Suge set pac | Reviewer: Thabang moabelo | 2/13/14


It actualy a comment | Reviewer: SNM | 4/30/13

If you were right you would have to watch your back,but since you are wrong you should look at shit running on your legs cause you are little kid who's stil wearing dypers and you talk shit you know nothing about,as for B.I.G being better than Pac its just another product from your wet and clueless mind,just fuck off from the greatest of all times,Makaveli.just fuck off kid.

all of you are dumb | Reviewer: boss | 5/8/12

yall are some dumb niggas. If you think tupac is one of the best mc's your stupid. He is good but not even top 10. he overrated cuz he died. Big is good probably a top 10 rapper. None of you have heard other underground rappers.

Tupac vs Biggie | Reviewer: Alan Henderson | 6/26/10

Juicy - Best rap song ever made.
Tupac - Best rap artist of all time.

What the guy said above about Alicia Keys is correct except for the Biggie being best rapper. 2nd to Pac. Alicia would say that being from New York...

This all happened because the media escalated the eastcoast - westcoast thing. Suge and Puffy had a big problem with each other so neither tried to calm it down plus, it was making them more money because there artists sell more records.

Who killed Tupac?
Suge Knight and Reggie Wright Jnr had Tupac killed in a set up in Vegas on 13/09/96. Pac wanted to leave Tha Row and Suge had to be restrained from attacking Pac two weeks prior to the vegas trip for Pacs insults towards him and telling him he wanted out. Pac wanted out due to expenses being taken and royalties not being paid worth millions of dollars. Also, for Suge not allowing Pac access to his own masters which was the most valuable thing suge owned.
They had it staged for Orlando Anderson to be in the lobby at the MGM after the fight. Due to a gang related fight in a footlocker store it was believed Orlando Anderson a reported South Side Crib had stolen a Death Row pendant from members of The Row who were supporting The Bloods. As Tupac was drunk and happy after greeting Tyson after the fight, a member of Death Row needed little persuading to get Tupac running off to confront Anderson in the lobby area. The lobby is far from the arena and you must travel through the casino floors. Orlando was also only in the lobby for several minutes prior to Pac rushing him. After a few swift blows from Pac, Suge and several other Death Row employees the entourage escaped to Suge's place in Vegas to get changed. The Outlawz and other minor Death Row people went to their respective hotels to change for the evening entertainment at Club 662. When the Outlawz and Row employees finally met at Suge's they went in convoy down the strip. They went a slow way which would bring attention and would be easily seen. At the junction of Koval Pac was shot from a white cadillac. The rounds were shot back into the car as to avoid Suge, which is why Pac tried to jump into the rear seat. Suge apparently held him back. Yafeu Fula (Yaki Kadafi of the Outlawz) saw the shooter. So did another Death Row employee who immediately said it was Keefe D's nephew who is Orlando Anderson. Whether Anderson was the shooter or was in the car next to the shooter will never be known but Anderson was definately there. Kadafi also agreed it was Anderson when he was interviewed by LA cops the week after. That evidence was destroyed along with other information in the murder by David Mack, Nino Durden and Raphael Perez who were LA police officers and also Death Row security guards who worked for Reggie Wrights security company (Rightway Security) The same security company who provided bodyguards for the acts like Tupac. Frank Alexander was Pac's bodyguard on the night of the murder and was driving the Outlawz in the car behind Suge's black BMW. Suge instead of driving to the nearest hospital did a U turn and continued down the strip for almost 10 minutes before the BMW ground to a halt. Also the nearest hospital was now the University Medical Centre which was also the one with less expereinced doctors. Everyone at The Row was told to not say anything from Suge. Everyone was scared to go against him including Snoop who visited Pac in hospital. Pac apprently told Snoop he thought Suge had set him up. Snoop said he feared for his life as he thought Suge was after him also. Kadafi agreed to have another more in depth interview with LA officers but was shot by Napoleon of the Outlawz cousin (Roddy) relating to money and drugs owed only 3 weeks after Pac's death. The same Cadillac as the shooters with the same plates was seen and photographed outside Suge's Vegas home within 3 weeks of Pac's death. It had been reported the same car had undergone repairs in a garage near compton in between these dates. This evidence was also removed by Mack and Perez. Kevin Hackie a bogyguard with Frank Alexander on the night of the death also heard someone say 'got em' into a two way radio that Reggie Wright Jnr had with him in the car outside Club 662. This was only minutes after the shooting. It was then followed by 'Keep all talk to a minimum' by Wright's assistant at the hotel. Reggie Wright Snr is a top judge within the justice system, he was involved in several cases re; this which followed the death. This is a huge conflict of interest and one which would keep people from finding the truth. Suge had a gang fight erupt between bloods who he was a member of and crips who Anderson was affiliated with in Compton as cover and to distract the police immediately after the killing.

