jakub | Reviewer: jakubbx | 3/24/14

i think its about an animal that has been taken away from his family and brought to a circus the lyrics my whole existence is for your amusment explain why i think the animal has been taken away to a circus and locked away the lyrics she pushes food through the door and i see others just like me why do they not try to escape also explain it i think every nirvana song is about what you make it be thats why so many people felt like kurt was talking to them in his music

Love is a bitch. you think you know my meaning but you don`t. | Reviewer: drummerfreak | 2/7/13

Nirvana has alot of power over me. I do NOT believe that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. I believe that he was murdered and that the murderer staged it to look like a suicide. I have a plan to become a private investigator because something about Cobain`s death caught my suspicions and now I`m obsessed with solving what really happened. I would appreciate if anyone has any rare information or knows of any websites that I can look into. thanx. -RouX

Meaning | Reviewer: CreeperSteve | 7/11/12

I remember a news story where a mother locked her children in a shed in Aberdeen (AKA the place where Kurt grew up.) The lyrics seem to have a lot of reference to that. Plus, he always felt distanced from his mother. I personally think that it is about that unfortunate incident in Aberdeen.

Lyricinterp | Reviewer: Tina | 7/10/12

I think it's about an animal in the possession of a hoarder, or maybe he's kept for dog fights.He see's others just like him that can't escape. They come with flashing lights; maybe animal control or the police or something, bring out the older/possibly dead/sick ones first. They take his family away. Well at least that's my interpretation.

Simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/12

I personally think this is about some sort of caged animal. Not every song as a deep hidden meaning. In fact, a lot of Nirvana's songs are simple. It's a song from the view of an animal, but incoperates the similar feelings Kurt has felt.

Kurt Cobain | Reviewer: aura servants | 1/8/11

Well, we dont for sure know what this song is all about, but something we for sure know is that Kurt Cobain was an amazing song-writter and he wasnt just a song-writter, he felt the lyrics of his songs... It wasnt just for have songs, he actually wrote those songs throught his diary... All he felt he started writting and that's how he left us all these great great songs! Thank you kurt, I love you. FOREVER

Honestly | Reviewer: Sle | 11/10/10

For the people complaining-You should let people play with the lyrics how ever they want. This is why they posted this site, so everyone can describe what they think it means to them. People come here, devoted fans and want to knock the whole fun out of the site. If you don't like that other people are defining it their way, then find another site where people complain about lyric definitions. I know what the song means to me, even if it meant shit to Kurt.

unless u knew him | Reviewer: brian | 6/29/10

i know its fun to pick apart what the meaning of a song could be but saying its about one thing or another is futile in itself. unless u knew kurt cobain and i doubt any one of us here ever did then one shouldnt be attempting to cull meaning from his songs solely based on guess work. if kurt even told anyone what the song was about is beyond common knowledge and i believe that i could be about any number of things. so unless one was directly told by kurt what the song was actually about then all u are doing is attatching what u think might be what the song is about. the song itself leaves room for speculation on what it could be about.

no | Reviewer: dan | 6/23/10

the song is just about this family that supposedly kept their kids locked up in rooms where the windows were painted and it was like in the song. it was just about this story. it wasnt anybody that kurt knew, just an urban legend kind of thing.

both wrong | Reviewer: Nobody | 4/6/10

This one is about a kid who used to hang out with Kurt's first drug-dealer in Aberdeen. This kid came from a family who tortured their children, and kept them all in one room with black-painted windows and a pile of newspapers for toilet. The authorities later found out and took the kids away.
The lyrics also seem to contain elements from Kurt's relationship with his mother

Come on... | Reviewer: Brian | 3/10/10

This is not about a stay in a sanitarium. Sanitariums don't make people urinate on the floor; they don't take away your family. Furthermore, Cobain was never put into a sanitarium, and his time in rehab came only after he got addicted to heroin, in 1992 (a good 2 1/2 to 3 years after this song was recorded). We might try to write future events into the lyrics of the past, but there's really no proof of that, and the lyrics really don't seem to adhere to that.

It seems from the content of the lyrics themselves, and with Cobain's obsession with animals, that he is writing from the point of view of caged animals (even rats, which he had several of). Now, certainly, this dark subject matter has ties to feelings of human alienation, of being held captive (either physically or mentally), and distrust. Perhaps Cobain could relate to these broader feelings, but they should in no way be taken as autobiographical of any one situation he found himself in before or during the writing of this song!

Sanitarium | Reviewer: Ziv | 12/29/09

In this song Kurt Cobain describes in dark black colors what he felt during his stays in the rehabilitation centres / sanitariums.

This man is a great artist, and he has a pure and smart way of passing on his message.

I teach my kids from a very young age to connect first to Nirvana's music and then to concentrate on their outstanding lyrics.