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Performed by Norah Jones

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The Nearness of You | Reviewer: Erika P | 8/10/2008

This is your wedding song?! That's awesome! I got married in June and our first dance was 'You're Just Too Marvelous' by Sinatra and our last dance was 'Nearness of You' This is such a beautiful song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Karen | 10/9/2007

This song actually is my wedding song. My fiance & I will be married Sept/08. This is the song that was playing the night he proposed. It's a beautiful song. Every time I hear it, it reminds and will forever remind me, of the night I said yes to spending the rest of my life with my best friend. Love you, Nick. xoxo

The Nearness Of You | Reviewer: katie | 8/25/2007

I want this to be my wedding song. It's beautiful. It makes me want to love someone for the rest of my life, and be with them and hold them. It's not the sweet conversation, and I don't need a soft light to enchant me. I just need you to be near to me. It's a beautiful song and it makes my heart sink to my stomach (in a good way) when i hear it.

My Opinion | Reviewer: Stefanie C. | 4/15/2007

This song reminds me of a classy song that was played at 50's jazz clubs. It reaches out into your heart and pulls out the romantic you never knew you had. It makes love to you, love so good the smile never leaves your face.

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