a rare treat | Reviewer: jeremiah cutcher | 5/8/12

Wow o wow! Anyone who ever dreamed of learning to play guitar or bass, this one's for you. The album is also outstanding not just in sound or rhythm but in its emotional connection to the listener. A masterful album by truly exceptional musicians

kurdt d cobain rip | Reviewer: ottoman | 1/14/12

where did u sleep last night gives me chills. still. kurt cobains voice is the voice of a troubled angel. u can hear his heart and soul being pourd n2 every song he performed. every note he articulated is melody at its best. nirvana unplugged is and always will b a reminder of the genius and talent of the greatest singer/songwriter to ever walk the earth. kurdt donald cobain u are missed by many and misunderstood by many more. u will always b the voice of the 90s. R.I.P

Cover your hair an your eyes then | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/10

14 song set that will undoubtably be viewed as one of the greatest concerts of all time . nirvana at their best with each band member bringing everything they had to the table . the sound quality makes the listener feel like your right there im the audience . shel paulson

Kurt Cobain and what he brought. | Reviewer: Richie Chesnut | 12/31/07

I was a college student when Nirvana really hit it big but I regret admitting that at the time I really wasn't a fan. Don't get me wrong, I liked some of their music and but some unknown reason I found them overrated. I was more of a Pearl Jam fan which is still my favorite band of the era and Soundgarden. This unplugged concert gave me a new respect and adulation for the band. Just hearing the passion in Kurt's voice as he struggled to reach notes his voice wasn't meant to reach. The best unplugged ever and we can only wonder what we missed. Rest in Peace Kurt. You are sorely missed!

It was us | Reviewer: kevin steckbauer | 11/26/07

It was not him who abandoned us, it was us who abandoned him. It was him with the troubled soul, it was us. Hardly a "fan" understood him or what he was trying to express. Anyone who judges his actions is missing the point. He is a real person who allowed his conscious mind to flow without restriction, until his expression was unimportant to its own cause. His death was at the hands of the people surrounding him with their suffocating misinterpretations.

Unplugged....underrated and unappreciated | Reviewer: Riin-Kristoffer | 5/20/06

"Good evening. This is off our first album, most people don't know it yet..." With these words began the most impressive and influential concert in the history of MTV's Unplugged concert sessions. From the first chords of "About a Girl" to the final haunting melody of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night", Nirvana's performance in front of the New York audience was the pinnacle of what a band should aspire to become. Kurt Cobain's simple yet moving lyrics combined with the combined musical talents of Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl made for what is today considered their epic performance. There was no stage diving, or trashing equipment. There was no heavy feed-back moments and there was very little spine shattering screaming by the man and band that had up to that point made a name for themselves by their on stage destructive antics. However even without all of this, the power and presence of these artists were felt, and it was this chilling calm that seemed to outshine any of their hard-edged previous performances.
Tragically, this would be the final time anyone saw Kurt Cobain alive, or felt the raw passion of his music. It was in the wake of his untimely and what some call suspicious suicide that a negative shadow would be cast over this performance and album. Ultimately the fans would view this album as a depressing reminder of the icon that they had lost. The man, who's stripped down raw sound defined the music and general attitude of a generation, had abandoned them and many couldn't understand why.
However, this album should not be viewed as a dark reminder of the troubled soul that was Kurt Cobain, but as a celebration of what he was able to do with a musical genre that until that time was only accesible to an angsty generation of lost adolescents and twenty-something's looking for a voice in the dark. Unplugged in New York opened the door to the grunge scene to all ages, and all walks of life.
That is what Kurt Cobain should be remembered for and celebrated as, not the angsty voice of Generation X, but as the man who changed the face of Alt-Rock and set the bar to a new high, opening the door for a new sound and a new way of approaching music and art.