wavy | Reviewer: denny | 2/3/10

respect it for its beauty do not disect it for it is simply an injustice. kurt has been quoted saying his lyrics are bullshit and the melody was his passion. this isnt a course in philosophy its good music!

REAL MEANING | Reviewer: hahaah | 1/28/10

You guys are all idiots he wrote this song about cleaning the floors of his old highschool, it is written in a way that makes it ambiguous, He either dropped out or graduated and after got a job as a partime janitor, and had to clean the floors infront of people he previously went to school with.

who cares | Reviewer: u guys are dumb | 12/1/09

why the hell would u care what the meaning of this song is all it is is music. and obviously the guy from meatpuppets had something in mindwhen he wrote it, but he didnt expect us all to see exactly what he meant. so stop trying to figure it out if u want to know go ask the guy. fucking people man.

What I heard from it... | Reviewer: Alice | 8/18/09

It's about how most people in the society chose to see things with surface value given by Media and rumors. How it's being acceptable nowadays when you can just point fingers with opinions full of BS instead of acting and researching further with compassionate.

this is what it loosly means you have to be the man who thought it up to really get it | Reviewer: pete | 7/18/09

its about life our suroundings and how most people go through it trying to appear clean as in rightous and all the little things they do to keep this appearence and in the end what do u have but ur meaningless objects and false sense of religion being correct little hints when they talk about holy ghost and talk show host sounds like jery ferrwell the crazy tv vigelanty sermon

Reposting of a correct interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

I didn’t write this review but some other guy did (Keegan) awhile ago and just in case people are too lazy to scroll to the other pages I am reposting it. His interpretation seems pretty spot on. His second post is below the first

Guys, some of these reviews are so far off that it does the lyrics an injustice, which is why I am compelled to give this thing an answer. Only one other guy about gets it. Begin with the title as a geographical feature. Plateau. It represents the walk of life and being on top followed by an ubrupt end. It would have been easy to say, THE HOLY GHOST and talk show hosts are planted in the sand. This means the writer is addressing, holy ghosts and talk show hosts, as being peoples false concepts of what it means to be on top, and those things aren't there, however, they greet you on the way, yet are not on top. Once on top you are done with your life's achievement and their's nothing to show for it but an illustrated book about birds, which I see as spending your whole life working to create something detailed yet unimportant. Have you heard of the saying, "That's for the birds."? If you haven't it basically means, "that's obsolete, unimportant, or a waste". At the end of the plateau is a cliff, representing an end in some fashion. It is an end to life or nothing else to conquer. "finished with the mop then you can stop
And look at what you've done" This is saying that people don't even stop to reflect on their life. They just keep desiring and seeking something better, Greenland or Mexico, which are new achievements to conquer. This doesn't include the people who think the best place is where they stood. These people are content with their life's achievement. Its saying they wouldn't help you if they could, because its pointing out human nature in that people act selfishly and most people are only concerned about their own platea. Most of the lyrics is a storyline, but the writer does try to give a lesson in word format in the song. "See a lot up there but don't be scared
Who needs action when you got words" This is saying, I've been to the top. You'll see alot of things as you walk through life. Don't doubt yourself. You don't need all the crowning achievements to master your own walk of life. You have words. Wisdom is the achievement! "Others decided it was nowhere except for where they stood
But those were all just guesses, wouldn't help you if they could" Notice how the writer does not limit his song to all the others wouldn't help you if they could, just "others". One more thing... Use your life's work and achieve something more important than an illustrated book about birds. Remember the plateau ends.

