"true meaning of the song" guy is right | Reviewer: G$K | 10/30/07

he is right on- along with the addition of the bucket and the mop representing getting clean off heroin... and the ascension of the plateau (along with achieving stardom) meaning the experience of using (cuz he says this work was fun- he didn't have to do anything but ride out the drug). cuz it seems like when you get off of it and suffer like hell, you obtain a seemingly concrete perspective of simple truths in life brought to you through absolute pain, whereby putting you on this high (plateau) level of understanding (because of the enhanced sensory accuity: you become more sensitive, thus enabling you understand every point of view though your empathy which allows you to experience every different way to feel regarding things)

Just repeating, but why not? | Reviewer: Nick R | 10/29/07

...Kurt didn't write this song. I know most people know this song from Nirvana Unplugged album. This is a Meat Puppets song, and so is Lake Of Fire and Oh, Me, which are also covered on this album.

KURT wasn't trying to "say anything", he's just been influenced by Meat Puppets and was just jamming to some of their tunes. That's all, folks!

p.s., Just clearing the air and voicing my two cents here. Much respect for Nirvana and Meat Puppets! Legendary musicians and songwriters!

What the hell. You guys are kids. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

So. You guys must be retarded. Everyone knows the Meat Puppets were trying to piss off the 'hardcore' scene with a countryfied album. The words have meaning, yes, but it is a cheap and obvious thing. The magic in all this is how they went about creating it, and their intent (namely: to piss off some, and please others).

Nirvana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

Dunno why, everytime I hear Nirvana I wanna cry. Not just because of Kurt's death (RIP), but you just get the sense of power behind the words. Sit back and enjoy it.

Morons | Reviewer: Justin | 9/19/07

This song was written by the Meat Puppets, not Kurt Cobain, some of you are trying way to hard at finding the meaning to this song.

STOP! | Reviewer: DOOSHA | 9/16/07

stop!give it a rest.we wont know what all thos words mean, just enjoy the music coz its there! kurt only knows what thos lyrics ment and obviously if the meaning of the lyrics isnt obvious that means kurt didnt want us to know the lyrics's true meaning! so enjoy R.I.P kurt cobain(L)

The true meaning of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

Guys you all are trying way too hard. Some of you have been close. It's simple. Kurt was what? A pop icon (whether he liked it or not).

'Many a hand...' The 'plateau' symbolizes the ascent to stardom. He knows some people who have climbed to the top and others he does not. 'Holy ghosts...' Now if you imagine 'TV Land' then wouldn't the talk show hosts be 'planted in the sand' of some ethereal beach where stars walk free? They would be of slightly less stature than the stars and unable to move, i.e. they have one show to appear on. Their sole purpose is to 'beautify the foothills' or to drum up stardom in the public eye, and to 'shake the many hands' of the stars and the masses.

'Nothin on the top...' The bucket and mop represent the hard work that no one sees behind stardom. The illustrative book about birds represents the interesting things you see and learn at the top (C'mon we've all picked it up at the doctor's office). 'Who needs actions...' this is a wry way of stating his words are his work. He does nothing truly physical.

'Many a hands began to scan...' ok we're all filthy rich and on top of the world so now what? Let's find another plateau to climb because most of the fun and excitement is in the climbing. So people try lots of different things and they are represented by the stark contrast in Greenland (cold) and Mexico (hot). 'Others decided...' some people love the life of excess and are happy right where they are. 'Those were all...' no one really knows now do they?

agree | Reviewer: Brad | 7/27/07

i can see the song about the differentces between low and high paying jobs
but your digging to deep into the lyrics with the "ilustrated book about birds", the book just goes with the mop to read when your done
simple living is basicly what it is

and it does bother me that this is under nivana instead of the actual writters the meat puppets (even tho alll there songs sound better when kurt sings them)

PLATEAU | Reviewer: maugli420@yahoo.com | 7/26/07

I always thought that Kurt was merely a good composer / musician... that is until I started reading the lyrics (I'm foreign, so I only understand about 50% of what I hear), interviews, journals. He was highly intelligent individual who understood that opinions don't matter. TRUTH DOES! To say the least, some songs are deeply prophetic. "Plateau" is one of them... even though Kurt didn't write it, I think he knew what it meant, and that's why he chose to play it. No, ladies and gentlemen, this song is not about drugs (I'm 100% positive on that) and it's not about your life journey or about religion (Kurt was against all forms of organized religion *see lyrics to Lithium). It is about personal empowerment... that is not allowing others (like talk-show hosts) control you through tube-feeding slanted opinions and outright lies. It is about YOU using your own brain to come to conclusions... sort of "don't be brain-washed by those corporate shills" and "clean your head of all that opinionated junk". The last verse talks about the collapse of the American Empire... or some sort of crisis on American soil (either war, famine, economic collapse), so, naturally, many people will attempt to seek a new frontier (Greenland, Mexico). I think he's suggesting that we should stay here and fight. Is he talking of the New World Order take-over? Either way... know who's your enemy. ...Oh, and also, I think, for bringing songs like PLATEAU and DOWNER to the mainstream --- he was shot... RIP our hero.

original singer | Reviewer: totoro | 7/19/07

the original singer of this song is meat puppets actually.nirvana juz made a cover for it.

about Plateau | Reviewer: Nameless | 6/26/07

i think its about your life, and in the next verses, like, finished with your mob, i think the meaning of that is, when your look at your life when your old, and your statisfied.

My theory | Reviewer: Niall | 6/15/07

I beleive this song is about drugs, and the constant search for the next high or more ultimate trip. Like when your as high as you've ever been (lets say on hash) your on the plateau, but once your there there's nothing special, just a bucket and a mop (to clean up your life, or to give up drugs), so your always searching for the next 'Plateau' (lets say mushrooms) but again, your never 100% satisfied once you've been there a while. Talk show hosts (druggies who's life is messed up) holy ghost (people who've gone too far, or o/d)

My favourite song ever, best enjoyed while stoned. :)

My Interpretation of Plateau | Reviewer: Ryi | 5/18/07

The meaning to this song is fairly simple. It's about striving and searching to reach a goal, let's just say a high paying job, but when you finally get there it's the same as that of a low paying job, i.e. janitor (bucket/mop) or an artist (illustration of birds). And the talk show host planted in the sand can be seen as someone who wanted to be an actor who never made it and are stuck in the middle, and holy ghosts are people who just died trying to find a false hope in religion(no I am not atheist, I'm actually Christian, lol).

Any questions just leave a comment.

Meaning | Reviewer: Ryi | 5/18/07

The meaning to this song is fairly simple. It's about striving and searching to reach a goal, let's just say a high paying job, but when you finally get there it's the same as that of a low paying job, i.e. janitor (bucket/mop) or an artist (illustration of birds).

Kurt!!!... | Reviewer: Roquen | 2/15/07

Even if the song is not written by Kurt, it's one of the greatest songs ever heard by Nirvana...Play it on your guitar! Don't forget Kurt's 40th birthday on Tuesday (20th of February)...Sorry for a few mistakes, I'm German...