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nodoubt:) | Reviewer: christinalovesgreenerpastures | 7/31/2008

where can I start? No doubt are the best band around, still going strong after twenty two years. They always have their own unique style and incorporate lots of different genres into their music. They are a band thats totally real, and are really close knit, which is great to see in a band writing their own stuff, instead of a fake conformist band who only care about money making and crushing people. Not only are this band inspiring and original, they really value their fans and produce great music! I've never heard a no doubt song that I didnt like. Thank you gwen, tom, tony and adrian for helping me through bad times with your great music, and for being the coolest, best styled, most entertaining and talented musicians ever.

yay no doubt | Reviewer: genevieve | 12/3/2007

I really appreciate no doubt. Most people take advantage of true art. I really believe that no doubt are definetly a very inspired group and that they are artists who can really produce good music for everyone around to of the things I enjoy most when I listen to thier music is that they don't care about whats "in" and whats "out" like most of the people in this small and potentially wasted world who can only think about what's "in". good work to all of you. I love you gwen, adrian, tom and tony!!

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