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Performed by Nirvana

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My opinion | Reviewer: kenny | 12/12/09

The beginninng of the song is about an meeting with The Devil our with Jesus. Well it can be both, but my first thought was jesus, but it changed whe I heard the song 2 the end.
The reason i Belive this song is an meeting with the devil is that(if this song is about him), Cobain says he Died a long time ago, but is still alife, which means he roams this world without an soul. Also the Devil aka Satan betrayed god and sold the world, before he became bad he was the protector of our earth. So the conclusion is: Kurt Cobain Sold his soul to the Devil for his succes, and died in the age of 27? well never sell your soul before you hit 27 :D Kurt cobain lost his faith in God and Jesus and turned 2 Satan.
Meeting with Jesus, well, he died a long time ago, but can still return 2 earth, which makes it possible 2 meet him. Cobain lost his faith along time ago, so he lost his soul, the rule is the day u start 2 belive in god u can not stop again, otherwise u have chosen your way and "lost" your soul. choose urself, but the Devil theory is the best i think, since he had 2 die one way our another.

To smush | Reviewer: sid | 12/7/09

Yeah! the song is about him. He speaks of his split personality disorder through this song. First time he sings "we never lost control" and then he sings "I never lost control". In fact the person he met on stairs was his another personality ;)

my idea | Reviewer: smush | 10/16/09

i think the song is about him, he is singing about himself, as if he doesnt know himself anymore. thats just what i get out of the song. i could annalyse it some more but that would be to much like English lit lessons, and anyway.. he wrote it as a song to be listend to, not to be deconstructed so much you lose the first impact of it.

SwaY | Reviewer: SwAy | 10/8/09

no one knows that he talks about "antigonish" in this song. its a poem by Hugh Mearns. better known as "the little man who wasnt there" it was written about man who haunted a stairway. in the beginning where he sings i passes upon a stair we spoke in was and when, although i wasnt there he said i was his friend." that was also in a david bowie song.

Oh C'mon | Reviewer: It is what it is | 9/7/09

This goes to the one Bowie fanatic that said not even the Beatles could ever top him. Listen douche, the Beatles made history, alright? Elvis Presley may have created what we know as rock and roll but the Beatles gave it so much spirit and life, they had so many songs that were both fantastic because of the high they could produce and because of the great lyrics they had. They are not to be compared with Bowie, even though I must say he is too a good musician. In addition, Nirvana was not just a trendy angsty grunge kind of band, they had really great songs and it is my belief that they were that great because they could make their fans feel the most raw feelings in the world! Plus, the voice Kurt had made this song kind of credible, its combination with the lyrics and the rhythm was just perfect. You should really think before writing such a ridiculous review. C'mon....

Great Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

The lyrics are the great part of the song, and Bowie's pop spin on the song does not do justice to the lyrics the way Nirvana's grunge spin does.

I think the song is about God too. One interpretation might be that hell is at the bottom of the stair and heaven is at the top. Someone encounters God on the staircase, recognizes Him, and is a little surprised He is still around. God sees his surprise and reassures him He is still around. In the process, God admits He is the Man who sold the world (to Satan probably).

The song probably expresses the anger that many have towards God for creating us and then feeding us to the wolves (selling the world to Satan). Also, the act of being surprised that He is still around expresses the position God is being placed in the song. Doubting His presence is not holding Him up in the high position of worship that typical religions place Him.

Nirvana. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

This song is quite amazing.
The first time I listen' to it I knew it was talking about God. I don't consider myself religious or anything like that, but the lyrics are just out of this world and the way that Kurt sings it is awesome. You can tell that he really meant to sing it with his heart as if he had a grudge against God.

D B rocks | Reviewer: javierse | 6/4/09

I always knew the Nirvana cover for years, as I've been a grunge addicted since a kid, but somedays ago I finally heard the original, and I must say, this is something dangerous for me in a strange way...

Yeah, I also relate the song to God... For me its a song of sadness, of totally depressed impressions. And yeah, DAVID BOWIE IS HUGE! So thank him so much for sharing his feelings with the world like he did in this song...Makes me cry and at the same time, feel good!

God corrected his mistake | Reviewer: anIndian | 5/4/09

i am agnostic abt religion. i am not much of a religious person and specifically stay out of organized religion.

but, whenever i listen to an extra ordinary music like this, it reminds me of god. coz, this kind of music can't be created by human beings with just hard work. its pretty much devine. for that matter, any extra ordinary thing is a god's revalation.

being an immigrant to US, i never heard rock songs before year 2K and i heard this song so many times after coming to US on radio. this song made me fan of Nirvana.

i always used to hear at the end of the song, Kurt saying, 'this is actually David Bowie song'. I already listened to Bowie songs too and like his songs too. But, i always thought Kurt was just joking. Finally one day i asked my good friend Google about it. I listened to original version of Bowie. I was astronished. Normally i hate to listened to covered songs, coz they screw them mostly.

But not Nirvana. I listened so many times to Bowie original version, to try to like it better. But naa, hands down Nirvana is far better. It actually sounds more like a Nirvana song, free flowing.. continuous.. feel as if the band got this tune in one sitting.

After listenening so many times both Bowie and Nirvana's versions, my respect towards Bowie grew, but i concluded like this...

God corrected his/her mistake of releasing this song to human beings, thru Nirvana.

Its just devine...

While writing this thing, i heard nirvana version 10 times, still feels as if i listened to it first time.

Very Good | Reviewer: DArklord5000 | 2/23/09

Its a cover, but this cover is just better than Bowie's version, accept it, and Bowie Power, you don't think that The Beatles were before David Bowie and that they reinvented the way of making music, new ways of producing, etc, etc, and Bowie had great songs, but you can't say that Bowie was more brilliant than The Beatles.

Like Omg. | Reviewer: Ellen | 2/23/09

Amy, get over it. He's dead. Let the guy rest in peace. Don't ask for a fking sign, he won't give it. Why should he?!
& I don't think Nirvana would have been greater then the Beatles.
It was meant to be that they would stop so early.

Sorry for the bad English, I'm dutch ;]

Bowie Power | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/09

all of you make me sick. To place Bowie in such low standing, my God. I know the majisty behind Kurt and his teenage angst, but nothing, nothing compaires to the brilliance of David Bowie. Not even the Beatles. All of these artists have what is needed to be eternal, but never again mistake the replication of bowies music as perfection.

You have to listen more music ROCK4life | Reviewer: Lesstad | 12/15/08

They are many concepts about the rock music, and certandly Nirvana was a fundamental piece of the evolutive sounds of rock, like others in specific times like Led zeppelin who was considered father's of heavy metal, and Nirvana imself father's of the grounge sound, BUT YOU NEVER CANNOT COMPARE WITH THE BEATLES, because is a very different kind of music and concept, don´t be a stupid and listen much more music before you say stupid things.

P.S. With all respect for the nirvana fans, included me too, =)

Fantastic Maginificant.. | Reviewer: Amy | 10/7/08

Such a Beuiful Song And Such A Waste Of Talent... Kurt Your Fans All Miss You And Love You If You Reading From Above Give Us Some Sign Of Life So We Know You Still Live In Our Hearts.. Kurt You Had A Magnificent Intelligent Mind What Happened... R.I.P Kurt Cobain xoxo

Amazing | Reviewer: Tony | 9/11/08

people will hear this song in the future and say "remember that song by Nirvana 'The man who sold the world'" and they'll be like "yeah" little would they know this song is really by David Bowie only perfected by Kurt Cobain's amazing creativity.

Kurt your fans miss you.

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