Not part of the plan?
The Compton gang war would lead to evidence suggesting revenge of Pac's death and leading evidence away from Suge and Death Row. Anderson only received a paltry amount of the bounty for the killing and so sued Suge Knight for attacking him in the club. Suge was then sent to prison for violating his previous parol conditions. Before this could happen; two of the drivers in the cadillac had been murdered and just before Anderson was to receive $78,000 from Knight he was also murdered outside Cigs record store in Compton. It is believed Anderson may only have received as much as $150,000 for the total contract including monies he was awarded in court. The total price for Pac's death is priceless but could have been agreed in the figure of upto $500,000. With Pac dead and no evidence pointing to Suge who is now in jail and all parties - Kadafi, Anderson and any others involved also dead, Suge would not be found out.

The reason for wanting Pac dead?
With millions owed to Pac from Death Row in wages, royalties, expenses and provisions as agreed in his contract; Death Row would not be in a healthy situation financially. Also, with Dre and Snoop now gone Pac was the only real artist left. With Pac dead, Suge would have access to the hundreds of masters in the vault which would be marketed by Death Row and netted the company millions more dollars. Suge refused to give Snoop and Dre some of there masters also and have also been marketed by Death Row. Plus with the Westcoast - Eastcoast fued now in full swing and making headlines everywhere this would be a guarenteed way of making millions more in free advertising and promoting 'the real gansta rap'. Especially with 'The 7 day theory' out and the mystery surrounding the album it would prove to me a masterstroke by Suge Knight. With the media's help this would have netted Death Row hundreds of millions of dollars. Pac wanted the Outlawz not to sign with the Row. With Pac out of the question, they signed with the Row and were added to Pac's masters to create the critical but hugely succesful 'Still I Rise' album by 2pac + Outlawz. Funnily enough the Outlawz also did not see there royalties from the album and also left the Row. Afeni Shakur succesfully sued Death Row for royalties and took back Millions to the estate which left Suge searching for more money. Not until 2002 and after 'Better Dayz' did The Row finally be removed from the album and instead all royalties and earnings go to the estate and the label created by Afeni - 'Amaru'.

Who Killed Biggie?
To understand this you have to have read the above.
Biggie was an emotional mess after Pac died, being scared and paranoid for his own life. Suge would not want to kill Biggie if it meant him being found out, especially after what he had already done to Tupac. However the link is important in linking them together.

The Link!
After the Soul Train Awards in LA before Biggie and Junior Mafia could get into their cars, a strange person in a blue suit approached the them. the dialogue was not known but Lil Cease and security pushed him away. The man was later identified and known as Amir Muhammed or 'Harry Billups'. Harry had visited newly incarcerated David Mack in prison two weeks prior to the killing. David Mack was serving time for an armed robbery several years earlier. Yes, the same David Mack who also worked for LAPD and Death Row. David Mack had arranged the hit and supplied the Black Chevy Impala and paid for the hit. Harry Billups is alleged to have had a history of succesful hits but was never caught in any murders. All of the evidence was always destroyed or lost meaning they could never try him. Billups and Mack were best friends and had shared a room together at college. They had also kept in touch in the years after. Before, during and after the hit the same person was identified as the killer by Junior Mafia's Lil Cease. It was confirmed as Harry Billups.

Why kill Biggie?
It was well known that Suge Knight and Death Row hated Biggie and Bad Boy. They wanted to look like this could have been revenge for Tupacs death. Silly to implicate themselves in such an ideal but excellent to remove any doubts about the killing of Tupac. Also, with Suge in prison he is not a suspect. With Biggie also dead, the eastcoast - westcoast feud continues meaning more money on any posthumous releases. Between Biggie's death in 1997 and 2002, death row released five official tupac albums including; Are U Still Down? (remember me), Greatest Hits, 2Pac + Outlawz (Still I Rise), Until The End Of Time and Better Dayz. All albums had some reference to Biggie and the feud. Also with Suge at the heart of conspiracy theorists it meant all albums would sell and ultimately make The Row millions of dollars in money.

The Proof?
In 2001 under the Rampart Scandal, it was known that Perez, Mack and Durden did all work for the LAPD as well as Death Row. The scandall found that these officers were amongst several other officers who were charged with misconduct. The convicted offenses include unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings, planting of evidence, framing of suspects, stealing and dealing narcotics, bank robbery, perjury and covering up evidence of these activities. It was found that the LAPD had when investigating these issues tried to cover them up to avoid embarrasment.
In March 2005, the relatives of Wallace filed a wrongful death claim against the LAPD based on the evidence championed by Russell Poole.They claimed the LAPD had sufficient evidence to arrest the assailant, but failed to use it. David Mack and Amir Muhammad (a.k.a. Harry Billups) were originally named as defendants in the civil suit, but were dropped shortly before the trial began after the LAPD and FBI dismissed them as suspects. In July 2005, the case was declared a mistrial after the judge showed concern that the police were withholding evidence. An attempt to expand the wrongful death lawsuit to include new claims failed in August 2006. The criminal investigation was re-opened in July 2006.
On April 16, 2007, relatives of Wallace filed a second wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. The suit also named two LAPD officers in the center of the LAPD Rampart Division corruption probe, Rafael Perez and Nino Durden. According to the claim, Perez, an alleged affiliate of Death Row Records, admitted to LAPD officials that he and Mack (who was not named in the lawsuit) "conspired to murder, and participated in the murder of Christopher Wallace".

