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Reply to Jesus Florez | Reviewer: Me(: | 7/17/10

Jesus, you honestly have no taste in music, what so ever. Don't came here to talk smack about kurt, okay? He was an amazing artist. & I agree with kayla. You need to get a life, in fact I heard they're selling some down at wal-mart. 50 percent off, can't beat that ;)!! Anyway, he has more talent then you & your mudder combined.! I bet you can't even strum a gutiar! So, like kayla said 'get a life'.

Nirvana forever | Reviewer: Saquib | 5/22/10

I doubt.i seriously doubt dat there can ever be anything like Nirvana or any1 like KURT..the saviour of rock,nirvana is not just a band,its a religiƶn and kurt's the god..i started listening nirvana at a early age,but its after some times,dat i came 2 know about kurt's was realy heartbreaking...i dont know the truth about kurt's death,but i m inclined to believe that it was a murder...i cnt bring myself to believe that he kill'd himself aftr knowing dat there are millions of fans like us who wanted him 2 live forever..whatever,nirvana and kurt are still alive and his music will remain forever..i would like 2 request the nirvana haters dat if u dont want to acknowledge,then its ok,but please dont criticize some1,who is miles above criticism..u should thank him for being able 2 hear metal now...i also like pay my respect to krist and dave for their support and effort..

Seriously?? | Reviewer: Jessica | 5/12/10

I mean, people may be die hard fans, but there is very good reason to beilive that he was murdered, his heroine level was too high for him to even pick that gun up. I'm not saying he was murdered, but there is reason to beilive it..and there is also reason to beilive it was suicide.

relations | Reviewer: charles | 5/11/10

nirvana...a bunch of psychos that i can relate to, because i've tried to kill myself a few times and i've seen death and stared him down and now i create music and art wile listening to there beautiful music

Real mature. | Reviewer: Kayla | 4/15/10

If you don't like Kurt's music why waste your time coming on here to trash-talk a dead man? Kurt Cobain had more talent in his little finger than you have in your whole being (seeing as how he was a millionaire based soley on his musical prowess and you are not, i'm guessing). You're bad attitude doesn't matter to anyone but you. Not to Kurt, not to me, and not to any of his other millions+ fans. Aside from that, suicide victims and people who attempt suicide are extremely depressed people who deserve love and help, not mockery and coldness. People like you are why good hearted people like Kurt kill themselves every day. Get a life.

no respect | Reviewer: mudvayne4life24 | 3/31/10

kurt cobain seemed to come out of nowhere in seattle and created grunge. and it swept the nation and everybodys radio stations. never mine. nirvana had one big album and hes a genius. his songs were simple, lyrics were simple, and everybody trys to look deep into what they mean. they never meant anything.kurt was not a deep person. he was a man that hated making music, hated playing live, hated being in the studio, hated being around his bandmates, and hated being around fans. and he hated being around his family. as he killed himself. and everybody wants to put this man on a pedestal when he wasn't even that good. you want to respect a man that hated music and killed himself cause he was trying to "save" his daugther. instead of being a man, and putting himself through rehab to get better and be there for his daughter whom he loved so much, he killed himself. yeah good job kurt. dave chappelle couldnt handle being a huge megastar. he put himself through rehab. kurt couldnt handle being a huge megastar, and he offs himself.

amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

I think that Kurt Cobain was a one in a lifetime singer of the generation and will be forever missed. One thing that always puzzles me about his death is the fact that he has the gun pointing toward his chin even though he was dead already from the first gun shot wound. And for the people that think that his lyrics have meaning they don't. He even said that, THERE IS PROOF! He is an amazing artist and left too early.

RIP Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

Sublime is way better than Nirvana | Reviewer: Jesus Florez | 3/9/10

Every time i hear kurt kobains songs i want to puke. he should sing about more drugs or sumting. because drugs are life and life is good. Especially when you listen to bassnectar or sublime. Sublime wit Bassnectar. That would be a good band dudley.

The best of the best | Reviewer: Jake(16) | 1/30/10

Nirvana and kurt were and are the best that eva came to be. Every one regects nirvana and kurt because of there life styles but always 4get the hard,painfull lives they had. I'd like to say that any 1 thats despises nirvana can go fuck themselfs to hell. Kurt... we all luv u and your music. And our love will never die. May ur music live 4eva.

