Best song ever | Reviewer: Omkar | 8/21/10

Awesome song..i love this song coz it reminds me of the tym wen me n my best friend went 2 seashore by bunkin ws rainin n we singin YOU N I GONNA LIVE FOREVER lukin at the sea..wit no worries in mind..those few minutes wer the best moments of my life:-)

one of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

one of the greatest oasis songs of all time..the concept so simple yet people dont understand...fuckin u n me...its awesome..we r gonna live forever...oasis is legendary...sad that they broke up..but i am sure..some day they will reunite and they will live forever...

Gonna Live Forever..... | Reviewer: morgan | 2/14/10

I was a fan of Oasis until they disbanded. They were quite a successful band nonetheless with superb songs and writing. Live Forever is one of my favourite songs ever, more like a ballad. Listen to the lyrics "now its not thetime to cry" it shows emotion in the song. And the Gonna Live Forever bit, we don't hear Liam do that all the time. I don't listen to Definatly Maybe much but has good songs on it. I really like this song- maybe one of the great songs ever by Oasis.

.... | Reviewer: el pollo | 2/10/10

I've heard that this song was written because all the lyrics meaning from the grunge music especially for Nirvana's song I hate myself and a I wanna die... Noel was a fan of Nirvana but he disagree with the lyrics... so I've heard =)

Song meaning | Reviewer: Rabih | 11/2/09

This song is not about brother's relationships nor personal desires. It is about past glories. the Ghallaghers said it before and it was also mentioned in Q Magazine in their top 100 singles of the 20'st century

Live Forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

Captures the human spirit. Especially at the end when Liam keeps belting out,"WERE GONNA LIVE FOREVER" and on the last one he sings with all his effort until there's no air in his lungs. You know he wants to keep singing it but hopelessly his body will give in. The idea that all fades to nothing,life is hopeless but we will do our best because were human and thats what we do!

describes everything perfectly | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/29/08

this song is amazing, it describes my ex boyfriend and our relationship together perfectly. like he has made so many mistakes that id rather just not know about so the maybe i dont know how your garden grows works perfectly, actually the whole song describes every last thing about us.

greatest song ever made | Reviewer: lincoln | 10/11/07

this song just describes my relationship with my older brother perfectly, the most important line 'Maybe you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever'

says it all for me, its like me and my brother have a connection, and we see things no one else can imagine, our musical tastes are mocked by others but we know it has something special.

Sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

I listened to this on my ipod in Spain. The tour guide told us some stuff I didn't really care about, so it hit me when he sang, "Maybe I don't really want to know how your garden grows." I wanted to explore the city on my own.

good song | Reviewer: cody johnson | 3/13/07

very good song one of my faverit and and a radio favit.