hmm | Reviewer: rain xx | 7/31/13

it's fine to get so romantic about the meanings and shit, but really it's not so hard to do your research or really listen to the lyrics.
Liam bitched about American audiences ( it may or not have been that they smell of fast food and are insincere) that is just me 'speculating'
anyway.... noel hit liam with his tambourine (LOL) and so they went their separate ways ( not for the last time)
noel went on to write this amazing song.
Please carry on reading into it as you will, only the the best songs can have that affect on the deserving AND the morons.
- Love from Rain - kisses xxx

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/11

this reminds me of my ex bf, sometimes we walked at night around his neighborhood and he showed me around where he played when he was young. he definitely changed my life and i definitely made him cry, life pretty much sucks sometimes

about a girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/11

I think this song is wonderwall's part II, and it must be about Noel's gf (as well as wonderwall), as simple as that, a girl saving his life, taking care of him and getting him out of drugs, lyrics are kind of simple to understand, not the oasis' style of lyrics but they often did it (d'yer wanna be a space man, dont go away, stand by me, live forever, and so on), and here's why i say its sencond wanderwalls part:

in Wanderwall: "maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me..."

in Talk Tonight: "I wanna talk tonight, 'bout how you saved my life"

btw, the fan's thing sounds more like a joke

well he left anyway | Reviewer: martin | 2/11/11

if this was indeed about Noel thinking of leaving and a fan talking him out of it (which I think is nonsense) it didn't save him from leaving. BTW Liam just blew off the whole tour and went back to London to go house hunting with his girlfriend. The story about him going to Vegas is BS. Noel actually did the tour on his own with the rest of the band.

Brill | Reviewer: TOm | 8/11/10

Its a brilliant song i just wish he played it more at gigs because when he does the atmosphere is incredable. For a band to make songs like this and then rock n roll star or morning glory is amazing. that why they are so good! this is one of my favourite songs

Adore this song. | Reviewer: Chris | 9/12/09

The song was wrote when Oasis went to America. Noel flipped at Liam and said that he never wanted to perform over seas again. He then went AWOL and fucked off to Las Vegas and spent a few days there being off his face on coke, drink and gambling his money away, until one of his female fans recognised and him and basically told him to stop being a dick and re-join Oasis on their tour.
Liam always says he hates this song and he's dissapointed that it made it to be a b-side; yet even more proof that Liam is a bellend.

A great fan | Reviewer: Romain | 7/3/09

No, he write Talk tonight because when Oasis went in United States, Noel decided to leave the band, and a girl (a fan) told him he was crazy.
Talk tonight was write there, when Noel leave the band, and this song is for that girl.

not sure about the suicide thing... | Reviewer: Jade | 5/19/09

What I undestood at first when I heard the lyrics is that Noel wrote this song to his true fans... I might be wrong but "talk tonight" for me means sing and play tonight.
Even if it's not really meant to his fans I'd like to think so cos his songs truely saved my life... (without being suicidal)

suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/09

I think Noel wrote 'Talk Tonight' to a woman who literally saved his life. He was going to commit suicide by jummping off a building and she pulled him in off the ledge. so the line 'about how you save my life' is true!!!

I don't know who that woman is but I'd like to thank her cause she saved the best songwriter ever's life!!!

Noel is a genius,this song is pure genius. Every word of it 100% true. And Everyword a 100% magical!!!

Deja Vu? | Reviewer: Kristine | 8/26/08

I have no idea what the song was intended to mean but to me, it hits me in several different points.
I moved across the world for school and to start again after my boyfriend broke up with me. When I left he begged me to stay but I KNEW there was more out there for me than to stay and be his ex gf or best friend so i left and when i got off that plane, i made a deal with myself not to live in the past.

other parts that are similiar- i love strawberry lemonade and he used to always joke with me about it.
-i was suicidal..bc of him..but he always talked me out of it.
-and lastly- im such a busy girl, always running around doing something that i forget to eat..always a big joke with him and my family that he had to remind me when to eat.. i dunno. i guess this whole song just fit me at different points of my life.
i love it.

Oasis is great | Reviewer: Moodie | 6/24/07

Oasis has the greatest lyrics ever. They are incredeble.

Love it!!!! | Reviewer: Cristina MacDonald | 11/27/06

I absolutly love this song! It has so much meaning! It is one of Noel's best.... so far!!!! Amazing!!!