Forever this, forever them. | Reviewer: Catarina | 8/8/10

This and other great songs from this great band will never fade away and will always mean something to someone out there in the world. for me, they mark my childhood and my adolescence and i'm sure they will continue to leave a mark in many moments of my life.

Oasis, Forever.

awesome brit pop... | Reviewer: freesoul | 9/12/09

now that oasis has broken up....lookin back at their works...this particular album was a milestone and a groundbresker really....and this song is really really awesome...reminds me of my best friend frm whom i drifted away wen i was engrossed in drugs for years...."how many special people change..where were u while we were gettin high"....oasis is really one of the best british bands ever...

beautiful song! | Reviewer: just some girl | 8/22/07

this song is one of THE MOST beautiful songs ive ever heard. the lyrics are just so meaningful, they really connect deep down.