Kurt's reply to the "love generation" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/13

I love the way this song begins because it's Kurt's reply to the flower power BS we were fed growing up then. The 70s roll around and so many people who preached love and peace decided to "find themselves" by getting divorced and breaking up families. We were children in a time when the American family structure fell apart. This punk anthem of see how idealism flaked into broken homes and lost children really hit home for me. Generation X...the inconvenient generation brought up by parents who lost their way.

IT`S ALL RIGHT | Reviewer: laureano | 9/30/12

HELLO my name is lau and I´m from argentina a country in south america
I HAVE BEEN nirvana lover SINCE I was a child and I was thinking about this lyric and my point of view is that:
territorial pissings is not only the limit of a country but each ones mental limit. when we are in a certain culture we go through good and bad experiences and each ones mental limits are created by this.
when nirvana´s writers say " gotta find a way, find a way , when i´m there Gotta find a way, a better way, I'd better wait" I think they mean that whenever each ones mental limits are interacting in a new good or bad experience we have to try to find a better way to get a good experience
"when i´m there".
my point of view bloomed from "Come on people now smile on your brother everybody get together, try TO love one another right now". really a nice idea. there is a lot of nirvana´s lyrics with this message.
I hope I was clear and not confussing and remember it´s just my point of view.

Kurt | Reviewer: Cristian | 9/25/12

Kurt didn't like talking about the meaning of his songs as you can see in various interviews, I think the lyrics have been left without explanation because that takes the magic away in a sense, for me when I listen to nirvana especially, the lyrics mean whatever I make them out to
Mean, they paint a picture in my head and make me feel a certain way, I think that's how his music should be left

Hmm, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/12

Perhaps, even Kurt Cobain didn't know the meaning to his songs. I'd like to think that Kurt was an Alien and sent here to change the world - like Jesus; however, when he got here, he found it to be impossible; and thusly, found the best way to at least make an attempt; for instance, the song On a Plain, in some way, supports this theory, and this song adds to that.

Opinion | Reviewer: Nicholas | 5/26/12

A songs title is always ignored. Animals piss on there land to tell others its there's. With this in mind this song is about immigration and specifically who owns the south (the part that used to be Mexico) America metaphorically pissed on it and now Mexicans can't go on what was originally there land.

territorial pissings :) | Reviewer: BOO! | 5/22/12

okay first of all how can you guy's who submitted these lyrics accually tell what Kurt Cobain was saying i mean he is completly incomprhendable (Oops, spelled that wronge :p) not dissing people but KURT IS GOD (and so is Ozzy Osbourne)

Why argue bout the meaning? | Reviewer: chrillidill | 5/10/12

Maybe the songs have a meaning, maybe not. Hard to directly ask Kurt since he's dead(may him rest in peace). But whatever the song means to the songwriter, the song can have a different meaning to the listener, and the meaning can differ depending on who is listening, almost all Nirvana songs give me deep but different feelings, probably very different to what Kurt thought or felt. What I want to say is that the writers meaning with the song is less important, the important thing is what the song means to you, when you hear it. This applies to all songs, not just Nirvana's.
Nirvana rocks, wish they could make more great songs, but that would probably be too good for this world. Keep rockin folks! Nirvana! <3

Alien | Reviewer: Barrett | 4/2/12

I used to imaging that humans were a sort of aliens ,before being born, and that they would leave their peaceful universe to come to our planet as a baby.And when they were born they would be given what to hate and what to love,which cultures to respect...

Dino Valenti/Chet Powers: the only other songwriting credit on 'Nevermind' | Reviewer: Tom | 1/8/12

Interesting fact: the only other songwriter to have credit on 'Nevermind' besides members of NIRVANA is Chet Powers aka Dino Valenti/Valente. The 'Come on people, now..." intro to TERRITORIAL PISSINGS is from the classic 60s hit 'Get Together' made popular by the YOUNGBLOODS. Obviously, NIRVANA is deriding this hippy-dippy sentiment, but Chet Powers/Dino Valenti/Dino Valente is quite a fascinating character in rock music. Quite the rebel himself. A true Dionysian artist, not unlike Kurt.

Wipers are good! Nirvana too ofcourse! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

Hey person below my comment, right ye are! The Wipers have many songs that I said, after listenning: Hey, this must've influenced Kurt alot! They're good:) But still Nirvana's the king of everything. Punk rock means freedom!

Check out the WIPERS for more insight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/11

KURT was a huge WIPERS/GREG SAGE fan. WIPERS songs had many allusions to aliens and alienation. Check out 'No One Wants An Alien' by the WIPERS for more insight into Kurt awesome writing style.

Wow | Reviewer: Cewldude | 12/5/11

Youre all wrong but the last guy with "hey guess what? youre wrong." is the closest. Kurt mainly focused on the melodies, not the lyrics. most lyrics were usually written 1 or 2 weeks before they would record the song. Kurt has meaning to the songs, its that they dont have meaning to anyone but him. and its controversial idiots like you that are doing what he hated: trying to find a deeper meaning to the songs. fuck the meaning, the musics there to enjoy, not to find out why. so sit back, shut the hell up, and listen to Nirvana for what it is. A great contribution to the world.

hey guess what? your wrong. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/11

alright im sick of looking up nirvana lyrics and seeing people debate the meaning. kurt said himself. "music comes first, then lyrics." he also expressed that he used a lot of lyrics, just because of the way the sylables sound with the other words. not for some deeper meaning. kurt was a musician first, lyricist last.

What..??! | Reviewer: a man | 9/25/11

Come on people, have any of you ever written a song, found a hook, a guitar line, riff, or a lyrical couplet..??

Kurt/Curt/Kurdt was one of many masters of a Schwitters-like, dada-ist approach to art. Things that are good beget other good things, follow the work, not the plan. Can you imagine him sitting down thinking, "okay, I gotta write a song about the alien of my being, of culture etc...?" Certain things sound great and open up new areas of meaning purely because they sound great and are not hindered due to their ambiguity... art is a skill that happens more in the moment than by pure design. Open up a little, don't get so bogged down in any sort of "meaning". Certain words sound great because of how they sound and that is that, or how you think they sound. Take, for example, Lithium's line "I'm so horny / That's okay / My will is good" and then follow its syllables and re-imagine it as "My willy's good"... That's a class use of language to take words out of context and put into another context...it's Jarry's 'pataphysics writ large...enjoy Kurt's humour and manipulation of language... he means nothing by it, just uses it to his own ends, and well done him.

Obvious really | Reviewer: Ed | 9/11/11

Listen to the intro "Everybody try to love one another". Cultures aren't just other nationalities, that is such a superficial intrepretation, and not the obvious, what's in your face reality.

Culture is an idea, an opinion. It's like our society, it isn't a society, but lots of little societies competing with one another.

So we have conflicting opinions within what is supposed to be a fixed culture, but it's total contradiction.

It's like when we were kids and being told not to use violence, but all we'd see was violence.. mum and dad arguing, fighting, school bullies, wars everywhere. So they try to preach a message of love, but fail to understand what love actually is. That failure is due to it being just an idea, just another opinion.

Our culture is so unnecessary, life isn't fixed in anyway, it's a flow of flux. Get into reality, not a reality.