Follow up: The obvious meaning behind Plateau | Reviewer: Keegan | 1/23/08

Please, will the next person say this was not written by Cobain and everyone's an idiot? Ok, here's the thing, we can all sit around a campfire singing Koombayah, and say it has a different meaning to everyone. But there is truth to life. Black is black. White is white. What is, is. This applies to intangible things as well. If I sat down and wrote something about something then thats exactly what I did. If people want to take it another way which allows them to appreciate it then thats nice too, but it doesnt change the meaning of the song, because I wrote it. There was a meaning when the meatpuppet guy sat down and wrote the song. A talented writer can make something ambiguous and versitile enough to where people can create different meanings as it applies to them. But he had something in mind when he wrote that song. It took alot of thought and word selection not just a joint, the inside of a Totinos box, and a pen. The reason I say that it has an obvious meaning, is because it does to anyone with wisdom and life experience who ananlyzes the lyrics carefully. Its kinda like looking at one of those pictures that you can't see anything unless you cross your eyes just right, then you see something that you never saw before although everyone talked about the dinosaur image, and then you say, oh I see it now. Oh, and jon, how is a guess not going to help you if it could? Corporate America guy, yes but no. This isn't I hate my dad and America music, but it is about leaving what you believe to be bs. That's about as much of my life I'm going to waste on this and being bashed for helping. Good luck!

meaning | Reviewer: brian | 7/7/09

this song is about drugs if you all don't know... the term "plateau" is used to represent stages of a high. plateau 1, 2, 3, 4; they are levels, and when you reach a certain point, you go up. it's simple. people all take music differently, but if you look at the lyrics, i'm sure anyone could see that it's about drug use

response to ignorant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

Ryan this is a fuckin cover who said that it was really wrote it by kurt cobain even him told on the show that was songs from the meat puppets, so really...shut the fuck up you fucking ignorant...
just love the music

The truth | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/13/09

oh this song wasnt written by Kurdt Cobain (nirvana) it was written orginally by the meatpuppets, so this would mean that all of your illistrations mean nothing, because kurdt never wrote it

Overall Great Song and its a pity it didnt make the mainstream because alot of people would've loved this song

I think it's about the things in life that are real... | Reviewer: nowyat | 5/10/09

We waste so much time and effort following social roles provided us by the media and popular culture, but in the long run, the only real things are the world around us, nature, rational thinking and hard work and order. I think the song is about how to best use your time and in the end, you die, but at least you left things better off here than they were, whether there is life after death or not. (Greenland, Mexico, heaven, hell... ;) )

Answer | Reviewer: Anonymorb96 | 4/21/09

First off, this song was writting by Crack/Acidheads (Yeah, the meat puppets were geniuses, but they had their problems) so the meaning is pretty vague, perhaps from a dream or a trip. But the "holy ghosts and talk show hosts" thing means it's probably about society, and how religion and media shape our ideas as we scale the "plateau", which is representative of our need to achieve and "reach the top... but once we're there, there's only a "bucket and a mop". So , in the end, we just "look at what you've done" with the bucket and the mop and everything's clean, and you become proud of yourself for achieving such an act of apparent frivolitude. But in the end, people end up looking for more, in search of the next plateau.

That might not be right, but it makes sense...

And as for the douche who wrote the comment below me, I don't know what you're pissed about but take a chill pill or something...damn.

Retard | Reviewer: Dan | 4/13/09

Wow the guy who is 2 comment below me is such an unbelievable faggot its hard to find where to start on his retarded ass comment. First off "watch interviews of kurt thats what he says" ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? this wasnt written by kurt! This was a meat puppets song that nirvana did a cover of you moron! Secondly of course this song has meaning. While as it is stupid for people to start commenting on these sites and pretending like they have the all knowing fact about what this means, it is MORE RETARDED for a dipshit like you to say that there is NO meaning. Everyone needs to stop asking for what the atrist of a song meant get the meaning of the lyrics in their eyes, and never, ever, ever, ever, listen to stupid fucktards like the guy who posted 2 comments below me

the truth | Reviewer: joe | 3/14/09

there wouldn't be any music to listen to or nothing will be playing as music if there is no meaning. Music will always have meaning as well as feeling whether as little meaning it has, it will always have a meaning.

Lol morons. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/09

"IT MEANS ABSULUTLY NOTHING alot of songs mean nothing it proboly means something to the songwriters/singers but nothing to us maby he was talking about a dream or maby a tv show or maby he is just plain phsyco maby he mentally insane unless ur him u really dont know so why dont u all shut up and enjoy the song!!!"

That guy was totally right...
Watch interviews of Kurt's.. thats what he says lol

Plateu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

Of course there lies a deeper meaning in the song you fag ! EVERY song has a message ! if they didn't, why write music ?! thats what makes music interesting.. you have yo make your own opinions about it from what you hear, its all in your head. and btw: this WAS the meat puppets, nirvana just made a cover version