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miss u man | Reviewer: MAVERICK | 11/16/08

NIRVANA is such a suited name for KURT's band.............only becoz NIRVANA means SALVATION in HINDUISM and so does NIRVANA's music.It sets us free...........we miss u shud hav atleast waited for sum more years for the sake of your true fans.................cuz u r THE MAN WHO STOLE THE WORLD with ur charming music..........

watever......u ROCK n will LIVE FOREVER

To: I love Nirvana anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

That is the best most genuine comment i have ever seen on a website. I know that's what Kurt would've wanted the people who listened to his music to think. P.S. Kurt's music has helped me with my depression too. I couldn't imagine my life without that musuc. RIP
"The king is gone, but he's not forgotten." - my,my,hey,hey(out of the blue) -Neil Young

i love nirvana | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/7/08

i think that if you are one of those people who has dumb fights over kurt's meanings of songs or says he was wrong the commit suicide (if it wasn't murder) then you should just stop. I have been listening to this wonderful man's music since i was born (literally) and his music (especially now) has been helping me survive and as a person who has eperienced depression i know what it feels like to want any kind of escape. Maybe someday when we are 'on a plain' too, we will be blessed enough to meet this superhuman...i hope i will....seriously though, if you call yourself a fan respect his memory enjoy his songs and stop arguing over his meanings they are HIS not yours...
RIP kurt...

renascent of grunge | Reviewer: hendra | 8/30/08

hi guys, im from indonesia, i been listen nirvana music about 10 years ago, and i now that is a great music i ever heard. But im very-very disappointingly with kurt cobain, why he gone's from this world and left us, the nirvana mania. until right know im real confuzing, are kurt killing herself or been murdered ? But nirvana always in my heart.

kurt cobains death was a homicide | Reviewer: antonio | 8/29/08

kur cobain was the bomb singer song writer his music will live on forever i believe that someone else was in the room with cobain when he was doing herion someone who kurt thought he could trust and the person who he was with was waiting to get him druged up so he could kill him easyely kurt wouldn't beable to stop him if he tried courtney had somthing to do with it

Rest in peace Kurt | Reviewer: Mike | 7/22/08

Well kurt did have an idea of what his music was going to be about and chose the best topic, He wrote songs baised on him self and things he hated. Kurt didnt want to change the world but explain what is life in his shoes.

no title...blah | Reviewer: Theresa | 7/8/08

i loved kurt. he was amazing. i didnt quite care for grunge music much becuz of the fact that it killed metal though but nirvana did change music. forever. and the suicide (no he was not murdered becuz it was not possible. blv me i looked into it) of kurt cobain had changed the world and affected so many ppl. much like the way of the murder of dimebag darrell. he changed music and was a hero to many. both of them
and its such a shame how someone so famous and talented would take his very life becuz of stress, anxiety, depression when there was help available. but it was was meant to happen.
he changed the way we saw/see life. like many other artists.
all we can say is kurt left a scar on us. a beautiful, everlasting scar
with a great story behind it.

the legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/08

Kurts songs filled with anger and pain is something that I found myself in. I understand how it is not to be able to sleep at night so, if he did commited suicide and chosen to leave this fucked up world that way, its fine by me (though I think he was murdered). He is one of the greatest artists, he was able to put all that stuff in his head into amazing songs. I grew up listening to his music and I will always remember him and its great that many young kids still listen to Nirvana and not to this new commercial shit. Nirvana maybe was giving music to the wrong people but there is many of us that are true fans of his music. Sory if I mistyped some words its because im writing all the way from Serbia

RIP Kurt

legend | Reviewer: adam | 5/19/08

dudes kurt was a legend, but the sad part is he didn't want to be one, he was a private guy who hated fame and especially the media, and one of the best songwriters ever, and to people who still think he commited suicide, go and check, and you will be as convinced as i am that he was murdered,
rest in peace Kurt
fuck u Courtney

the Nirvana | Reviewer: nima | 3/31/08

I do not really know how lurt was killed or suicide but. he has always been my hero and one of the greatest musician i had ever known. i think he was the best person who could tell his ideas throw art. he wasnt only playing rock music! he was shouting at the world. amd ofcourse shouting his beliefs. he is alive in my heart what about you?

Kurt Cobain the legend | Reviewer: Marion | 3/30/08

To the person who said who would want to kill the best grunge singer ever, Here's your answer: Remember John Lennon? He was just as big a legend as Kurt Cobain, yet someone took it into their heart to kill him. Unfortunately, not everyone loves everyone in this fallen world. It's called jealousy.

RIP Kurt.

RIP Kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/08

As much as i do not wish to believe it, kurt killed himself. But what does it really matter? he is no longer alive and should be remembered as a great musician and artist with a creative mind. His lyrics and music are very inspirational and it is so cool that there are still new generations of teenagers these days who know who nirvana is an appreciate there music......RIP Kurt

Kurt Cobain forever | Reviewer: Hurrur ova | 3/5/08

I believe kurt Cobain killed himself, that seems to be the truth based on interviews with his aunt and friends. He also had personal problems like depression, drugs. i think he chose the easy way out and took his own life. But his music is great.

You want evidence Kurt was murdered? | Reviewer: Bradley | 1/26/08

Go here.--> This is the site made by the P.I. Tom Grant, who was hired by Courtney Love to investigate Kurt's murder. It turns out Courtney made a huge mistake because he found out quite a shit load more than what she wanted him to, apparently. Read everything on that site, and you WILL believe that this was a homicide, NOT a suicide. Tom is trying to get the case re-opened, and if he can make all these facts more public, and open to the media, he will be able to hopefully. So please spread the news after you read all of the facts on his site...I know you'll want to, because it sure made me want to...It pissed me off like no other to learn all the facts and realize how fucking stupid the Seattle police department was...If he does get the case re-opened, Courtney is pretty much screwed in my opinion.

Well I've talked enough =P, just go there and read it and get pissed off and spread the news as much as possible =].

Much love Kurt... <3

bullshit | Reviewer: eddie | 1/28/08

he was a talented person how can you say he failed as a human bein' he had problems since he was a kid maybe you never had problems in your life so you are a perfect human being is just believe matters suicide is an option for a lot of people it is and he bacme a icon not even if he never wanted to he felt like he was giving music to the wrong people at some point anyways their music is awesome!

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