this is the superb song i had heard | Reviewer: maxdead | 6/1/11

this is the next generation of the beatles sound....!! Thank to noel / liam and our oasis mate for making the fantastic buried song !! Haha . . Stay loud man !!!

Stand By Me | Reviewer: Marc Preston | 1/24/10

I Listened To The Album Version of This Song I Thought, "Ahh Its Ok..." But When I Listened To The Acoustic, I Was Blown Away! Its Like Everything And Nothing I've Heard Before... Then I Looked Up The Lyrics And Noticed How Under-rated This Song Was! The Lyrics Are Genius And The Chords are Simple but Effective. This Is By Far One Of Their Best Works...

Noel!!!!! | Reviewer: CRAZY ADMIRE | 11/26/07

i want to see noel at least one time in my whole lifetime!!! when will the next concert being held? i can't wait for that day's coming!!!!!

1997... | Reviewer: James | 8/14/07

Hearing this made me fall in love with music which so far in my life is the only love I've ever found you'll never read this but god bless you Noel Gallagher I love with all of my heart.

whatta mistakes | Reviewer: RockyRolland | 4/5/07

This is wrong: Gotta lot of things to learn.
The right way is: Got a lot of things to learn.

This is wrong too:
Times are hard when things that have got no meaning i've,
The right way is: Times are hard when things have got no meaning i've,