muahaha | Reviewer: Vampy | 7/11/07

its a very nice song...
I have cried at the end of the BEATSTEAKS was so beautiful <3

Awsome! | Reviewer: a fan from bangladesh | 7/8/07

Just look at da lyrics n you'll find why OASIS is one of da best bands ever!!! Keep on rockin guys!

Awesome | Reviewer: A rock fan from India | 6/3/07

This song is one of the ever green numbers performed by Oasis. I heard a few numbers from this band...Champagne Supernova and Dont Look Back are simply rocking..The most touching part of the song is the "So Sally can wait...". Folks..feel it!!!

student blues | Reviewer: basementboy | 5/30/07

takes me back to the common room and post college karakoe, they don't make them like this anymore!

Oasis RoCks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

I believe that this song is one of the best songs I've ever listened to..although I think its in a tight fight with Wonderwall..which is a real treat for your ears...i strongly recommend these two songs to matter what gendre they're into..

Oasis Is Amazing | Reviewer: Boon | 4/2/07

Okay this song is a classic oasis tune.. I don't agree with that comparison to Coldplay tho. Coldplay is good but Oasis is KING.. Plus Noel + Liam are much better than Chris Martin

lose in spaces | Reviewer: L | 3/1/07

fuck god dammit this song is god!XD from 5 sar i give 12 billions star for it!

SUPER! | Reviewer: flor from argentina | 2/25/07

i really like oasis , all the songs are just perfect! this song, it´s not the best of the group, but i like it.. i also like coldplay..i tkink that they are similar

BEST! SONG! EVER! | Reviewer: Some poor guy from Finland | 2/18/07

Have to give credit to Oasis. Before this song I didn't even know about the band, but now it's one of my favourites!

the best song | Reviewer: mary | 2/8/07

don't look back in anger is the nest son ever listen!!
I really love it!!
it's an excelent song!!!!

Masterful song | Reviewer: Bobbias | 4/21/06

I'm not a fan of oasis, but after recording this for school as the producer, having to listen to it over and over, I've begun to appreciate this song, and it's sound. It's definately a tough song to sing, as well as using a famous chord progression for part oof it's progression, and building upon it. This is a very nice song, and I'd definately reccomend this to anyone.

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/05

This song is a legend! One of my fav from what they've done! WhoOoOoOo!!