Jamhrl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/11

"When i was an alien, cultures werent opinions"
So, whats Kurt saying... segregation is the way forward? Because hes talking about confrontation steming from cultures colliding isnt he?
"Gotta find a way, a better way"... What exactly? Keeping cultures seperate to prevent violence and inequality?
Or is he speaking from the protagonists point of view? I.E. -
"Everything in my own culture was fine, until that other culture came along and now we have to fight them to protect our opinions!"

I dont know, maybe Im getting the wrong idea here!!

To everyone arguing about the meaning of this song: | Reviewer: HellloThere | 7/23/11

Kurt Cobain said thalt when he was a kid he was convinced that he was an (actual) alien from space. (Not an outsider like what everyone is saying) He thought his parents were aliens and lived in the sky and that his real parents had adopted him. I'm pretty sure this is a reference to that, although I agree with some of the people above in that I don't think Kurt wrote songs for other people to understand, and I'm not too bothered about that either. He said the alien stuff in an interview, which is on YouTube (not sure on the title, just search Kurt Cobain Interview if you want to see it)

The Master Plan | Reviewer: ATG | 7/17/11

Actually he was very literal in all his songs. His life is right in front of you. Think about this... your a Mexican with strong hispanic culture. You come to America and it becomes an "opinion". The family in America has been destroyed, Even his, for generations now. There isn't a wise man because men are visual creatures. It starts with the woman. you say you don't believe me, start here. "The Changing Role of the Woman" 1997 @ the US EMBASSY.GOV (also check out the newest bit on immigration). Free your mind. every thing you've been told is a lie. Add on Twitter: @justiceamerica1

it wasn't only crap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/11

No, he didn't put just crap or something, it's just that he put on his lyrics things that had a meaning TO HIM that doesn't express literally a meaning to everyone, it's not that he made songs with subjects, just thinks that meant something to him, and in others cases yes he just put shit on it and made it sound great

Wade McDonald Southern California Native | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/11

Why must people think that someones art is for anothers understanding? He wasn't talking about shit? Look what they did to my song mom,Well it's the only thing I could do half right and it's turning out all wrong mom,Look what they did to my song.

LOL you guys tring to find a meaning to this song... | Reviewer: Rudy Rodz | 3/22/11

the best thing about Nirvana's songs is that none of them needed to make sense in order to be this awesome, from what I've heard Kurt only took time to make the melodies of his songs sound great, the lyrics are all procastinated. So he just put whatever he felt went good with the songt

god damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/11

guys flyleaf25 is right lol... he didnt fill his songs with meaning, kurt intended for (some of) his songfs to just be random shit beause people would dissect them for meaning even though there isnt any.

Some of his songs do have meaning, like lithium for example,but there is no point searching his songs. He took random crap and made it sound amazing.

Culture clash | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/10

I think the meanings is fairly obvious... its about culture clash between countries, religions and the macho pursuit of dominance over other groups by race, ethnicity, religion etc. Hence the title of the song, the opening line and looking from the perspective as an alien - culture is not an opinion of what is right or wrong to allow you to impose on, judge or kill someone else. So we've got to find a better way.....

To:Flyleaf25 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/10

Kurt's lyrics don't make sense, not because of his drug addiction, but because he wrote them like that. He knew people would 'dissect' his songs looking for meaning. Because of that, he wrote ramdom shit and watched people try to look like they connected with him, when those people were the people he hated (the football players and populars in highschool who made fun of him). He knew how to get back at them. For instance from 'In Bloom' "He's the one who likes all our pretty songs, but he knows not what it means". I don't write this to be a dick, but to explain :)

Territorial Flyleaf what??? | Reviewer: Ryan Seacrest | 8/14/10

Flyleaf25 wrote: Have you seen Verse Chorus Verse lyrics? "You're really in a laundry room." Does that make ANY sense?

Um, if you look at the lyric in Context to the others, you will find out the song is about domestic abuse and dealing with the denials and realizations that go along with that.. "And if you cut yourself, you will make HIM happy/He'll keep you in a jar, and you will think you're happy/He'll give you breathing holes, and you'll think you're happy (insect reference)/He'll cover you with grass (Marijuana/insect doubleplay) and you will THINK you're happy/Now, you're in a laundry room, when the clues came to you"

Hm... sounds like a beat up, tossed around, imprisoned wife who puts all the pieces together in silence as she watches the laundry turn on a machine.

Hope that helped your analysis of such a song.

This song, however, makes even more sense. But, it would fly right over your head if you have never spent any time thinking about racial or sexual prejudice on a deep level.

beeeeeeep | Reviewer: Autumn | 8/9/10

The lyrics all have very clear meanings actually.

"When I was an alien, culture weren't opinions" - Kurt felt that he was an 'alien' or an outsider when he was a kid. He only felt like an alien because he was different than everyone else he was around, since they forced him into a culture that he felt he wasn't meant for. Once he got older and started hanging out with the whole scene he was a part of, a group of outcasts, they all had the same culture. Therefore, they were not alienated anymore since they were surrounded by others that were like them.

"Never met a wise man, unless it was a woman" - meaning, men are stupid, basically. The only smart people he knew were females.

"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you" - Sometimes, I lay in bed and think that someone is going to attack me. Then I think "well since I'm paranoid, they wont get me". Then I realize, that yes they can still 'get' me. That's how I take that part x)

So yeah, that's just my opinion on what the lyrics mean.

Nirvana Pwns, as always. | Reviewer: Flyleaf25 | 7/23/10

Who cares if there's is meaning or not? Kurt was almost always f-ed up on drugs, so should the music make any sense? The logic answer is: Duh, NO. When you're high, you can't think straight. You just spout random nonsense. That's basically what he did. Have you seen Verse Chorus Verse lyrics? "You're really in a laundry room." Does that make ANY sense?
I'm 13, and I just went to my first concert. Pepper/The Offspring/311. It was outdoors. There were people smoking pot there, and I got high. I know what it feels like to be high. And I would probably write the same nonsense Kurt did when he was high.
I was born 2 years after Kurt died, so I never knew the band Nirvana until recently. So far I love almost all their songs, mostly the ones that are more rare, like Tourette's, Lounge Act, Polly, Sliver, and Downer.
Forever live Nirvana in our hearts and minds!!!

ivana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/10

i think that he wrote it in his better days when he had a little hope inside and not all suicidal thoughts and that he tried to find a better way when he got a chance to live. he tried feel better. and also in the past everything was better. well i agree with him and whatever he meant this song is great

What are you talking about? | Reviewer: Alex | 4/19/10

May i just point out this song came out on Nevermind, there breakthrough album, when they wrote this they weren't stars, they were indie rockers not the biggest band of the decade. The homo one, kinda makes sense I guess, but the line "never met a wise man, if so was a woman." It kinda states guys aren't overly intelligent. Remember Kurt loved woman personally, I just don't think the homo one is right. IMO this song has no meaning at all, its just a punk song by Nirvana and we should all be happy that there is a song they do that's not there "grunge stuff." But more of there punk stuff.

Ok, let me just clear things up | Reviewer: Ernani | 1/21/10

this lyric talks about being homossexual in a homophobic society and how stressing living with that type of struggle can be "- gotta get away when I'm there". Kurt himself said that, it also states the human impulse of always imposing another life's point of view as if being the universal truth:
" - When I was an alien, cultures were not opinions".
The lyrics also hints on the chance of the person himself being threatened of murder and/or high on heavy, alucinogenic drugs:
" - just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you".
Just thought I'd make that clear, because it's really a bi obvious