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Performed by Nirvana

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At the last person | Reviewer: Tim | 10/8/09

@ the person below me. I think you need to dig deeper and listen to some of the things Kurt had said in his interviews. The songs have meaning, but they were a bit like Black Francis' lyrics, cryptic.

just take the song... | Reviewer: Izzy | 5/9/09

don't try to make sense of any of kurt's lyrics. Very few have a drop of meaning if any meaning at all. the lyrics for smells like teen spirit where written only 10 minutes before they went to record it. it was music first, lyrics second. Kurt thought it was funny when people tried to make sense of his lyrics. Because there really is, no meaning. Thus why so many songs seem so random.

um... | Reviewer: chris | 3/5/09

i think kurt wasn't drinking and smoking at this time, not to upset his stomach, but was only taking heroin to ease the pain, 'coz of his stomach pinching.

anyway, i'm against drugs and smoking and drinking, but i don't make ridiculous coments like Vijay Krishna. actually he sounds like he is more on drugs than anyone who has commented!

anyway cool song- and i read the book cobain-unseen, must look at that. my favourite nirvana song is the one before, negative creep (off the album).


To Vijay Krishna | Reviewer: Jordan | 2/26/08

In this song Kobain uses the two meanings of scoff. First one being: to mock. and second one being: to greedily consume food; hence the referencing to alcohol. So basically it's mocking out (scoffing) (possibly his father) drinking and such.

Next time when you comment on lyrics, make sure you actually analyze them deeper than your dense skull.

Um...To the person below. | Reviewer: Jessica | 1/21/08

Kurt was trying to make a statement about his father in this song. That he was an alcoholic, and what not.

Anywhoo, Kurt was a lyrical genius. You're a shining example of the little assholes that just don't get it. I guess you prefer lyrics to be so simple and "in your face". Oh well, your loss.

More Sanity , , , , , , , , , , | Reviewer: Vijay Krishna | 12/28/07

In your room, I am not older? What kind of a line is that. Guess must have heard it from your dad. That your music is not worthwhile and you are not too happy about it either.

If you are not worth it then I would not be wasting my time keying in for you, don't you think so.

Oh so sorry I am against drugs and alcohol and all.

See you then

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