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Performed by Oasis

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Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Arianna | 2/3/11

I honestly cannot see how reviewers didn't like 'Be Here Now' when it first came out. It is honestly my favourite Oasis album. This is my favourite song from the album, though 'The Girl In The Dirty Shirt' came as a close second. Love, love, love, this song. One Oasis' best, in my opinion.

yep,we DO know what you mean! | Reviewer: Joel | 9/20/09

OH YEH, what a great opening track for BE HERE NOW.This album was dubbed "THE SWINDLE" by Noel,and it remains their longest album to date.Most of the tunes last 5 mins or more on average with this song and "ALL AROUND THE WORLD" as the longest.You even get a nice little orchestral ending on the reprise at the end of the album.Around 76 mins in total for the whole thing.And what about the film clip for D'you know what i mean!!Choppers flying around,flares going off,friggin' great!!It's just sad that its pretty clear that Noel has called it a day with the band.Oh well,at least we'll always have this little pearler to whack on and pump the stereo up to 10.LONG LIVE OASIS...D'you know what i mean??

top song by a top band! | Reviewer: s | 8/24/09

Definitely one of the top 5 Oasis songs around. From the growl at the beginning, to the morse code, to the chorus played backwards, till the end - it is brilliant. A song of epic propotions, right up there with Supersonic, Morning Glory and The Masterplan. 10 stars out of five!

Be Here Now, Oasis! | Reviewer: morgan (10yrs) | 5/16/09

I like the song D'You Know What I Mean? very well. It deserved to be a No.1 single in mid 1997. I don't think Be Here Now is a good album, it's probably one of the worst Oasis albums along with Heathen Chemistry & Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. This song is well orginized and it's the same guitar sound comes from Wonderwall. It's better than Discotheque by U2 and Beetlebum by Blur, BECAUSE D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? IS A 7min. PLUS SONG. More notabably, this No.1 single is my favorite Oasis song. BY FAR. Better than Lyla.

Seven minutes is a long time for a No.1 single to reach the top spot. Although for one thing, I love the end as well. Brilliant, Noel and the gang!

Another great number one hit. | Reviewer: | 12/30/05

D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? is one of Oasis' most powerful and heavy songs ever produced by the band. It fits in very well with BE HERE NOW, and sets the pace for the rest of the album with the use of a slow but growing suspense att he start of the song. It is an epic song, lasting for seven minutes. It is powerfully delivered by Liam Gallagher, with superb guitar playing from both Noel Gallagher and more importantly Bonehead (Paul Arthurs). It got to number one in the summer of 1997, after a long anticipation for Oasis' return to the charts after their acclaimed album; WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY?. It was the first number one of the album, however ALL AROUND THE WORLD also reached number one, and STAND BY ME and DON'T GO AWAY both made it to the top five of UK Charts.

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