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Performed by Nirvana

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Lovely song | Reviewer: anonymuis | 4/17/09

Nirvana = lovely, need I say more.
Jasper, Nirvana is not a cure if you are already feeling sad/depressed, perhaps you should stop listening to it for a while. Makes you feel better. Maybe you should get from behind your computer and socialize... Life out there ain't that bad.

R.I.P | Reviewer: MJ | 4/8/09

this is a very haunting song, but its still beautiful. kurt was an amazing lyricist, and he will live on forever. R.I.P kurt.
and by the way, jasper, no one wants to hear you bitch about how lame your life is. dont be so self-centered on a page that has to do with nirvana.

To Anonymous-lol | Reviewer: Riodan | 3/14/09

Hahaha you got him good :p, but seriously that dude needs to get over if he thinks hes so good do something do you think Kurt, when he got depressed, wrote little comments on lyric sites? NO he went and did something about it, he picked up his guitar and wrote songs about how he was feeling man, he made something with his emotions and im guessing you should too..

p.s We should totally bring grunge back :D,

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

i love nirvana as much as the next guy, but come on people. he's dead! doesn't matter who killed him, whether it was him or courtney, he's dead and he can NOT read your pathetic messages! and please don't leave stupid crap on here. for ex. jasper (7 under me) that "story" you left is retarded! it's more complaining about your shitty life than anything else. usually when you tell a girl so much so quick it freaks her out and she WILL ignore you. you're a pussy with no friends and you need a fucking life.

anyways, aside from my ranting. i love this song

a message? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

is this 1 of kurts songs that told us he really wasnt happy with life i mean listen to the lyrics:i will never bother u
i will never promise to
i will never follo u i will never promise to
never speak a word again i will crawl away for good i wont move away from here u wont be afraid of fear
i always new it would come to this
things have never been so well
i have never failed to fail!
pain (x3)
you know your right (x3) anywayz R.I.P. Kurt!!!!!! and courtney i hate u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great song | Reviewer: Ben | 12/7/08

This was his real suicide note.

The part about "I will move away from here", was his plan to escape Seattle, and settle somewhere were no one could find him. I think that and his 'suicide' note were more good-bye notes that anything.

NIRVANA | Reviewer: mike | 11/24/08

incredible songwriter. it still gives me chills to listen to them play. I've seen them play live many times in the early 90's. I lived in Portland and they played with the Melvins a lot. rest in peace Brother. I hope to meet you soon.

spiritually profound lyrics | Reviewer: kostja | 11/5/08

I found that most nirvana songs have ambiguous lyrics. the way kurt sang, it is difficult to tell exactly was said. For ex. in the song Dumb, is he saying dumb, done, or down. I think its all three. This makes his songs very heavy and subliminal, you almost cant explain the effect of the song, because it is so broad and all-encompassing. They are rarely about any specific topic, but rather try to capture human emotion as a whole from kurt's unique individual perspective. Simply genius, i cant think of comparable passion is the songs from any other modern artist, every song of his is like a great song which rivals that Over the Rainbow song, or the famous part of Betthovens 9th symphony

@Jasper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

i totally agree with . i totally empathize with u as well. kobains songs have healped me look at the world in a new way. esp all those times when i was really messed up. and the whole thing u wrote abt te girl who ignored u after she was such great friends with u happened to me as well. This guy behaves like he doesnt even know me after we've been through so much together. i feel the hurt that kobain felt in this song. this is one of my most fav numbers.

long live kurt cobain through his music | Reviewer: rajiv | 10/12/08

Thank a lot for your contribution my dear kurt,you are my hero.Sometime i cry when i listen to kurt music's.He is a genius.When my time is near i will then join you but now rest in pieces my dear kurt.

Relate to music | Reviewer: Jasper | 8/19/08

It's about a year and a half ago that I first heard a Nirvana song, it was Smells like teen spirits. Within a short amount of time I turned completely fond of Nirvana. Before that I was into HipHop and didn't like any sort of rock Music. Now I listen to Nirvana music a damn lot every day and You know You're right is among my favourits.
I've got very little friends and no very close friends at all, therefor I've loads of time for my own and I think way more than is good for me. I often think I've got a mental disorder, mayby the same Kurt Cobain had and that he wrote lithium about, it's the only clear explination for why I think my life is so crap, though it may also be an effect lonelyness's got on me. When I listen to songs like You know you're right I often feel they match my own life, like a lot of people do. But when you're feelling crap and you can relate to music you often automatecally want to relate to the lyrics, and than you're going to look for simalarities and you're not objectif anymore. Besides that; Most of Nirvana songs can be interpreted in more than one, and often in many different ways, so they can be linked to a lot of peoples lifes. As for this song it seems to me as if it's about a certain girl and about suicide. I recently fell in love with this girl that I had a wonderful conversation with, it was about our lives, and a bit more about mine than about her's. she was the first I felt I could tell everything and she even seemed to understand, I even told her about how I wanted to suicide a couple months ago. Now that same girl seems to completely ignore me, not replying to e-mails and smses. I feel as if this song matches what's happened and still is happening to me, though to any other person the song won't seem to be about that kind of thing.
Sory for making this story so long.

I love Nirvana, R.I.P Kurt

R.I.P. Kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/08

hey ppl kurt is god i'm mentally disturbed like him, and because of that i see him music in a different way...this song is about how courtney became self-centered and didnt' give a shit about kurt

ps. courtney hired her employee to kill him and

im embarassed | Reviewer: jus | 7/13/08

you people are talking as if kurt cobain is somewhere in the afterlife reading your E-messages.... please... its more likely he was murdered. educate yourselves before you say something permanently idiotic, you make me ashamed to be human. ... think for a moment... reflect... observe, do you see that the only one reading your dumb ass messages are other dumb asses, your all talking to kurt cobain like your in some online occult worship program, go film yourself you might learn something

i have never felt so swell | Reviewer: maddie | 5/25/08

hmmm. i htink this is about courtney & then suicide.:
the whole i will never bother you stuff, sayin how he wants a divorce maybe?

And I always knew it would come to this
Things have never been so swell
I have never felt this well- he thought suicide ran in his family, and even when he was little hed think about it.

this is waht i think...could be?

the lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: angeline Brown | 5/19/08

the lyrics are:
i will never bother you
i will never promise to
i will never follow you i will never bother you
never speak a word again
i will crawl away for good
i wont move away from here
you wont be afraid of fear
no thought was put into this
i always knew it would come to this
things have never been so swell
i have never failed to fail
pain(times 3)
you know you're right(times 3)

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