Strong Emotions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/07

This song, just like many other Nirvana songs, triggered such strong emotions in me. Kurt's lyrics and his voice, there's no way I can think of how to explain it. His music is so beautiful.

sorely lacking.. | Reviewer: ryne | 8/9/07

its such a good song...the bassline isnt super complex but its really hooky...this song truly shows off the bands great pop sensibility that so many people seem to ignore/disregard

nirvana is teen, never old!!! | Reviewer: Alejandro | 6/15/07

Nirvana alive!!! old age is the best unknown song. The sound is pure, it seem be this age...
all rockers need this music type again, this song make me play the guitar

Wow | Reviewer: Simon | 6/9/07

I just bought this after forgetting nirvana for a few years. I thought i knew most of the best nirvana songs but this is a gem. the song is enchanting and mysterious. I'm suprised and a bit disappointed that it wasn't used on an album but it all adds to the kurt myth i guess.

About the song Old Age performed by Nirvana | Reviewer: asshole | 6/4/07

I think that he is giving himself a fake hope, but actualy he is just saying goodbye to everyone...

About the song Old Age performed by Nirvana | Reviewer: chrisk | 5/17/07

I think he is talking about getting sober. I think he was struggling with addiction when he wrote this. He wanted to get sober.
"One more day to find my way sober".
I think he was hiding his inner struggle, but being an artist he exposed his emotions through his music. Therefore, he mumbled his words so that it was hard to understand what he was attempting to share.

------ About the song Old Age performed by Nirvana | Reviewer: Andrew | 4/20/07

It's definatly intresting, I'd agree with the "voice being an instrument thing" but the lyrics themselves are also pretty powerful. Awesome vocals, awesome riffs. Awesome song.

4/4/2007 | Reviewer: BigBoss | 4/5/07

I know some are saying that it's hard to understand the words, but maybe this song is like Pearl Jam's Yellow Leadbetter where Vedder's voice is used as an instrument, and the lyrics are irrelevant. That is how I see Kurt's voice. The words are hard to make out, but his voice moves with the melody as an instrument.

That is my take on a great song. Long Live Nirvana and their music.

Old Age | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/07

This song is one of the few Nirvana songs that really get to me. There's so much emotion in it. Like someone said above, I wish it weren't so hard to understand what Kurt was singing but somehow to it makes the song better with that mysterious tone to it. I don't know, but this song has always struck a chord in me. It's definitely unique and Kurt's voice draws you in.

Old Age | Reviewer: Kellie Ranee | 6/19/06

This is one of my favorite Nirvana songs. I just wish it wasnt so hard to understand exactly what Kurt Cobain is saying. But all in all he makes it sound pretty damn good. Old age is deffinately worth listening to. :P

Old age is sexy (the song...) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/06

This song is really cool, everyone thought it was hole... but it wasn't LISTEN TO THIS SONG ON SLIVER: THE BEST OF THE BOX

Nirvana box set "With The Lights Out" (Song-Old Age) Review | Reviewer: Thevoid777 | 5/6/05

This is has an ummm... much differerent approach than the rest of their music. Very well done and a great song off of cd 2. Very much worth listening for any Nirvana fan. The music has traditional power chords but its mixed with other chords not really used in their music style.