The song is about the conquering of the new world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

The one dude below seems to have gotten the right idea.

This song is about the European conquest of the new world. The many hands are the British, Spanish, and the French. The second line probably refers to people like Columbus or Vespuci, the rest are unknown. The plateau is the land itself, The Holy Ghost is the church condoning what was done, along with...whoever talk show hosts might represent, I can only guess generically "charismatic people" or possibly leaders?

The bucket and mop are what you use to "clean" the land of whoever lives there. Probably not just that, but to tame the land as well.

The work was fun too, but once it's done, and the land is tamed, what do you do? Why you look to either Greenland or Mexico as the next places to conquer! Or just give up and live on your cleaned plateau.

ahoy | Reviewer: rowboat | 12/10/11

cobain may not have written this song, but the rendition he performed with the Meat Puppets on mtv unplugged is far better than the original - at least in my opinion.
anyways this song's lyrics represent how the writer views capitalism; there's a ladder to climb in business right?
In the end there is no real reward, it's just a rat race.

Kurt was a master | Reviewer: Cally | 11/18/11

To me this song is how kurt thinks of the media... He all his music career life disliked the media. And i do agree that this song wasn't written by him, but people saying he wasn't a good song writer is just madness this man was a true song writer i have every album that ever came out and i have all his live shows his song polly was inspired by a girl that came to one of his shows and got abducted and tortured. She escaped and wrote to kurt about it and he made a song about her his lyrics in that song are eye opening and it seriously moved me so people should not say he was not a good song writer just because a few of his songs were covers of other bands songs. Kurt inspired me with his musical talent.

THIS IS NOT NIRVANA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

Have been said 100 times already, but people don't understand. THIS IS A MEAT PUPPETS SONG, NOT NIRVANA. Meat Puppets played 3 songs on Nirvana MTV Unplugged and Kurt was singing them. Nothing too hard to remember, right?

COME. ON. | Reviewer: Me. | 7/30/11

Though many people have said this before me, I will say it again so it will be at the top. THIS IS NOT A NIRVANA SONG. Nirvana performed it on Unplugged with the Kirkwood brothers. The Kirkwood brothers were not in Nirvana. They were in the Meat Puppets.

Finished with the mop | Reviewer: • | 5/10/11

This is a song wrote as such daze while working as a janitor. The plateau refers to the facade of what buildings are and what goes on which in return is just a building built upon excavated land. Some belong with strangers and Kurt belongs with the folks he knows in his head, the bucket and a mop, and the work it was FUn

Your are all idiots!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Japaco | 5/6/11

This sondg is actually about the movie Psycho. If you watch the movie you will clearly see that this song is based off of it. If you have never seen this movie you have been culturally deprived. Watch it and tell me this song is not about it. Please, id almost be willing to bet my left nut that im right. Thank, have a good one.

my interpretation of the lyrics | Reviewer: Nate | 1/7/11

i personally believe the song has many meanings, i believe Kurt interpreted the lyrics like this(since he was not the one who wrote the song) i believe it is a look at herion addiction, when you get so high you plateau, you cant get any higher. Even though your looking to get more out of it theres nothing more you can get. Just a bucket(the spoon in which u melt down the herion) and a mop (the syringe). But i sure am tired of people sayin Kurt was such a great song writter and then when they give examples it isnt even his songs! Kurt was a great POET! song writing is a completely different thing. If you notice the unplugged album is probablly nirvanas most popular, and half of the songs aren't theres. In all honesty i like very few actuall nirvana songs, but the unplugged album is a great collection of music

Nirvana | Reviewer: Andrea | 1/4/11

Isn't half the man I used to be lyrics from Creep by stone temple pilots?Not a nirvana song?Suicide solution is a song by Ozzy.Oh Me was written by the Meat Puppets I believe.But he did write something in the way.He was a great song writer hell yeah to that!Kurt is my love and I cherish him like he was mine and I lost him.:( lalalala I'm so happy cause today I found my friends they're in my head.You like Kurt's writing check out alice in chains man.Nirvana and Alice in Chains best bands in the history of man kind.

stop | Reviewer: oh you | 12/29/10

just please stop discussing the meaning of this song. each person can interpret it differently. and please stop giving the credit to kurt cobain for this song. he did not write it. and also, if you plan to leave a long comment about it's possible meaning, please work on your grammar.

and i really hope Reviewer: mikey is joking.
i.e. "All his songs seemed to be mad by most of his feelings. Especially the songs like "Something in the Way","Oh me","Dazed and Confused","Half The Man I Used To Be","Oh the Guilt" and Suicide Solution". He was the best songwriter that ever lived! No doubt about that"

BigNirvanaFan | Reviewer: mikey | 12/16/10

I agree with Anonymous. Kurt wrote songs about his feelings and how he saw things. The song Plateau "Too me" seems to be about when he took the stage every time all he had was a bucket and a mop" which was probably his quitar 'which is fat with sort of a handle' and a microphone 'which is like a mop' because its long and skinny' When he uses the word plateau, he's reffering to the stage. Do you get what I mean? All his songs seemed to be mad by most of his feelings. Especially the songs like "Something in the Way","Oh me","Dazed and Confused","Half The Man I Used To Be","Oh the Guilt" and Suicide Solution". He was the best songwriter that ever lived! No doubt about that.

not nirvanaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

oh come on i'm sick of people thinking this is nirvana, i LOVE nirvana and love their unplugged versions of this but please - if you're gonna talk about and listen and love a song you should at least know where the heck does it come from!

Peace | Reviewer: IAAT | 7/11/10

Guys why to fight about what the song mean...
Think-.- Has Kurt writted this song so a bunch of idiots argue about its meaning...I gues he didnt...and the review you guys are dumb. you are a faggot, Kurt (the writter) is not in peace.
In my opinion, if you open your mind you can get the meaning.
He is thanking about the word...he talks about the things that happen in it, the plateau is a peace of land in a elevetad place if you dont know geography thats a deffinition. In the end he tells that the word ends and how we start again to mess our selfs in another...
Just an opinion...:D:D

the writer | Reviewer: dave H | 5/17/10

the writer of this song is Kurt Kirkwood of the meat puppets, he also wrote "lake of fire" and "oh me". Also also the meat puppets joined nirvana on stage to play these three songs for the live unplugged in new york album. Ironicly the two members of the meat puppets who played with them are named Kurt and Chris. Just a little info for ya, I'm a wealth of useless information and a big nirvana fan. Peace, love, and please stop fighting on the internet.

correction | Reviewer: jordan | 5/8/10

it wasnt written by nirvana it was written by the meat puppets so it couldnt mean that it was about how kurt had to be a janitor at his old highschool. if any song was about that it would be their song school