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Performed by Nirvana

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the meaning | Reviewer: polly | 7/21/09

the meaning of the song...well, it's anything you think it is. trying to make too much sense out of a nirvana song is just wastig time. kurt said he found it funny how everyone tried to interpret his texts, and it is. very funny. it's really just random shit thrown together to make it sound cool. and it does. really cool. it's what the song means to you that's important. it could mean anything. everything. if you pay enough attention, you can find nirvana songs all around you everyday. i know i do.

nirvana rocks. rest in peace kurt.

Sun course | Reviewer: nnsoxke | 6/29/09

In my opinion this song lyrics talk about the course of the Sun (out of the sky into the ground means Sun set and finally ot comes to dirt).
It's like the thought expressed in Dumb lyrics:
"Skin the Sun fall asleep
wish away soul is cheap
I think I dumb or maybe just happy"
Or that expressed in the Heart Shaped Box video:
-Sun set
-Universal Mother

The Sun is the symbol of reason (like masonic meaning) and Universal Mother Utero is symbol of the first stage in spiritual growth (like masonic meaning too) (In Utero is the last album title)
"Trow down your umbelical noose so I can climb right back"

Lyrics Meaning | Reviewer: Hayd | 5/5/09

It can be true, but he said in an interview "Got tired of people trying to put too much meaning into my lyrics", 'cause he used to say "my lyrics are sincere, honest opinions and they i make fun of them" which i think is sarcasm, and i take it like that instead of worrying and thinking too much about figuring out what is he saying

kurt x mainstream | Reviewer: Leila | 4/3/08

"buried up to my neck in"= to be suffocated
"king of illiterature"= king of futile and/or mediocre people
"I very nice"- I still get to stand up
"I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive" - Kurt ashamed for to keep on Nirvana despite the mainstream business (I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive).
"out the ground" = reference about out of underground
"into the sky" = rock star
"out of sky" = rock star like human and his execrebable junkie unhappy confused state of spirit.
"into the dirt" = to fell "dirt", like part of major record dirt job

It´s a genial song.

I AM Very Ape. | Reviewer: Kevin Simpson. | 2/28/08

I was the first.I'm Very Ape and very nice, and sleazy.I am Dr.Spock AND Bruce Lee.My name's The Human Spider.My name's The Human Spider.My name's The Human Spider.My name's The hUMAN sPIDER.My name's The Human Spider.My name's The Human Spider.My name's The Human Spuidfer.The Human Spider.

Its about... | Reviewer: Martin Svetlik | 11/5/07

Living down on bottom then fly upper that it anyone else ever made and when you discover how it everything really goes just fall down to worst.

This is how it Kurt really means.

Honest song | Reviewer: pierre-luc | 10/28/07

I hope now that people can understand his sarcasm...kurt cobain tryed to escape the music business in the middle of his career but people and media continued to workship him as a god even when he was stoned on stage laughing at us doin ''Worst that he could do''.He had hope that with that song everyone could understand him and leave him alone for a while..this guy needed help to regain self-esteem but the drugs and the attention has fucking killed him..such a sad story ..he was so charismatic, beautifull but he felt the opposite inside..(im not trying to debat on something on kurt's if it is courtney love that killed him or not..just admit that he was in depression.)

godly. | Reviewer: caitlin | 3/30/07

this song is one of my favorite ons the "in utero" album <3

greatest song ever!! | Reviewer: jose santos santos | 11/30/05

this song is my favorite! The lyrics are so cool, especially when he goes, "I was here first!" That's right you were!

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