Flawless as Always | Reviewer: Lanie | 1/16/14

I love this song so much, mostly because of the lyrics and how they flow into each other, but if you want to listen to the better version of this song, listen to Kurt's acoustic version. There's much more emotion in it, and Kurt's voice sounds awesome. It also has better lyrics and you can understand him.

You guys'll hate me for this, I know it. | Reviewer: Alex | 12/25/13

Actually, this isn't what anyone here assumes. I guess that's since so many Kurt fans hate Courtney.
This is "kind of" like a "response" to the song "Old Age" by Hole, based on a poem Courtney wrote. Courtney sang the girl's side, and this is Kurt's version of the male side.

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/13

To me it just sounds like he's mumbling and making shit up because they're recording a demo.
And in the bridge he kind of fluffs the note and has to clear his throat.
I don't think he's saying anything comprehensive at all in the whole song. There are snippets of words here and there but that happens when you're mumbling through a new song.

Nirvana | Reviewer: dude1001 | 6/26/12

This song just fits when you know that it does: whenever the contradictions of growing up contrast to almost learned innocence as a child; whether or not it does indeed fall within "old age" - a rather fluctuating element in itself. As with all Nirvana songs, the outcasts of society, much as Kurt himself, can rally under this banner of song when contested with the world they live in.

old age | Reviewer: modafferi megan | 4/18/12

song suited my life to a tea tonight,
no problemo esta aquit
how you like that one.
glad kdc kept it real b cuz i felt that vibe. nervous and
all that jazz. honesty helps keep it simple and very
clear with so much depth to allow for the melody to speak
for itself. i mean who doesnt apprectiate good rock. foreva

to anonymous! | Reviewer: Nava | 12/1/11

Oh,God! I've finally found a person suits my age! In my school when I sing these songs,people name me and laugh at me,all the girls love Justin bieber! So I'm so lonely... I think my life is a reflection of Kurt's,I'm a 13 year old "Queer" and i just think that the only thing ever calms me down is Kurt Cobain's voice,my fave song is Lithium and Do re mi,I really like to cover this songs on stage! Rock in peace Kurt...

Alex Herrera | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

well, im only 13, and i can fell what he says in all of his ongs, and i know how sad is this life, and i began to listen nirvana, and i knew i wasnt the only one in this world that suffers, or suffered, but i always believe that maybe its better to be sad, when i lost my sadness, i lost what made me special, im not as smart as i was when i was sad, and if kurt shouldnt have been sad, he maybe couldnt be as good artist as he was.

Goddamn pieshenook | Reviewer: Rodney Mullen | 8/30/10

lyrics are wrong.. been changed since yesterday i guess cause im learning the song and been using this to do so.. at the end of the chorus it should be "leave the soul" not "cause were the same" If you listen to the song you can clearly hear that its wrong and theres a few other places where it was wrong to!

got no words to give him a tribute | Reviewer: Hassaan | 7/5/10

So truly said by Tyrone
He is the only person in this world whom I love so much with the core & all depths of my heart.
His sad voice & killing lyrics reflect the miseries he had in all of his life,, but to understand them one should have a sense, and a broken heart and a rebel person from this life can only understand it easily,,,, and I love him, when he died I was a kid of 2. I wish I could ever met him becz there's no difference in his and my life's miseries
I love you Kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mumble Away | Reviewer: Tyrone | 11/9/09

Kurtd sure did mumble alot. But it was great. IS great, there was true honesty in his voice. A very gut type feeling like the music of the old negroes of the south during the great depression days or the sad wine soaked poems of bukowski. May all depressed souls everywhere find their way out of this beautiful messed up world. Peace.

About the song Old Age performed by Nirvana | Reviewer: Seggi | 4/18/09

"I think he is talking about getting sober."

I'd tend to agree. It sounds like he's saying he'll just have that one last hit, but he really knows he'll never be able to quit.

Anyway, one of my favourite songs from the box set.

Conspiracy!?! | Reviewer: Perry Ellis | 1/9/08

We have all heard the rumors that Kurt/Nirvana wrote all or most of the songs on the Hole album Live Through This, maybe even more. You be the judge. Polly and Dumb by Nirvana are the same song with different lyrics. Old Age was released by Hole as Beautiful Son back in 1993 with a slight musical twist and differnt lyrics. Now, if you listen closely, Malibu by Hole sounds alot like Pennyroyal Tea. Imagine that. Listen close enough and every song on Live Through This matches a Nirvana song, bits and pieces, if not entire songs. Just a thought. Not saying I'm right. But if you bury a song beneath enough guitar effects and overdubs, the same song could sound completely different. Just seems to be strange. What a shame that the album wasn't released until after Cobain's death.

this tune rocks like all the rest | Reviewer: adam | 12/29/07

i cant say that this is my fave, simply bcoz its impossible for me to have a fave nirvana song as i love the lot!! i shall be covering this one at open mic night for sure!

Old Age Solo Acoustic | Reviewer: Robert | 9/4/07

The version in With the lights out is great but it you listen to Old Age Solo acoustic version it is a million times better his voice sounds awesome and the lyrics are different but really good Nirvana rules

heavenly as always | Reviewer: divij | 9/2/07

man believe it or not but nirvana songs have always
peirced too deep inside of me .i am totally petrified by their music and somehow kurt cobain means more than just music to me.no one beats him .i dont no what to say but for me it has started to mean a lot as i am goin ahead with their music.man this is some real stuff.