna live forever...

Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders | Reviewer: Uwe | 1/13/06

I love this song. It's a beautiful and a bit emotional. I just think anybody that has doubted Noel's abilities as a song writer are so wrong. I just wish everybody would stop bangin on about how good DM & MG were (they are) and look to the future

GRAT SONG | Reviewer: Leticia | 11/3/05

This is an amazing song! it kind reminds me whatever... well.. the called the other side of the coin of whatever... or somthing like that... I LUV IT
Noel it's just a genius LOVE HIM