I might be wrong but | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/18/14

This is an idea I've always toyed with but I think this song could be about fame and is it really worth it in the end.

In the first line he is referring to the Hotel the Four Season (and not actually Winter, Summer etc) - a symbol of high status - and yet he's got no loved one to share these luxuries with as he spends so much time on the road touring, in and out of hotels

"Four Seasons, seconds flicker and flash, I'm alone
A lonely screen provides the scene, it's no home. "

It's my opinion that he's actually starting to think this life of being a Rock n Roll Star (get it??) isn't what he thought it was, and that at one point "This was my dream, but now my dream has flown"

The next verse is his wondering about what to do about the situation "I'm at the crossroads waiting for a sign, my life is standing still but I'm still alive"

"I'm no stranger to this place where real life and dreams collide" here he is telling us that he's had these thoughts so many times. "Real life" referring to an ordinary, day in / day out lifestyle and "dreams" obviously his accomplishments and fame.

However, despite this struggle he ultimately makes his choice to "Keep the Dream Alive".

Even if I'm wrong this is a fucking cool song.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

I love the part about the waking up from the dream. I get that feeling all the time, I feel like I know something from the dream, but then I wake up and suddenly I don't know anymore.