Taking over music | Reviewer: trevbrochill | 9/28/09

This song is Kurt saying "the 80s are over, this is what music is going to be now." The title refers to this, and the lyrics just symbolize that music isnt going to be cheesy love songs and stuff like that. Hes not trying to accomplish anything with them, but hes trying to accomplish something with the song title.

THE POINT IS WHAT YOU GET OUT OF IT | Reviewer: Skies | 9/22/09

Just to point out, its not what the writer of a song ment by something its what you get out of it, it doesnt matter if kurt had meaning because he was fucked up most of the time, and so honestly your trying to get in the mind of a man who fried his brain with drugs... honestly I love the music, but like i said they were a band, they usually dont put a ton of meaning, its for us to get something out of.. AKA the point of music.

No sense? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

Actually making no direct sense might make a point on a meta level, describing the authors point of view as being kind of lost in a weird world which makes no sense to him.
This may or may not be intentional, though.

You're All Ridiculous | Reviewer: Mac | 7/13/09

All of Kurt's song have meanings. Well, perhaps not all, but definately most. His lyrics are poetic in most cases and poetry usually has a meaning, no matter how abstract it is. And "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you"... how can you say that has no meaning? Does he really have to spell everything out for everyone? That was sorta' the point of "Rape Me".

Stop sullying his fucken name!

RIP Kurt

Stupid people | Reviewer: tink | 7/11/09

Stupid people don't understand going from alienation to fame. He was a creative genius who WAS TROUBLED....and married a loser caught up in fame. Regardless it's just sad another ICON in music lost his life. Respect Kurt's memory!

A different opinion | Reviewer: tink | 7/11/09

So many people don't understand. I wonder if they have ever read his memoirs! He was brilliant, extreme, too much fame he didn't want... not to mention married to someone that wanted him to keep his fame. In my opinion he used his music to express himself...he was troubled....loved music...didn't want fame...Courtney wanted the fame not Kurt. He was just trying to be a normal guy as best he could and do what he loved. RIP Kurt!

There is a point. Drugged or not. | Reviewer: Z-P Hude | 6/30/09

We all know Kurt was drugged as all f*** when he wrote/played/dreamed this music up. Even so, there is a point. First off, these lyrics are an embodiment of anger at the system. Take them at face value. I know when I used to be a user, my conversations were more philisophical then when i was sober. Whether or not my views made any sense is another story altogether. But whatever you do, don't bring Stairway to Heaven into a conversation as an example of meaningless lyrics. The lyrics carry a great depth of meaning, even if the author (Kurt in this case or Plant in Stairway) intended them to or not. The music itself was drug induced, in both cases. So are we saying the music has no meaning? No deeper message? By the way - Beethoven was deaf, so his successes were just luck (sarcasm).

Is it really so strange? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/09

Look, I don't really think Nirvana's lyrics were about making a point. Cobain might've had a few points but heavy drug abuse makes the best lyrics. Stairway to heaven, for example, which everyone loves was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, while stoned.

the line "just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you" for example. It has NO point, but it sounds great.

on Kobains lyrics | Reviewer: gb | 6/1/09

In reply to previous posts and ones to come: Lets just face it, Kobains lyrics are not the best and not even near it. Why is that hard to accept? Nirvana still is a Great (or popular, whateva) grunge band.. allthough on 'weakest link'.. well they wouldn't have brought Kobain along anyway.. And if someone has any doubts about that, just think of the lyrics here, and listen to the song: it wouldn't have made any difference if the so-called lyrics would have been just random screaming, the song would still make you feel "F--- Yeah! this IS a good song". And, further, all you people looking for a point or meaning to the lyrics.. you're better-off reading poetry - music doesn't make points other than one: you should listen to it!


what donald said is pretty true. you're all trying to sound so fucking smart about kurts lyrics and your knowledge with their shit, and no ones probably going to look back at this to talk back to me so whatever i just wasted a minute

no you're all goddamn idiots | Reviewer: Aidan | 1/26/09

first of all kurt cobain wrote the lyrics to smells like teen spirit in his appartment long before they recordede it. Second, in this song he refers to himself as an alien meaning a child because as a shild he thought he was an alien. Never met a wise man
If so it's a woman
he refers to being a feminist and how he didn't like that men felt superior.
Just because you're paranoid
Don’t mean they're not after you
that is pretty straight forward Kurt was pretty paranoid so he might be talking about that

and the chorus is just like all the other nirvana songs without true meaning it just sounds cool
so in a way you're right the song doesn't have a true theme but it does have several meanings.

goddamn idiots | Reviewer: donald | 1/10/09

i like how all of you people are trying to interpret his lyrics. you guys are goddamn idiots. have you never read or heard the countless interviews where cobain, and/or the krist and dave, said they lyrics weren't important and that they were mainly concerned with the melodies and music. hell, kurt didn't write the lyrics for smells like teen spirit until 10 minutes before they recorded it. very few of his songs were meant to have a true meaning you fucking morons.

"music comes first. then the lyrics."- kurt cobain

"i find it funny how everyone always tries to interpret my lyrics...."- kurt cobain

my thought | Reviewer: Blagnarok | 12/10/08

I don't think "territorial pissings" refers to an illegal alien crossing into a territory and getting pissed. I think it refers to an animal marking it's territory. Actually, I would think that is self evident by the title.

When he says he has to find a "better way when I'm there," I think he means when he gets in a certain state of mind. Sort of an animal instinct state that we may fall into easily at certain times in life.

I think when he says "when I was an alien," he is using a simile to explain how he felt. Alone and separate from the world and everything like an alien.

I think the next line might be "cultures were opinions," rather than "weren't opinions."

Saying a "cultures were opinions" is a way of saying he felt people were responsible for their cultures, which would be kind of a racist notion. It's like hating a white kid for acting like a "wigger," or hating Chinese people for their stupid fucking fortune cookies (goddamn lucky numbers.) It is the notion that people CHOOSE what they are rather than ARE what they are.

I know the next part is "Never met a WISER man," and NOT "wise" man...

"Unless it was a woman." That's pretty self explanatory, unless he is referring to Courtney Love for Christ's sake...
Once again, it is a dark an ignorant world view he is expressing. The idea that he is the alpha dog, no man is wiser...

The next line should be, "Just because you're paranoid
DOESN'T mean they're not after you," not "don't" mean... Once again a dark world view.

"Gotta find a way, a better way, when I'm there," starts to make more sense in the context. Also, he is specifically referring to himself being some where in the first person. In a state of mind that is akin to animal instinct and blind agression. Therefore "territorial pissings.."

He is talking about and describing being in the state of mind of a dog marking it's territory. At least that is my opinion. I could be wrong however and don't care to argue if you think I am.

meaning | Reviewer: mandi | 11/15/08

why are you people fighting over the meaning of the song. theres not any one right answer. its how you interpret it. and how you can relate to it. i think thats its about feeling like an outcast, and i can really relate to that cauze i am an outcast. but maybe im wrong. i don't care, its an awesome song. and nirvana rules. we can all agree on that. can't we?

Kobain | Reviewer: roebke | 8/13/08

Ian did you ever understand why Kobain got into music though its because he felt alienated by his peers and family so he ran away and lived under a bridge for awhile then he found somewhere where he wasn't alienated in the music when him and the one person he ever considered a friend in abeerdeen Novesalic (However you spell it) and he just took off from there