the song is about his addictions | Reviewer: Skipper | 4/8/11

its about heroin, "ive got this friend who makes me feel and i want it more than i could steal" , totally about heroin when you really listen to it, more give away points are the parts "smell her on you", he often refered to heroin as heroine as if the drug was a woman (in his journals) like the reference in aneurysm "she keeps on pumping streight to my heart"

Fence sitter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/11

It is widely accepted that In Bloom "addresses people outside of the underground music community who did not understand the band's message." ( i know, i know - its from wikipedia but it's everywhere). The song is indeed in reference to Dylan from the band Earth however I wouldn't go as far as to say that there is not a seriously overt 'fuck you' to the bewildered, smiley-faced head-nodders who profess their love for a band they know nothing about and blindly sing meaningless words with absolutely no intention of even attempting to extrapolate any significant meaning from them.

What does "Yeah" mean anyway? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/10

In response to David L, Kurdt hated it when people tried to decipher his lyrics, so don't go around saying that it's wrong to not care about them and just enjoy the music when even to Kurdt the lyrics came second. Don't pretend like you know what "yeah" means better than anyone else.

Kick-Ass Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/11

David L, before you go berating people for "saying things Kurt disliked", maybe you should get your facts straight. In Bloom is actually about Kurt's good friend Dylan Carson, who was a big advocate of guns, as well as Nirvana's music.

It's impossible to say for sure, but based on what I know about Kurt, it is more likely that he would despise someone for trying to interpret his own words and speak for him, as you have, and not get upset over what anonymous said. In fact, Kurt wrote in his journal that one of his biggest pet peeves was when people obsessed over his lyrics and tried to find the meaning behind every word, especially since most of the time they were misinterpreting what he was saying (as you have with In Bloom). For shame.

As for Lounge Act, one of my favorite Nirvana songs ever. Awesome bass line that grooves and shapes the whole song, and Kurt's vocals after the second chorus give you goosebumps. The lyrics were written after he was dumped by girlfriend Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill, as were many other songs written around this time. Besides Lounge Act, Aneurysm, Drain You, Lithium, and even parts of Teen Spirit are about Tobi.

Moronic | Reviewer: David L | 12/22/10

In regard to this abridged comment made by anonymous on 9/7/10 " doesnt matter what they sang about the point is all of it was stop trying to find out what the lyrics mean and just enjoy the music" - You are exactly the type of person Kurt disliked. He wrote the song "In Bloom" about people like you - He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs and he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun but he knows not what it means!

For Shame.

fucking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

this song seems to be about a relationship that couldn't exist for some reason and how it affected kurt and made him jealous. I'm pretty sure this is the only time kurt ever used a curse word as a lyric, so he this song was probably very emotional, personal, and meaningful. great song by the greatest singer/songwriter/guitarist of all time. r.i.p. kurt

my take | Reviewer: gaz | 10/13/10

To me, this song is about someone who is in love with a girl, can't get her out of his head even though he tries (i cant let you smother me) but knows that he can't have her (like to but it couldnt work).

I'd say that the girl is just the "friend" mentioned in the chorus but he wants more, and the reality of her being with any other men makes him hugely jealous to the point where he arrests himself, wears a shield and goes out of his way to show his anger. When you want someone you can't have its pretty normal to deliberately block them out even if it's counter productive ie its going to decrease your chances with the girl even more.

I've analysed it this way because i've felt this before and it's one of those few songs where every line seems to be capturing exactly how i feel. But thats whats great about kurt's lyrics, they are so open to interpretation and whilst i can read every line and judge that its about a jealous guy someone could do the same and conclude something totally different, but it doesnt matter as long as you can take something from the song.

Nirvana's greatest song IMO and up there with the simplest.

Just listen and stop whining | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

Truth be told does it really matter that much?If everyone focused so much on the lyrics of the songs Kurt wrote Nirvana wrote they wouldnt be half as good,it doesnt matter what they sang about the point is all of it was good,(Btw Kurt could sing about how we wants someone to rape him and still be famous.Proven with the song Rape me,so stop trying to find out what the lyrics mean and just enjoy the music^^

It`s about me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/10

I have a friend.He`s really my best friend ,we hang out all the time.I`m in love with his girlfriend.He hates me being around her because i think he may know.I can smell the cotton candy body spray she uses on his clothes all the makes me sick.I`m disgusted with myself more than anything.

dudes | Reviewer: aad | 3/16/10

if u listen to about a son, he says his songs are all about things that piss him off. it's cause toby wanted him to be all perfect, and it pissed him off. i think the whole smell her on you bit is another reference to the teen spirit deoderant. but im 99.99% sure this songs about how toby tried to make him a perfect boyfriend. (i'd like to but it wouldn't work,I can't let u smother me..)

Lounge Act meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/10

"Heavier than heaven" says that this song is about Toby Vail, and yes Krist mentiones it, and yes Kurt wrote a letter to Toby in which he said that the new album (In Utero) has no songs about her. Heres a video: watch the video and listen carefully at 2:28.

the song is about | Reviewer: tara | 12/12/09

the song seems to be about Kurt's first sexual experience with a girl who was drunk. he was either 15 or 16 and the sex was crummy. after which kurt brought her a rose and tried to have a relationship with her, but she was just so upset with herself for having drunken sex that she turned kurt away and didnt want to see him anymore. he was heartbroken.
i read this in his biography "heavier than heaven". he was able to smell her sex on his penis for a long while.
i believe thats what he's talking about.

Jealosy | Reviewer: Jeeves | 8/20/09

Sounds to me the song is about two people making a pact that they can see each other people; the reason being that one of them is cheating on the other. It switches back and forth between the man and the woman in the verses...i.e "I can't let you smother me" and "I keep fighting jealousy" would be two different people.

Maybe they were both cheating on each other and one was more jealous than the other.

At the end of the song "And eve we want without new rules, we'll share what's lost and what we grew" could either mean they came to an agreement about seeing other people...or alternatively, it could mean they went their separate ways.

That's my take on the song.

All Night Long | Reviewer: Jimbo | 5/5/09

Oh Crap I just wrote a long thing and I tried to do a little research and navigated away and deleted it. Oh well

Nevermind is the best album ever.

I used to listen to it all night while I was sleeping and I would wake up and it sounded like it was playing really fast.

Ever happened to anyone else??

To "I MIGHT BE WRONG...=)"... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/09

I MIGHT BE WRONG...=), you are talking about the song Aneurysm. He only played it when Courtney wasn't around. It talks about how he was so nervous around her, he would puke. This song tho, I'm not sure what it's about. But I love it.