Kurt Cobain is my hero | Reviewer: Rylee | 7/25/10

Kurt Cobain is the one person I look up to and respect more than anyone else, I have my own connections to every one of his songs, but they may be different than yours. All I can say is fellow rockers, keep grunge alive! Amen :)

argueing is pathetic | Reviewer: justiceforkurt | 4/14/10

ok so everyone who wants to analyze it, please analytical thinking leads to differing opinions due to the discrepancy of life experiences. therefore keep your opinions to yourself, because it is very annoying reading people argue over a song that can be interpreted in multiple ways, because again it is a song and it was meant to make an impact on everyone in the audience. yes, kurt probably wrote it about a childhood experience, but really he wanted to connect his audience with his message and his life.

Ghost D's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/10

Everything Someone Says has a meaning..whether it be controversial or insignificant.Everyone has an opinion...Nirvana is a SuperHero Band and UMMM Many People Dont have a clue.....KEep RockIn Kurt..The World Will Never KNOw...Keep RockIn BRah

suck it. | Reviewer: cobainlover | 3/30/10

anyone who says they THINK they know what the hell they are talking about needs to shut the hell up. apparently kurt wrote this because of something he felt or just because. why try to analyze the song? let it mean what it means to you and shut the hell up.

MYOB | Reviewer: TheTruth | 2/26/10

Of course this comment is pointless, since most people will ignore it, but I think everyone should mind their own business and try not to worry about why Kurt was the way he was and why he wrote what he wrote -why not just enjoy the music? Everyone will have their own preconceived ideas about what a song is about. I barely know anything about Kurt and Nirvana, but as a musician, and as a human being with feelings, I wouldn't want a bunch of people talking about my lyrics and my life on the internet. Peace.

What this song was about..... | Reviewer: Andrew | 2/15/10

To me, this song was about what Kurt's childhood would have been related to. It shows that his Mum and Dad didn't have much care for him as a child and it showed that he hated his childhood and that's why he got depressed.

Sliver | Reviewer: ibleedamerican2 | 2/9/10

heartblanket posted a great point. Kurt was confused. To any other person here, don't decide something about a musician before you actually look into things. Kurt was coonfused but that doesn't mean the songs had no meaning. As a matter of fact, he did admit that alot of the songs have at least some meaning. However, a few songs on Bleach he admitted had NO meaning except to rock n roll real hard. Sliver is about disconnection and his parents divorce and bieng enstranged from family, as far as it seems. Because Kurt said the songs have some meaning, it's safe to assume this as it applies righ to his life.

to the haters | Reviewer: Kurt boy | 1/15/10

this is to kurtgirl, go listen to Rhianna you fake, this song has nothing to do with not being able to chew food, but i guess you couldn't get past that goes you are one simplistic retard, don't FUCK with my hero, you are a fake, and a dumb one at that

heatblanket | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

I think the most interesting thing about this song is that when he's with his grandma he's crying to be with his mother and when he wakes up in his mother's arms he's crying to be back with grandma.......then he determines he just wants to be alone. He's confused because circumstances beyond his control have forced him to go back and forth, the pain and confusion of going back and forth just leaves him wanting to be alone.....it's a really sad situation. I think to many single moms know this all to well. I would venture to guess that 95% of the time it's the fathers fault.

ha | Reviewer: Jared | 9/8/09

usually I'd defend like people say stuff like "Kurt thought this was funny thats why he sang about it that asshole" or like "his lyrics have no meaning"

which Kurt sings about stuff he was angry about and of course Courtney and his mother and childhood like this song.

but i seriously think it has no meaning haha.

though the part where he says woke up in my mothers arms touches me.

Sliver or Im broken like glass | Reviewer: monipisces | 4/14/09

Pain is easier than love.Less of love gives less emotions.Child grows up into unstable person or very reserved,emotionaly ampty but not always bad people.Maybe they see things more clearly than others.The problem is people can be so cruel so its better to be on your own than telling everyone the real truth how you feel(they might get scared simetimes and runaway) cos they dont understand and they arent suposed to.Everything is passing we're all going to dust so why do we all put greed,hate,jealousy,anger and other things in our lifes.Because some of us are sick,unhappy,lonely,depresed with no way out,without a solution.Some become loosers some become happier,braver.
S L I V E R is a sensitive agressive child who cries for no reason(to others)and wants to be alone but needs love and affection deep inside.
Maybe I know a little bit more about pain so I do understand what its like.

Im so sorry that Kurt died Im sure he found a better place.

kurtgirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/09

the song its about how he couldnt chew his food because he`s on drugs and his mouth couldnt open or chew any food...and that`s why he didnt want to go to his grandma...because he was on drug.. and the song is not nice or with any emotions lol. that`s one very bad song,I meen very baaaaad!!

coabin's emotion is hiding here | Reviewer: sharan | 1/27/09

I love this ssong because its so beautifully sang by nirvana and!!when i knew about coabin's parent....this song is so awesome and full of hidden emotions...thank you nirvana for giving such songs for us!!!may his heart rest in peace in heaven!!!

Nirvana | Reviewer: w/e | 2/27/08

Ahh.. Nirvana A band of mysteries. they are so simple yet complex loved by all and hated by many more. to be able to conjure up lyrics as striahgt forward as this yet still have the scarcity and thought provacity of it all. it's intense. My opinion Kurt Cobain and all of Nirvana are all under-appreciated musically and emotionally.

best 2 minute song EVER | Reviewer: mike o | 2/23/08

Always been a big fan of straight shooting, get-to-the f'ing-point rock and roll songs. (Blur's Song 2; Kinks' All Day and All of the Night) My head and my foot shake a little harder every time I hear it. Great lyrics too.