To date both killings have not been solved thanks to Mack, Perez and Durden. They also suggested they would take what they know to their graves. Suge Knight also said the same when asked about his connection between the two murders. When asked if he knew who did it, he said yes.

B.I.G VS Tupac!!! | Reviewer: Leokhoon | 1/22/10

Who's the Best Mc!!
Biggie or Tupac?
Talkin' about who's better or who killed
is useless now !!!!
all we gotta do is listenin' to all these
masterpieces of theirs
I bet "Juicy" is one of the greatest songs
in the history of Hiphop.
I luv this song!!!

Rappin Duke you are an idiot | Reviewer: Smooth | 5/19/09

I mean come on man; how stupid can you be? These boys were best friends and all it took was for Pac to get shot; and instead of settling shit behind closed doors; Pac went all out with it..and now you have two of the greatest MCs dead. And how in the hell would Biggie kill Pac? That aint nthn but a bunch of bull; why dont yall just let them rest in peace?

rappin duke is a damn fool... | Reviewer: Cool Chris | 5/6/09

you must have LITERALLY been born yesterday cuz it sounds like you don't know anything about the tupac and biggie beef, or how they died. Like how did you mix up the order of thier deaths? WHO DOES THAT? seriously are you like a little kid trying to sound like you know about hip-hop? I bet you dont even know what year they died? But you are pretty sure it was before 2007 right? Haha, i laugh at dudes like you...

HOW COULD TUPAC HAVE KILL BIGGIE! | Reviewer: Adrienne Lewis | 5/4/09

Okay rappin' duke, how could Tupac have killed Big when Tupac died first himself. That's bullshit and if you don't know what you're talking about then mabye you shoulden't leave comments. (you also need to learn how to spell). As far a both Tupac and Big being dead ??? people have good points though, they really could be on some Island drinking martinis and smokin kush. I think it's wierd and fucked up that nobody knows who did it, yeah everybody has their own opinion. But nobody TRULY knows.

Who killed Biggie & Tupac? | Reviewer: biggielife | 2/24/09

I agree with Alicia Keys 100%. Not just because SHE said it, but because I believe it. If you have seen the film Notorious, you will see my point better. The only people to blame for Biggie's death is the media.

The media thrived on s**t like the whole East Coast Vs. West Coast thing. What was said by the media, got backstage into Biggie and Tupac's heads, which then gave the media even more to stir. Like one big circle of s**t going round. As thing's escalated, the whole situation got waaaayy out of hand leading to the death of the best rapper ever to live, The Notorious B.I.G.

If you're wondering why I haven't mentioned Tupac above, it's because this is a Biggie song, and Biggie is better than Tupac altogether.

some of u are pretty dumb | Reviewer: dylan | 1/27/09

k first of all 2 pac died before b.i.g and the only reason that bigg got killed is because he went to california to present his new cd and then he died that night ..... because people thaut that bigg killed 2 pac and he dident pac was on his way to biggs crib and got jumped and bigg caame down stairs and saw him and pac thaut that bigg set him up and pac made "hit um up" and in the song he said u dident finnish the job and so the people that jumped him in the first place found him and really killed him....and they both are fuckin dead....

rest in peace.

I speak the truth | Reviewer: rappin duke | 1/9/09

I think I know who killed Notorious B.I.G........................Tupac (gasp) but seriously isn't it suspicious that B.I.G and tupac had beef and around the same time B.I.G just suddenly gets killed I think tupac ordered a hit on B.I.G then B.I.G's peoples knew tupac killed B.I.G and went and killed him, but a picture of Tupac and B.I.G had them wearing shoes that came out in 2007!!!!! isnt that strange when they supposedly died before 2007. I also think they aren't dead only hiding in another state or country. but even if B.I.G got killed by tupac or not R.I.P both of you

Inspiration | Reviewer: Romeo Gardener | 8/22/07

Probably the most inspiring song you'll ever hear. Cannot get enough of this song, the lyrics and meaning, are too vivid and too profound for you not to embrace it. Can someone please tell, what is the original name of the song (sample), that's the chorus in "JUICY"?

"Juicy" | Reviewer: Vit IIkakshli | 5/6/07

While the lyrical magic takes me back to Brooklyn back in '94, Mtume's beat is a great selection because it is complex enough to connote richness in more ways than one--nicely paired with an antique Empsall's tie and Prada cologne on a clear spring day.

juicy | Reviewer: juicy julie | 3/10/07

too bad you did'nt make the 2007 year to keep us chilling on your tunes,R.I.P. B.I.G. luv ya!

notorious b.i.g | Reviewer: chanel | 3/11/07

i love notorious b.i.g hes the bomb his songs inspire me and as well inspire others. all his songs have alot of meaning in them. r.i.p notorious b.i.g. we miss you.