A Great Song | Reviewer: Caroline Anchondo | 2/15/14

This song brings back so many memories, back in the good ol days. and this song reminds my father of his children, (me and my 5 older brothers) and this song is just so amazing, I love it to death.

nirvana - with the lights out | Reviewer: juan j. a. garcia | 9/18/11

this song is very good, i like most of nirvanas verions of different songs, my dad gave me a little album thing, im not quite sure what it is but it has four discs & has records of most of nirvanas doings, that had to do with concerts & rehearsels - *with the lights out*

cover song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/09

ummmm... this was originally a very hokey song from the 1970's- Nirvana didn't write it- it is a cover. Nirvana is a good band, but give credit where credit id due ( and I still don't like this song)

david r.i.p. | Reviewer: taylorwels@aol.com | 2/4/09

In 2007 the father of my children was found dead. I had not heard this song in 20+ years, but in my grief, I heard this song over and over again...

I think the analogy of mountains climbed with the passage of time is brillant. I wish I knew that then. Kurt knew it, and David knew it.
Both beautiful tragic endings.

RIP w all my love

Live Your Life Free | Reviewer: visar | 11/10/08

i dont know but Kurt cobain was an Legend For Rock..he had every think...when hi sing I cry and i feel something into my heart My Eyes Shining My heart Opening To the sky i wanna Fly..This is my feeling For his Songs..KURT COBAIN 4 Ever. 1 LEGEND 1 LIFE 1 DEATH

facing the trip beyond us | Reviewer: Shawn | 8/30/08

My wife is dying of cancer and depression. This song puts tears in my eyes and opens my heart to her suffering every time. Honestly, the most touching song ever evolved about life and after life.One never knows what is out there in Spirit, I see and wonder what is. I pray that I will be with her in the future and have what we always dreamed of. Being the "Spirit of One"

Seasons In The Sun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/08

This song was on the raido when my family and I were going to my brother's furnal. He was a black sheep in the family, and the scary part of this all he had a baby girl named Michelle, and on the night that he died his wife, not knowing her husband was dead in a car accident, sent a police man to give him the devorse papers and when I told him that he...he...he was dead I fell to the floor and cried! This song I belive was just for my special big brother.

leave vs. weep | Reviewer: kenzie | 10/24/07

I think that now I will start to leave

i thought it was

I think that now i will start to WEEP.
but what do i know about it, after all i'm looking it up...

Terry Jacks | Reviewer: taz jacks | 10/10/07

Terry is my uncle, he took the song from a french artist and made it into his own. I was happy to see Kurt do a version of it.

who write the song | Reviewer: kiko | 9/24/07

The original song is "Le moribond" of Jacques Brel. "Le moribond" mean "the guy who's gonna die soon" or who is dying. Jacques Brel is the best singer of all the times and Nirvana is one of the best band. Take a look of the song "Amsterdam" of Jacques brel on youtube and you will see what a mean when a say that he's the best one.

i think this is the most depressing song by kurt | Reviewer: Skatt | 9/5/07

this is one of the most depressing songs from nirvana it makes me miss kurt and shit n nirvana fuck lol its a very good song tho

Seasons in the sun. | Reviewer: Lizz | 3/10/07

That would be Terry Jacks. He wrote it.

Seasons in the sun | Reviewer: ELKE | 1/9/06

I am looking for the artist who sang "We had joy , we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, but the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time. Approximately done in the 1970's.

Thank you,