OASIS WORLD GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER | Reviewer: Basukidutta | 4/10/12

Oasis may be famous the fight between two brothers or for brothers
arrogant behaviour,but they were,are and always remain one of the greatest rock n roll outfits of the last two decades the world has
ever seen.Oasis is responsible for getting the britpop genre back in our lives.Genre made famous by legendary bands like the beatles,stone roses,the who n may morE.Oasis came into rock n roll scene with their debut album 'Definetly Maybe' debuting in top 10 category in UK album charts.THE ALBUM had various hit singles like Rock n roll star,shakermaker,supersonic and cigarettes and acohlol.Their second album 'WHats the story morning glory'proved to be turning point both the band and music world.The album had many top hits singles like wonderwall,dont look back in anger,roll with it,champange supernova,cast no shadow and morning glory.The album sold more than 20 millions copies worldwide making Oasis the biggest rock band of the world of the 90s era.Their next album like BE HERE NOW and Standing on the shoulders of the giant met less critcal and commercial success.Though BE HERE NOW Had top hit singles like do you know what i mean and stand by me it did not get that kinda of magical
response their second mammoth album.Thier Fourth studio album
SOTSOG saw oasis experiment with pysechdelic and electonic sounds resulting in thier most experimenatal album.Althought less successful than the first two albums it had great gems like go let it out one of the all time fav song of Oasis.And other pysecedelic hits like who feels love,gas panic,sunday morning call,where did it all wrong.Though SONTSOG remains my all time fav oasis album.

oasis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

nah..i think they are not so old..if you analyze..its probably the most recent band that makes music on our generation..i don't consider jonas brothers and shitty disney music like a type of music that may shape our generation

oasis ar unbeatable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/09

not many people my age like oasis as much as i do...my friends call it an obsessione but i like to think of it as me being an appreciator of only the finetst music...i may be only 16 but i have litteraly been brought up on oasis which is why i love them so much...you know only 15 years in the making and show no sign of stopping thank god....i hope one day to be able to take my kids to oasis concerts just like my dad has(providing those two genius brothers stop fighting)lol lova ya all...."whatever best song"

OASIS IS THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD!! | Reviewer: scarlett | 11/15/07

man o man Oasis is the best band in the world. There song "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" is the best. I love it. I would say they are the greatest band ever. If you don't agree, then u don't know what your missing!!! so... check em out!!

oasis is great | Reviewer: jay | 9/18/07

they are just amazing & their music reflects originality so clearly , truly they are one of a kind

oasis is great | Reviewer: jay | 9/18/07

they are just amazing & their music reflects originality so clearly , truly they are one of a kind

liam | Reviewer: celine | 8/1/07

liam is so sexy and noel is amazing..
i love their songs..cant wait to see them again in concert!!!

Oasis <3 | Reviewer: Katie | 6/17/07

Wow. Oasis are amazing!
All of the greatest bands come from Britain! >< :P lol
Except Green Day, they are my favourite, they are awesome.. and they're American.
I'm from Canada. We've got Billy Talent and Michael Buble! WOOT!

OASIS__&& | Reviewer: Kezling!! | 4/23/07

oasis are a great british band they have done so well for themselves and it's great to know they have got this far and are still succesfull!!

just amazing | Reviewer: james | 2/8/07

oasis are still the best known british band and i doubt any other bands can beat that. the albums being released really set the bar for other bands to beat and in 1 year they were the best band in the world. New bands today regard the band as an influence. You cannot deny that their slight out spoken behaviour can easily be justified.

OASIS OASIS OASIS OASIS OASIS OASIS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/07

oasis is an amazing band who so many people think that they can beat but you just look at songs like whats the story ... morning glory [my personal favourite] and champagne supernova and some of there most popular songs like wonderwall... there all amazing and in my opinion nobody will ever live up to this band

Oasis | Reviewer: norbert | 10/31/06

Oasis is one of the best bands out there. and if you do not see this, you clearly have no taste whats so ever in music.

The Best Band... | Reviewer: Dom_Duv_87 | 7/9/06

Oasis are by far one (if not) the best band in the world, and in my personal opinion they are just that, no need for justification. Their debut album 'Definitely Maybe' was a masterpiece and now in our day (2006) over 10 years on is still setting the bar for bands who 'try' and rank their debuts, or follow-up albums along with this work of art, "it's alright" says front man and lead vocalist Liam Gallagher.

Even though FULL attention wasn't noticed until their second follow-up titled 'Whats The Story.. Morning Glory?' which gave them alot of new fans. I like this album but feel people only like it for the obvious 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger' which are groupie-like favourites amongst the 'fake'-fans of the band, the inspiring 'Hey Now!', the powerful 'Morning Glory', epic/moody yet inspiring and moving 'Cast No Shadow' aswell as the ironic blissfully-funny 'Shes Electric' are the real backbone for this album which isn't as good as any of their other albums, its just most popular because of 'Wonderwall' but in all fairness any song in this album could have been a single, ending with the powerful 'Champayne Supernova'.

1997's 'Be Here Now' (probably my favourite album) didn't recieve much credit, critics began slating Oasis, which is common as they expected another "12 songs which could be singles" album (regarding to WTSMG?). The opening track 'D'You Know What I Mean' is a real belter and Oasis's most heavy song to date, a heavy yet still moving ballad-like song with a chorus for the real fans "all my people right here right now, do you know what i mean?... yeah yeaaah"................. (to be continued)

Amazing =) | Reviewer: Shadow | 12/27/05

they are amazing and an awsome band =) if you listen to all there cds and say there bad =) U clearly have no taste in music. long live that band =D

oasis is mine | Reviewer: punk_kitty | 10/8/05

i love oasis- the frontman is pretty cute and i really like their song champagne supernova and wonderwall