Needing and hoping on getting | Reviewer: need her | 2/15/12

This song is great in every way and going to learn it and try it acousticly cause when i sing along with the song my eyes kindve water and kindve tear up every time i listen to it
this is first song that makes me tear up and i love every lyric this song really speaks to me way i am right now
15 and this song is going to be one those songs i will always know
favorite version is car i dont care for regular one

Still Needing - NEVER Getting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/12

I just heard the song for the first time today, it was just as true 36 years ago before I got married it would hsve been just as true as it is today! But this is a song I believe will be somewhat timeless and be done over and over without becoming meaningless for the time. I am now 58 and still enjoy current music as much as I did before "Woodstock" was held. I was 14 then and missed out going as I did the "Monterey Pop Festival" the year before. And you thought "Woodstock" was the first.,