Great song. | Reviewer: JT QLD | 2/5/14

WOW. Another great song from one of the best bands to ever walk the planet. Makes you feel good and bad at the same time, yet victory is yours in the end.Noel Gallaghers song writing ability is just incredible,and is once again shown here.

How Was This Never Even a B-Side? | Reviewer: Mav | 11/30/10

Yet another quality unreleased Oasis track. It's not as great as Acquiesce or Fade Away, but it's a likeable song nonetheless. It speaks to how talented a band Oasis really were in that they threw away dozens and dozens of great songs as B-sides, tracks that stack up favorably to the hits of other bands.

Another good B-Side | Reviewer: | 1/14/06

SOLVE MY MYSTERY is a very powerful song, and it does make one wonder why it has not been made an a-side as of yet. It is testament to the undying quality of every Oasis song, with a strong message, and a great mix of musiv and lyrics to capture so many moods and various states of mind. This song may be released on a new Oasis compilation album in 2006. It is the perfect song for anyone who is feeling slightly ill at ease, or is going through a tough experience in life, and is a triumph to conquer blues.