you guys are looking too deep into it | Reviewer: dashia | 11/25/13

everybody is trying to look into his words but he said himself that the only thing he does is try to contradict himself in all of his songs and very rarely does he use real lyrics. plus this song was from the meat puppets

the reason behind why this was played at MTV unplugged | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/13

nirvana decided to play this song only because kurt had invited the meat puppets as special guets at MTV UNPLUGGED... there's nothing about autobiographical things on kurt in this!!!!

Dunno. | Reviewer: WhatEvsTheFuck. | 7/28/13

I don't know what the song was supposed to be about... But to me at least, many years after it was written, it is the most accurate description I can give of my LSD experience...

correction | Reviewer: gui | 3/26/13

To all the people who wrote: "this is a meat puppets song", you re definitely right. So all the other please stop trying to find an hidden meaning or any kind of autobiographical stuff involving Kurt (like I could read in the comments that it was reminding his days as a janitor before becoming a rockstar hahaha! crap!!). However, there's maybe a specific reason why he and the band have chosen to sing it during the MTV unplugged concert. Anyway, it's a nice cover

Not Nirvana! | Reviewer: Brian | 11/24/12

I don't know why everyone is saying stuff like: we don't need to know every detail about Kurt's songs. It's The Meat Puppets song not his. So if someone can interpret the lyrics let them be

plateau | Reviewer: Aza | 11/23/12

This song is i grew up with, even i didnt know who was singing but i really loved the husky voice of a singer...Thank you
Kurt Cobain for Pushing me towards Rock music and thank you for making me love America...God Bless You Wherever You are..Ameen. Rest In Peace...

Hahahahaha | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/31/12

Alright, so I read some reviews and some comments and well I laughed at quite a few of them, no offense. This song is by the Meat Puppets, a band Kurt was fond of. I am not here to try and school you people with these facts, it's just completely annoying when I see people bickering about the song and or band. Most of you are quite accurate. In my eyes along with many other peoples I believe there is some feeling put into Nirvana songs , but there's absolutely no need for all these fans trying to find what the big story or meaning is behind it do you ever stop to think that maybe they didn't want you to know? Nirvana is one of the greatest bands and that's how many many people remover them, give your amount of respect and there will be no problems.

Meaning. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/12

Kurt was just unbelievably modest so he would always pretend his songs were impersonal and that his lyrics didn't mean anything.

Its clear that people's worshipping him really got to him. He didn't think much of himself and hated to think that people he'd never met felt like they were his best friends or thought he was some sort of God.

Hell, he'd hate that I was writing this. idgaf. An artist is independent from their music unless they really are a narcissist.
I love Nirvana, but I've never met Kurt so I don't care what he "would have wanted". I'm sure Kurt would agree with me there.

Peace, or something.

Profound lyrics? | Reviewer: Jack | 2/10/12

The song seems to me to be about the search for truth in the world of illusion. It's not easy when every thing you use to find you're bearings is just another illusion, or as in the song just "the next plateau".
It's a paradox for the mind...
There's nothing to find in illusion except disillusion... a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds...
But its not getting there that matters, its the journey there... and the work it was fun
You come to truth by illusion, samsara is nirvana, The journey and the goal is one!
Or maybe Im just wasted...

Uhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/12

It might not be Kurt's song, but he sang it for a reason. (And he did a damn good job of it).

And there is no meaning to this song, unless you choose the meaning. What it means to you. Yknow what I mean? It meant something Kurt, something enough to have him sing it. You'll never know what he thought about that song, unless you meet him in the beyond and get to ask him, but until then, it means to you what you want it to.

not Kurts song | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/9/12

aaahem... of course you should interpret whatever you want into the songs Kurt has written. But please, please (if you are such big 'fans') learn which songs are written by Kurt and which are not. 'Cause this one is definitely a Meat Puppets Song!
No hate - much love!
<3 Nirvana, Kurtd and the Meat Puppets ;)

Ahh.. | Reviewer: Charlotte. | 1/8/12

It's actually pretty annoying when people try to find a meaning in every song Kurt has made, There may be a meaning behind every song, but don't try too hard to figure it out.

R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain, you'll never be forgotten.

your not a true fan | Reviewer: james | 12/26/11

Stop trying to interpret these lyrics PLEASE! It's an insult to Kurt's memory! He always said that the public misinterpreted his lyrics and that most of them have no meaning whatsoever! And besides it's a Meat Puppets song so how could they relate to Kurt in any way? If your a Nirvana fan, use these websites to sing along, not give your stupid thoughts on what the song means when that's exactly the opposite our KC wanted! Love you all!

A bunch of choads | Reviewer: Fysche | 12/18/11

A bucket is a metaphor for his head / brain
because mop is OBVIOUSLY hair

it is a metaphor from his days as a janitor
which he did before becoming a rock star poet

An illustrated book of birds is the pictures in his head of chicks DUH !!!!

- by the author who wrote
"220: S I F T I N G
The Alien Battle Royale
How we met the Spirt of Kurt Cobain."

DXM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/11

The Drug DXM which can be found in cough syrups effects the mind in what users term the "plateaus" the third plateau is a dissociated state of emptiness where the user finds himself face to face with his emotions and problems. Once in this state, the only thing the user feels they can do is to mentally "stroll" through or process these emotions directly and decide how to improv oneself. I am convinced this could have something to do with the meaning of the song,on the 3rd plateau of DXM trip there really is "nothing up there but a bucket and a mop"