Always makes me happy. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/12

This can really fit any situation, just to tell someone to be okay with their past, and dont look back in anger or regret. If they were really messed up on drugs when they wrote this, thats... kind of amazing. You'd expect it to be an extremely strange song xD

Intuition | Reviewer: Eileen | 10/20/12

The thing that struck me the most about this song is the beginning "slip inside the eye of your mind". It's the perfect example about how we all really know the real truth and it lies within us all. When writing this song he admittedly said that he was really messed up on drugs and didn't even know where the lyrics were coming from and that they just sounded and felt right. It's like our intuition is trying to jog our memory. You can find it in so many songs, especially love songs. We are so smart we don't even know it. Every song can be taken more than one way. And "don't look back in anger" is an excellent example of letting go... Destroy the past- create a new future and let go of negative feeling because it will only recreate and recreate them in the future. It's time to remember what we all really know and this is a perfect example of that.

heartwarming | Reviewer: doona | 7/12/12

This song is played all the time now i love it when i saw the wembley version on youtube it blew me away and when everyone in the stadium sang along it bought tears to my eyes touchd and moved me as well epic song

Sunshine | Reviewer: Siobhan | 4/14/12

I thought it was a great was FULL of energy.The lyrics in the song were just unique. He had the whole crowd singing that song just makes my day. Keep up the good singing well done.

AWESOME! | Reviewer: SongWriter337 | 1/6/11

I love this song! And now I can play it on Rock Band! If anyone says anything bad about this song they can die in a hole!!! This song goes so deep in so many situations..... I only wish I could write a song this deep!

I <3 Oasis!!!!

This one | Reviewer: Trend | 1/1/11

Good tune... actually was humming it and shut my video game off just to listen to it.. Reminds me of childhood, the things we thought we knew the people we knew all slide away, don't look at the past with anger and such....

Great lyrics! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

Regardless of what you relate this song to, ''dont look back in anger'' should be the outlook you have on everything.. It helped me make peace with my past and I can listen to this song on repeat and never get sick of it... well done to you oasis!

Bittersweet Break-ups | Reviewer: Nate | 4/22/10

The phrase "don't look back in anger" sums up many break-ups that happen. Sure there's bitter feelings between the two for a long time, a taste that often lingers for months and years. But this feeling can be resolved with the lessons learned and fond memories that were shared. The hardest part is transitioning from the role of lover, sometimes followed by to bitter enemy, to a friend... This song is excellent therapy for the people going through this transition.

My Girlfriend Sally Died .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

My girlfriend, Sally died in car accident in 1995 .. then this song came out .. just imagine what I felt when I first heard this song ..

still .. this is the best tunes that I've ever heard in my live .. for me .. no other song can top this so far ..

The song Don't look back in anger by Oasis | Reviewer: Danielle | 11/17/09

This song i heard from a kid i liked. I never knew the song name. He sang it very well at his concerts when i watched him. I fell in love to were i sang it all the time. Well, mostly the beat. So i finally found it. I absolutely love this song. I sing it all the time.

Unbelieveble! | Reviewer: Pablo from Argentina | 10/16/09

I have never thought that a song could make me feel so deep, it is one of the most sensible songs I´ve ever heard. I used to like Oasis, but recently I have been listening them again and I realized that they are great artists, I just can say "thank you very much" for your song.

my funeral song | Reviewer: cookie | 10/5/09

my bro wa listening to it justnow and i was listening to the lyrics and i relized damn thts soo freaken amazing the lyrics are so powerful and can apply to anyone in anysituation! thts yi want it to b played at my funeral so no one will remember the bad tings ive done or sad, and ive done my fair share trust me... but then theyll remember only the happy times weve had together :D

A song to be cherished | Reviewer: Blinded by perfection | 8/15/09

I first heard this song when a car passed me bomming it for the whole town practically but no one minded because it was such a touching song. I have listened it on my ipod continuosly makng it the no.1 listened to song on there. I am a author and listen to the song when I am trying to write the most depressing and dire scenes in my book. It is probably the best song Oasis have made and the song will always stay with me for many years.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

This song is just great. It feels like it has it all, even though I think I like the meaningful lyrics the most.
Every time I think about my ex boyfriend (who it didn´t work out with and i still miss), and listen to this song. It makes me sad, it´s so deep. I like it a lot, it helped me get over him as well, haha!
Me and my friend are actually singing this song at a musicfestival, so thank you for the lyrics. I needed it!

Touched | Reviewer: Jam36 | 5/29/09

I heard this song for the first time in my friend's car. Even though, she is in relationship but I fell in love with her and this song. I can't express it to her coz she has gone from here but she has left a beautiful memories. I am stuck in the middle. No way to go ahead, no steps to back... I am lost...