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BIG COME BACK PERFORMANCE PLEASE | Reviewer: Phil Caldwell | 7/26/14

I love the group very much, but they came then just disappeared off the face of earth where has this great group gone too.. Let's all get together and demand a huge come back of a great band we need more groups that sound great just like these guys do.. Please Come Back Guys..

Hot,Sexy,Handsome,Awesome and Very Talented | Reviewer: BJ Terengaieta | 2/24/14

I Love No Mercy. i've been listened to your songs since i was a child (10 years old). I'm such a huge fan. I'll love you till the day i die....

May god bless you all, your voice, your talent, etc.

Good Luck and GB.. BJ Terengaieta

The best techno singers | Reviewer: Franck UMEH | 2/9/10

I love you guys, for me you are the best techno singer i ever heard in my life, all my wishes is to see you guys together and except from the music life... i really seems to be like a brothers.
I always listen to your songs.....

Peace and love.


No Mercy - "Out of this World" | Reviewer: Noleen Solomon | 1/28/10

You are the most handsome guys I've ever seen. Don't ever separate. I'm sure Marty is like a brother to you, so stay together forever and always. Your music ROCKS !! I listen to your CD every day and I've got a picture of you on my desk. If I can just meet you once, I'll be the happiest woman in the world. I love you Noleen

No Mercy - Great, Sexy and Wonderful | Reviewer: Mariska | 9/3/07

I love them to bits. All 3 of them are very talented and I hope they never separate at all. I love you guys very much!

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