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Performed by Nirvana

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shut the fuck up | Reviewer: k-dawg | 9/20/08

ive read sum good interpretations of the lyrics on here, such as Review about Pennyroyal Tea, a myriad of interpretations, and penny royalties.
i actually think that all of these interpretations are correct. not all of you will think the same and thats ur opinion. but dont fukin sit here and say thats a shit interpretation, it has nothing to do with abortions, because it does have references to abortions (well some people could think so) and hows that fuckhead sayin, "you guys are fucking retarded.....why try to figure out the meanings of a was grunge, he just said shit you can barley understand, dont listen to the lyrics, listen to the music." wat a fuckin dick head, yea he sounds like a reeeaal fan aye. probably waks off to my chemical romance...kunt

This is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/08

my all time favourite because we got to feel what Kurt felt through this song.

It is true that Kurt wrote a lot of music before writing lyrics, always stating music came first. This song is different, similarly to All Apologies and a couple of others from Inutero, Kurt beared his soul in this song.

You only have to watch MTV unplugged to see that this song meant a hell of a lot to him personally. To say this song meant nothing to him, could not be further from the truth.

For me it sums up his entire painful emotional state. His stomach ilnesses, his rise to royalty, despite his hate of being famous and selling out. His depression and anxiety and complete restlessnes with what he had become.

He told the whole world in that song what was wrong and i love it to pieces.

im a liar and a theif | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

He writes in his journal that a song doesn't mean the same thing to everyone blah blah blah, there isn't one meaning, thats from the mouth of the writer. So shut up, its good music. It can mean anything to anyone.

a myriad of interpretations | Reviewer: Lillian | 3/23/08

there are obviously not only many interpretations but many meanings within the lyrics. I have listened to an interview where Kurt himself states that penny royal tea does refer to abortion, it was a medieval remedy. The vitriol of Nicole who adamantly dismisses this is just irritating, why is it ignorant to suggest what the song is about...obviously there are references to his chronic stomach pains, a play on penny royalties etc. It's funny how people can be so defensive and childish when they love something and want to own its meaning. calm it....

Just a comment | Reviewer: Just Joe | 3/13/08

To suggest the lyrics to the song meant nothing is ridiculous. "They meant nothing, just listen to the grunge music man" - ugh, please, you obviously don't realize how stupid you sound. But anyway, that's my problem more than yours since you are likely oblivious to it anyway - which in the end I guess is good for you.

Anyways, the lyrics have meaning. What exactly they are is open to interpretation without having Cobain's own explanation of what he wrote.

love it. | Reviewer: ky | 3/4/08

Too be honest, Everyone should just shut up and stop arguing, ya kno? He wrote what he wanted, obviously we all love the stuff he wrote, so why fight about it? Give the guy the respect he deserves and just love the music.

R.I.P Kurt Cobain

well... i think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

i think that kurt said the words he said fro poetic reasons. Like "pennroyal tea" and "royalty" but the meaning is obvioiusly more complicated. And i also think that this might have been about rehab. You get that sense of lonliness when he sings it. Kind of like "somethings in the way". Or this could be in someone else's point of view. Like "Polly"

pennyroyal | Reviewer: Lizzy | 2/8/08

pennyroyal essential oil is highly toxic to the human body and fatal do ingest directly. pennyroyal tea can be used to treat stomach ailments but it is mainly used to enduce abortion and menstural flow. it also damages the live and spleen with repeated exposures. if someone drinks more than is recommended or for a longer time than what is recommended it can cause death because of it's toxicity.

penny royalties | Reviewer: Adriana | 2/8/08

has anyone considered the possibility that penneroyal tea could be a pun? I think Kurt was singing about penny royalties. Lines such as "I'm on my time with everyone" and "I am a liar and a thief" suggest his submission to the music industry and the feeling of having robbed his fans. Kurt was always fighting with the music industry about penny royalties they were earning on behalf of the band's ticket and album sales...the tone of the song, especially at the end, suggests one of giving up. Line's like "distill the life that's inside of me" and "I'm anemic royalty" reflect Kurt's feeling of lifelessness.

johnny_boy | Reviewer: john | 2/1/08

you guys are fucking retarded.....why try to figure out the meanings of a was grunge, he just said shit you can barley understand, dont listen to the lyrics, listen to the music.

This is NOT by any means related to abortion. | Reviewer: Nicole | 1/30/08

This song is about Kurt's stomach ailment, which has been stated previously. The illness was more than likely Crohn's disease, which I actually contracted the year Kurt died, oddly enough. How the hell could you think it was about abortion when it mentions warm milk and laxatives, antacids, and anemia? You people are completely ignorant.

meaning is yours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/08

"why do you fight so hard to find meaning in something that just doesn't have any." why? because people do this all the time. why do people see such different things in the pictures of a "rorschachtest"? all the time we are trying to explain what we see, hear.. experience. So what do we see, hear etc.?
Ourselves, if we what we see, hear etc. as a product of the way we look at an external world that we fill with sense by the way we look at it. if we learn to laugh a litte about our ways to see the world - as much as we lough about other peoples ways to do the same thing- we might learn to change our ways if they just donĀ“t work... towards ways that work better - hopefully.

idiots:D | Reviewer: sandy | 1/18/08

i don't understand you guys...why do you fight so hard to find meaning in something that just doesn't have any. The way i see it it's just a bunch of lyrics thrown in a song. "I'm so tired i can't sleep-i'm a liar and a thief" it's just a very good rime and that's all. Kurt Cobain: "I just think that misguided lyrics, paint a nice picture."

Pennyroyal tea | Reviewer: Matt McC | 1/13/08

This song is about his Herion addiction Trust me this song is like my life every lyric he sings the part I'm so tired and i cant sleep I'm a lier and a thief That was me with my addiction when i kicked the shit but Kurt We Love you and Miss you R.I.P

no one can judge! | Reviewer: shiv | 1/14/08

well its not that when and how kurt made this song, point is what is the song about! i think he was suffering from something at that moment of time when this song was constructed and he took his guitar and just sung it.its a good song

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