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Performed by Nirvana

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opinion | Reviewer: K.S. | 9/8/13

In my opinion since it's pretty much impossible to break down most lyrics especially this songs lyrics, it sounds like the song as a whole is about how you give all your attention, time, and effort, to school and church but eventually are left with nothing when it's all said and done. No skills, no life experience, and the church is the same way. Or I'm completely wrong and he's just singing about how uninterested in school and church he was, which is usually a fair assessment. Pretty hard lyrics to decode, if they even are meant to decode. Lyrics are just a small part of a song, it's mostly about melody

Whatever | Reviewer: Philly | 6/1/13

I don't presume to know this man but I think Kurt was a very spiritual person naturally and a lot of his struggles were with God. This song could just be about Kurt's resistance to God his Father and sung to his Father! I've felt this before!

Be quite and listen | Reviewer: M M | 5/14/13

Its interesting to hear your views on what these songs are about. However know that most of your opinions are just speculation. Again most of what people presume to know about Kurt from what they've read or heard is just exaggerated or fabricated. Nobody can possibly know what any of these songs mean. Most of his songs were bits of poetry or stories thrown together at the last minute. That's how song writing goes. There's nothing mystical about it. John Lennon and Kurt both admitted this yet people still try to complicate things by defining or over analysing lyrics because they feel they need an answer. The fact remains that only he knows what these words mean, and I don't think he's going to tell us anytime soon. Nor would he feel he has to give a reason for making art. Just listen and find your own meaning in beauty.

best song on Bleach | Reviewer: Jeremy | 7/20/10

this song is mostly based on kurt's time being homeless and him being baptized when he was 16. "Your Eyes" refers to his teachers and the preacher who baptized him commenting onhis pretty light-blue eyes. "Dont have nothing for you" refers to kurt had nothing during his homeless period, because he dropped out of school and had nothing. I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! AND NIRVANA!

No | Reviewer: annie | 7/14/10

This is a song about not to succeed in school.Kurt had ADHD and never got the helped he needed. Kurts/nirvanas songs is NEVER about nonsense simply babble. Every single song is about how he and Krist and Dave, confort/acceptance the society and the daily life experience they have to dealing with etc.

school line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

i first thought it whent "you'll rise"like he is in a line at school and the teacher is telling the other kids that they will grade but when the line gets to him he fails, and with the preecher it means he is telling the others they will rise in to heaven exsept him

poor cobain | Reviewer: jess | 12/10/09

kurt cobain did say that many of his fans took his kyrics too seriously and that he just used any old words that would go with the song. I dont think Kurt reeally cared about lyrics, he just wanted to make amazing awesome music . :) but maybe it had something to do with when he was younger or wahtever.

just things | Reviewer: matt | 11/27/09

I can understand why peoplel think this is about drug use and the rejection and stigmata one may receive due to drug use.
However, Cobains lyrics often have two meanings. Some songs can have switchable words within it. In this song for example Cobain swaps "Your eyes" for "Your lies".
However, it could be simply babble.
We'll never know.
So lets all shut up and just listen to the music.

"Sifting" Through Kurt's Lyrics | Reviewer: Jason Hizer | 7/18/09

I think the song is referring to how the institutions of education and religion are quick to judge and turn their backs on you, if they know you are different, use drugs, etc. "Don't have nothing for you."
This is especially critical of religion, because, a "preacher" that turns his back on a kid simply because his "eyes are red," is both hypocritical and un-christian like.

ever thought of being a rebel? | Reviewer: Stirpong/Vonblue | 7/18/09

to me this sounds like a bit of a scoff towards the authority figures who ordered him around, from when he went from a "yes master" attitude into a stage of rebellion they wouldn't accept he had free will and shrugged it off as that he was just possessed.

nirvana is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

i thiink this song talks about when he was smaller his teacher saw him with red eyes or something because he was on drugs.

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