To Kurt. | Reviewer: Some Stupid 16 Year Old Girl | 1/10/10

Well, you're dead to state the obvious. You were an amazing artist and lyrical genious. . . Even though I know you thought you sucked. . .But it's okay, I think I suck too.
I know you couldn't handle being a "rockstar" but you could've stuck around another ten years. . .To help teach our generation about something other than sex and alcohol. . .Maybe "teach" isn't the best word for it. . .Show. Maybe that's it. . . But anyhow, my generation has gone to shit even in the short time it's been here. . .We're too new. We never appriciate anything. . .And nothing ever happens fast enough. . .We don't understand the meanings behind the chords and the lyrics. . . They hear something that doesn't make sense and they automatically lable it as "weird" or "boring". I can relate to so much you have written. . .The depression, the feeling like an outcast. . .I know. . . The trying of different drugs to try and obtain the feeling you're searching for. . .It all adds up. . .
I wish I could've met you because I want to know what you think of me. . .And I want you to know that your opinion counts. . .I honestly want to know if I'm a fuck up or smart. . . I felt like you could've understood me. . .
When I read your journal, 'wow, I'm jealous. . ."
Because I am jealous that you could write like that and I can't. I'm jealous that you could write such deep and perfect songs and I can't. I have the urge to copy you because you've inspired me. . .I would never tell them I wrote it. . .I'd just tell them the truth. . .I just wish I could have witnessed one of your concerts. And I also wonder if I could have saved you. . .Or could have stopped you. . .You were beautiful. Inside and out. And I just want you to aknowledge that. . .You didn't have to be ashamed of being an American white male. . .You actually had nothing to be ashamed of at all. . .
But I do. . .I'm ashamed of not knowing who you were until now. I'm ashamed of being jealous of you. I'm ashamed that I feel horrible every time I see your face and hear your songs. Something in me says your death wasn't right and you're life was wawy too short. . .Every time I hear a story about you or hear your songs, I want to cry. . .I probably sound like a creepy, super-fan, but I'm not. . .I'm just a girl with a thought and a jealous mind. If I could explain, I would. But sadly, I can't. I'm unable. It's up to you to decide.
I hope you appriciate my concern because it's all I can offer you. . .Unless you want my bad habbits or perogative. . .Which isn't anything paramount, I promise. But trust me, if you were here, and even if you weren't a big star, or even one a big star who didn't have time for a stupid unimportant girl such as myself, I'd still be here for you. . . Even though you're dead, I'm still here. . .By the way, Cobain's Disease was a good name for an album. . .

Antother member of the '27' club | Reviewer: disco_superfly | 11/15/09

It's still so bizarre to me that some of the most talented singers/songwriters of the times killed themselves at age 27. Janis, Jimi, Jim, Brian Jones and I'm sure there are others I can't think of off the top of my head.. But even today I listen to Nirvana songs and am completely captivated and moved. I wish I had gotten the chance to see them live, I wish I had bought all their cd's before the fact, I wish.. mostly that Kurt was still here.

Review on Nirvana and Kurt. | Reviewer: Nakayla | 10/31/09

I'd just like to say that Nirvana is a very " REAL" Band and seemed to have not cared what anyone else thought and just did what they did and did a good job at it. Perfectly. Yet I find it very sad on another hand of Kurt's death after so many years it's still heart breaking.But the fact is Kurt was very intelligant and brillant and a beautiful man that had a constant struggle with his life. and yet no one can ever really know if he really did kill himself or someone else does. how does anyone else know? Were any of you there? No and I wasn't so only God and Kurt know. but Really Life goes on and you can find Kurt Cobain living in his music everytime you listen to a Nirvana song. that's the beauty of life as a whole. And as u can all see that his daughter had grown to be very Smart and pretty and not a drug user that any of us know of yet. and hopefully never will. sorry to write a book on someone I don't even know but just thought I'd write something nice and a comment that's true.

And I'm out!! Peace.

R.I.P Kurt | Reviewer: Jared | 9/12/09

Courtney didn't murder Kurt there was no possible way.

he shot himself he tried to commit suicide before and any of you who can't accept that fact are no worse then the die hard elvis fans who think he's still alive and was abducted or something stupid.

Kurt will always live on as long as his music does which will be for a long time.

Suicide | Reviewer: Kurdt | 9/6/09

Theres absolutely no way courtney shot him, He talked of suicide his whole life, he was deteriorating rapidly using more and more heroin and when he left the los angeles rehab centre he knew what he was doing. Thats why he got his good friend to buy the shotgun, then went to buy shells before his death tues morning

oh dont start this | Reviewer: carpinslerk | 8/3/09

raerae you have to be kidding me, i love Nirvana with all my heart but Kurt and Courtney were just as bad as each other and as to whether she shot him that is just crap, she had really loved him and if you look at the songs she wrote after his death and the way she is now you will see she never got over his death, but it doesn't matter how he died but that he was great person who he had been sad his whole life and unfortunatley years of depression and addiction are too much for anyone to handle, i personally would rather focus on his life and his music rather than his death

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