hope | Reviewer: banana | 12/26/12

(my english is not good x.x) i had a fight with my girl...her name is layla (its pronounced lyla) i got drunk and did things i now regret...i still cant give her the relationship she wants but she really is the queen of all ive ever seen, shes crazy, and beautiful, and crazy again...im not sure if im in love with her but i for sure dont want to lose her, i wanna give it a try and i hope she forgives me. wish me g luck :)

brilliance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

this is one of the greatest beats in all of Oasis' music. this song is how they got onto the rock scene. this song is just as good as champagne supernova and even wonderwall, although the last two are more acclaimed and personally i think wonderwall was God's gift to man.

to Liam: u (prince of darkness) r my idol. plz get noel back and come to the states so i can hear u guys play cuz i discovered yall 1 month after u split up and now i am distraught

Lyla | Reviewer: Gaz Ball | 12/29/09

My wife and i love this song its so uplifting and great to hear live at Wembley, we have even called our beautiful little girl after the song and in a way the lyrics match the way i feel about her. Thanks Noel for writing it.

Wow! | Reviewer: Beth | 12/10/07

Wow! I know this will sound like I'm a right idiot but I heard this song the other day and I thought 'Oh god! I remember when I used to sing this constantly! Who's it by again?' And, being me, I had to look it up on the internet to see how sung it. hehe. I am back in love with this song and, again, I'm singing it constantly. It's like going back to the past. I'm in love with Oasis again. :-D

Beth @ common-crisis--.piczo.com

dis songs iz real cool | Reviewer: Ajay | 11/27/07

some may say its ok or somethng lke dat, i do not kno mch ov brit rock bt i did listen 2 much songs ov Oasis n man dis songs iz lke a drug once u ve heard it u jst kant tke it out ov ur head!!!!!! Oasis is a gr8t rock band n der muzik iz not formatted dats wt iz cool!

Typical | Reviewer: ptduff | 10/26/07

Same old thing from Oasis. One the most overated bands of the last 10 years. Weak lyrics and formulaic melodies. It's not that they're bad. They are not. They are just way over hyped and overated. Kinda like a British Hootie and the Blowfish or Matchbox 20. Should still be playing the bar scene.


I like it. | Reviewer: miri | 9/12/07

I like that song, but not more than Stoip crying your heart out or Champagne Supernova. But it`s OK!.

back in summer... | Reviewer: Lola | 8/27/07

i used to listen to this song when i was on holiday three days ago. i listened to this every night, sitting outside lonely, staring at the sky and waiting for a star to fall. i was - and still i am- in love with a boy i met there on the island. now i'm back in the fucking city, having a weird ache in my stomache every time i think of him. it's a fucked-up-situation and i don't even know his name

LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

yeah, this is a real good song my brother told me about this song well he told me about the whole band,lol

I'm 11 and I'm into muzic loadz!

My band | Reviewer: Jon | 5/5/07

My band, Fire Exit, cover this song, and it's so much fun to play. It's a great tune and so uplifting and jolly. Absoloutley love it!

luv lyla | Reviewer: alex | 3/21/07

yeah...thats a really cool song by oasis...and my any means this is my fav band...also...this is the song that i dedicate to my girlfriend...

my theme song! | Reviewer: Laila | 12/11/05

I LOVE this song. My bf send it to me because my name is pronounced Lyla although it is spelled Laila. I had never heard it and not only was it very uplifting but he said that the song conveys exactly what he wants to say to me.

Rock on, Oasis!


is it a drug? | Reviewer: orsolo | 5/1/05

it fixes in your head once you listen to it!

ITA: ti si mette in testa il ritornello che non puoi fare a meno di riascoltarla!!!

Mad 4 it!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/05

No real surprise from the oasis lads here, but a good rockin tune!
this is the kinda song oasis can knock out and keep us all happy, so much more satisfying than when ther tryin to "re-do the white album"
great video too, the boys are suitably rock & roll and the storyline dosnt overwhelm the music

A welcome return to the stuff Oasis do best, good old fashioned Britrock!

omg that song is brill | Reviewer: arnie v | 4/4/05

i really like there new song not as good as mabe, supersonic or dont look back in anger but its really good dont like the name lyla tho they should of used somin else