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Performed by Nirvana

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UK fan's viewi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/07

i love this song not just for the oblique lyrics but also the haunting melody - a nirvana hallmark - which complements the lyrics perfectly.
clearly the lyrics are open to interpretation - it's enough for me that kurt put so much of himself into the song - it's this emotional honesty and soul-bearing that for me at least makes it such a compelling song and one of nirvana's best. My only surprise is that is has never had the recognition it deserves, nor the vig/albini treatment that might have given it an extra edge.

sappy review | Reviewer: ian nirvana fan | 7/12/07

I love the song both for its lyrics AND fabulous melody which were of course were always a Nirvana trademark. The lyrics are oblique and obviously open to interpretation - it's enough for me that he (ie kurt) put a great deal of himself/his own views & experiences into the lyrical content - my only surprise is that it was never a higher profile song or given the full vig/albini treatment

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/8/07

Cobain will always be a legend to me because he can write soo much about himself in his songs, its like at a high personal level. This song is obviously about femenism, but also about hypocrisy within someone, as they fool themselves. I think Cobain sadly did this...and well hes gone, but hes music is still here and its godamn beautiful.

sappy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

this is just another example of kurts lyrical brilliance which many have tried to copy but have failed dismally. the song alludes to the ignorant lives people lead; oblivious to everything but being socially accepted. in bloom also touches on kurts hatred of the teenie bopper. it describes the ironic life of those who have a false sense of happiness when they are to stupid to realise theyre miserable.

sappy | Reviewer: Tomek | 7/6/07

IMHO, Sap from song title is merge of words [s]ad and h[appy]. And song, of course is about happynes, but from Kurt point of view, from which happyness is only actors play, so it's only sad game. About this playing of happyness hi wrote in his soicide letter.

Review to all the dudes | Reviewer: Sjaak | 7/1/07

If kurt made this and he did then he just thought up some lines and sang there are no big thing about this song people just make it up them selfs ( atleast thats what i made up about it so i could be wrong to :D )

kick ass | Reviewer: fernando | 6/30/07

this song kick ass cause they do have a meaning un like most of them and yeah it kicks ass

like this song!!! | Reviewer: Felix | 6/23/07

the lirics make very much sense of Kurt cobain life and if you don't like this song then your a mother fucking retarded man. i'm only 10 and i like this song

just understande | Reviewer: Baptiste | 6/23/07

the lirics make very much sense of Kurt cobain life and if you don't like this song then your a mother fucking retarded man. i'm only 10 and i like this song

Stupid Women | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

I think the lyrics have more to do with human relationships, particularly those in which women are trying to "free" themselves from males' "tyranny." In this light, no matter what direction the woman takes to try to escape some type of fate of domesticity, she always ends up fooling herself into thinking she has led a unique and meaningful life. By fooling herself into thinking she has won, she hands a moral victory to the very men she was trying to beat. Not only that, but her costant attempts to 'rise above' or hurt individual males still leads her to become some other male's victory. The lyrics are a kind of warning toward adopting the attitudes in late 20th century feminism, because the resentment and sense of struggle with in it cause the person to fool themselves a constant state of trying to prove some kind of triumph over the world. And obviously living a life where one is fooling their self, is not really achieving a meanigful form of self-actualization.

Sappy | Reviewer: RocĂ­o | 6/11/07

I really love this song, and i actually think that it is about things people do to pleased god, in this case, but refers to all kind of extreme relathionships

i see a meaning | Reviewer: ms.anonymous | 6/7/07

if you've ever been in a controlling relationship you can see what this means. Most of Nirvana's songs i've heard are pretty much open to interpretation. Some may say that Kurt was a creative genious and some would say he was totally screwed up and just got lucky, i say why can't he be both.

but, | Reviewer: flex | 6/5/07

There is a previous song by Curt called "sad" ,
its actually the same song ,

but he sang it much slower and "darker"
Probably the song is called "sappy" because of the
faster and fresher rythm. sad+happy?
just my 2 cents
sorry for my bad english

Great Song | Reviewer: marc | 5/25/07

Its About God Being the one who fucks U and u still think its for a reason ,Letting yourself be control by religion , And the name says it all ,that it's fooling and goffy Don't Know only kurt knows what beauty he wrote

sappy | Reviewer: Al kaholik | 5/24/07

well this is about, if make a person a sad or make him feel bad, you will make him happy and some people who just made fun of that person, you will think you're happy!

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