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Performed by Nirvana

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hypocrites? | Reviewer: olty | 11/4/12

yeah, the girl is like our new jesus, she suffered big time, fuck them kids starving to death right now, for example - theyre probably faking! and she deserves our respect more cuz she had more luck and opportunity to let people know about her fate...

get your damn facts straight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/12

this song is about a girl who was raped and tortured during a punk/metal concert in tacoma...kurt kobain saw the story in the tacoma news tribune was so outraged by it he wrote this song..

Km | Reviewer: Km | 4/28/12

This song actually was written by someone specific... It's about a girl named Polly who was raped and tortured after a rock show and got away because she out smarted the attacker... Know your facts before you write

ur all full of bs | Reviewer: big singer | 2/28/12

this song was not written about anyone specific. the song was wrote yrs before it was released id heard him sing it a few times with differnt lyrics, the song also had a few differnt names also but your right that the final name polly was taken from an article in a paper but to say the song was wrote of the back of such a tragic icdent in unfair to kurt and the poor girl that was victimised. i dont evn think he ever actual liked the song being called polly but for the fact it made the track seem alot cooler the name stuck. thanks for ur bs theories and thpughts .

Nirvana Poly | Reviewer: AJ | 12/22/11

Watching the Nirvana special on Vh1 and they're talking about Polly. Pretty sad, said that Kurt was mortified to read the story about the girl. Also said the reason they smashed their guitars was to get off stage in 45 mins after a tiring set. (The drummer was like wtf i'm not destroying my drums)

read the linear notes of the b-sides album 'Incesticide' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/11

I heard that this song was written about a girl who was tortured after a punk show for a band that was not Nirvana. However, after the 'Nevermind' album sold HUGE, some other girl was raped by two drunk assholes who were singing Kurt's lyrics the whole time while they were raping her. In the linear notes of the album 'Incesticide', Kurt writes about this and how disgusted he was by there actions, calling them a waste of sperm and eggs, and apologizes to the girl.

THIS IS AMAZING | Reviewer: Jesscar<3 | 9/27/11

I love this song,and I love Nirvana. Kurt Cobain is my idol and he will live on forever :) I don't know what to believe about who Polly was but all I know is that this song is amazing, which is why this is one of my favourite Nirvana songs<3 R.I.P Kurt, we looove you.

Polly | Reviewer: sjkf | 6/1/11

Actually, to the people stating Polly was raped and murdered, she didn't die, at least, not by her captor. She attended a punk rock show, was kidnapped, and raped and tortured with a blow torch. As said in Wikipedia, she managed to escape by gaining the trust through her kidnapper and flirting with him. So, she was not killed by him. This is is indeed amazing, though.

some lyrics need re-writting | Reviewer: Nutty_bee | 5/8/11

no matter how much i love this song i always notice that there are lyrics wrong
sorry dude but it annoys me lol
just listen to the song and try to sing the lyrics along to it and you will see there are diffences
it must be perfect as far as im concerned i love this song way to much lol

polly | Reviewer: Teisha | 4/5/11

this song is about a 12 year old girl who was kidnapped from her home when she was having a slumber party with two of her friends. her friends were tied up and had a pillow case over there head and told to count to 1000. after that one of the girl freed herself and polly was gone. Polly was raped and tortured and then strangled to death. The killer lead police to her remains after he was capptured. they found her remains 9 months later. The killer was put on death row.

Not Polly Klaas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/11

Polly Klaas incident happened 2 years after this song was released. It was about a girl that was kidnapped from a punk concert and later got away from her captor. From the words of Kurt himself in an interview.

Meaning | Reviewer: Miza | 2/9/11

This song is about Polly Klaas, a 12-yr-old girl who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered in the early 90's. Thank you, Nirvana, for immortalizing this girl in your own way. If there really is a heaven, I hope Polly is up there somewhere, sitting at Kurt's feet and listening to him play guitar.

Polly...a dark masterpiece | Reviewer: steve charles | 12/31/10

Polly is one of my favourite Nirvana songs. It's simplicity of chords and lack of electric guitars give the haunting sound to some very dark lyrics.
I beleive Kurt is telling the story of a Rapist who captured a young girl and repeatedly raped and tortured her.Sadly it is based on a true account of a 14 year old girl that was subjected to a horrific experience similar to those very subtly told in Kurt's lyrics.

I listened to this song for many years, ignorant to the lyrics meaning. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

i need to grasp what the song actually means | Reviewer: jodie | 12/29/10

I Started being obsessed with Nirvana in the past couple of months, although i liked them before i finally saw the light, they are the bloody best band ever and i just rerun and rerun every track over until it is literally a permanent file in my mind, I just really dont understand what this song actually means and ive come up with my own thoughts but they are unlikely, i asked my dad who said that Kurt was probably out of his box, which is probably true, but i have a feeling it means something deeper and more sordid,so if anyone knows or has a pretty good idea please help me lol, all in all Nirvana are just the sex! <3

Nirvana | Reviewer: Kurt is amazing | 11/23/10

Im doing this ssong for the talent show and its pretty easy to sing but hard to play and sing I think Nirvana is the greatest band ever and I wish i was able to meeet him. Anyway anyone planning to do it in the talent show should do it

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